i am so sorry for not posting this story for so long and keeping you awaited.
actually i started this story in a hurry when i had time but then situation was such that i could not write and post. the other reason was that i messed up the story a little. so for that i would like to restart it. it’s the same story but rewritten in better way so that i don’t leave any confusions.
so now back to the story.
the story starts from the day when sanlak were fighting on the road after knowing the fact that their respective wives, that is the swaragini sisters have joined hands to reunite the family going against their husbands wishes. sanlak were extremely angry over them for this fact. both headed to meet each other while on the other hand swaragini escaping all the hurdles reached maheshwari mansion with the real property papers to rescue ap and dp where they had t face aadarsh ad parineeta who had kept ap and dp captivated on gun points. the drama of sindoor by aadarsh was played and he offered swaragini that either one of them can contact their respective husband and if possible then try to stop the fight going to be held between them.
swara called sanskar only to get broken down by hearing his words.
on call-

sanskar- hello
swara- hello sanskar… suno tum laksh se milne jaa rahe ho. please….
sanskar- [in extremely angry mood and with harsh tone] swara… haan main laksh se milne jaa raha hoon aur aaj sab mamla khatam kar ke hi rahoonga. aaj yaa to laksh ya to main. par haan swara in sab main zinda rahoon yaa naa par hamara rishta hamesha hamesha ke liye khatam. tumhe maine apni kasam di thi par jab tumhe meri kasam ki mari koi parwah nahi toh hamare rishte ka kya fayda. karo jo tumhe karna hai bus itna yaad rakhna ki humara rishta khatam ho gaya.[ swara yes i came to meet laksh and today i will solve all the matters. today either me or laksh. but yes whether i remain alive or not but our relationship is dead forever. i gave you my swear but when you don’t valve it and me then what’s the need of our relation. dowhat you wish to and as you wish to but remember the fact that now our relation don’t exist]
the call ended making swara to collapse on the floor all devastated. sanskar’s words that our relation does not exist ringing in her ears making her numb. ap, dp and ragini were shocked as well as felt sympathy and concern for swara.
shaken by ragini she looked up at her sister who encouraged her to fight for now and then we will see to the matter and it’s not the time to get weak. gathering herself inspite of the mockings from aadarsh and parineeta she fought back smartly turning the tables in their favour.
somehow swaragini were able to get the grip of the situation in their favour and released ap and dp and got aadarsh and parineeta arrested.

while things were going under control in mm and everything was going to set back to normal, there on the otherside both the brothers were fighting against each other forgetting all the love and togetherness they had for each other in the past, since childhood. their dear sister who somehow knew that they were going to meet by listening sanskar’s talks on the phone came back of them and tried to stop them from fighting which resulted in nothing but a more intense fight as laksh badmouthed sujata and swara under the misconception he held. seeing things going worse uttara called her parents who came there at the nick of time along with sumi and shekhar, who just united a while before in badi clearing all the misunderstanding, to just get shocked seeing sanskar lifting stone to throw at laksh. they were in a daze how to stop all this as they saw sanskar proceeding towards laksh with stone. coming out of the momentarily shocked state, they ran towards them while ram and sujata shouted for sanskar to stop.
sanskar was about to throw the stone at laksh but at the end moment changed the direction throwing it at a side. at the same time ram and sujata reached sanskar and shouted at him for his drastic, sinful move to kill his brother. laksh who had fallen from the earlier hit from sanskar had stood and saw sanskar when rp and sujata shouted for sanskar to stop the first time and witnessed sanskar throwing the stone the other side. he just looked at sanskar for few seconds to analyse as laksh very clearly knew that sanskar had a good chance to throw it upon him without fail.

