swasan-aashiqui (part 5)


guys thank you for ur comments πŸ™‚ rosey ur confusions will be cleared in this episode and ireena ur guess is ryt πŸ™‚

swara is shocked to see sanskar’s act,he catches her by waist and pulls her more closer to him and kisses her hard,aftr a few mins he breaks the kiss
sanskar–u wer the only girl who spoke to me with so much guts..i thought u wer different but no u r the worst of all! for money u will do anything huh!? never come i front of eyes i will never think twice before shooting u! hearing his words,tears start flowing from her eyes! he wipes them and rests his forehead on hers
sanskar–i really feel disgusted abt myself for getting attracted towards a girl like u! telling this he pulls her hand and takes her to the next room wer kavitha and gang wer there
swasan enter the room—kavitha and her gang and swara’s frnds are present there!
sanskar (drags her in)–she has completed her dare! we kissed! [he says this and leaves from there] and rest are stunned listening to this!
suraj–swara is it true what he