sujata- key kar raha tha chora. key jaan leta key apne bhai ki. akal toh thikane pe hai thara. [what were you going to do son. would you have taken your brother’s life! is your mind in place or not?] [said to sanskar]
sujata- tum dono bhai ek dusre ke jaan ke dushman bane huwe ho.thare logo ko samajh mein na aawe hai sahi ke hai or galat ke hai. [you both brothers have decided on killing each other. don’t you both understand what is correct and what is wrong!] [said sujata to both sanlak]
ram- thande dimag se kam lo dono. baate kar ke bhi cheeze suljhayi jaa sakti hai. [decide things with cool mind. we can solve things by talking out things coolly]
sharmishtha- sanskar laksh you both are fine right. [asked she in concern]
both the brothers were being scolded for their act, while laksh’s phone rang and he ignoring all the people lifted his call which was of durga prasad.
dp scolded laksh for not being keen in understanding situation and not being good and responsible as sanskar, making one thing clear from his father’s scolding that he was wrong and have wrongfully accused sanskar for everything.

taking one glance of sanskar and feeling extremely guilty, he sat behind the wheels and drove off to think wisely and soundly and also to lessen the burden of guilt he is feeling with the realisation slowly sinking in his mind.
a while after laksh left sujuram and sumi shekhar were in scolding and making sanskar understand his fault in fighting with laksh and raising the stone. extremely frustrated from the continuous high voices of scolding sanskar just busted out with words to stop them.
sanskar- what do you expect me to do then? i was not here to fight but talk and solve matters only. but he instigated me for everything and how do you expect me to be quite when he was saying all ill things about mom and swara. i am no philosopher or saint to take everything with calmness without protest or fight. i am a simple human and i reacted only upon his words. i was in anger dammit.
his words were enough to shut all the mouths there. uttara was silently crying seeing everything. they all went home and after sometime sanskar and rp received calls alternately from dp stating them to come maheshwari mansion as everything is clear.
getting the news everyone was overjoyed. sanskar immediately rushed to mm for settling everything and understanding the situation. reaching mm he first saw police taking away aadarsh with them. they both faced each other and saw each other venomously.
telling how ashamed it felt on the doings of aadarsh to him sanskar asked the police to take him away and entered inside mm with long and impatient strides. on reaching the top of stairs he saw ap, dp with few policemen completing few formalities and ragini busy in phone like calling someone. he looked around to find swara standing by the end of stairs facing her back to him. he descended down the stairs attracting everyone’s attention, all faces turned to him. swara too looked at him with those eyes which held a lot of emotions but showed nothing except blankness. he quickly descended and made his way to dp and ap and took their blessings while asking for the situation. dp explained him everything in short and just then ragini came to him extremely worried asking for whereabouts of laksh.
ragini- sanskar .. where is laksh. he didn’t came till now. do you know where he is? he is not receiving my calls.
sanskar- no ragini i don’t know. i saw him one and half hours before while we had a fight when we met nearby baadi and after bade papa called him he went. i didn’t see him after that.
ragini- but from baadi it’s just half an hour distance and even you reached here then why didn’t laksh reach by now. [tensed] where would he be? i hope he is fine. and he is not even lifting my calls. [said panicking]
sanskar- [calming her] ragini relax. he must be somewhere and will come back.
ragini- then why didn’t he came back till now.

sanskar- relax ragini. he has a habit to be alone when he is not able to handle situations. i know the places he would be. you calm down first. i will go and search for him. ok. [turning to dp]
sanskar- bade papa i am going for seeing laksh.
dp nodded to him and he turned to go while swasan eyes met shortly. swara fromthe time sanskar came was looking at him and his words were playing in her mind and sanskar oblivious to all these just was engrossed in understanding the situations.
on looking in her eyes he felt it void which alarmed him but not having enough time to talk to her and also not able to meet her eyes due to his behaviour earlier he just walked away in search of laksh feeling little guilty and with the thought to talk to her in peace for all the matters and sort everything out. meanwhile as he walked out swara kept looking at his disappearing figure still without moving an inch. after he went ragini came and hugged her being worried for laksh.
swara just hugged her back while the waves of emotions inside her heart were being directed as a storm for future.
i am so sorry for the inconvenience i caused to you and the restlessness and wait for the story.
but i can’t help with late updates but i can assure for updates in a gap of few days.

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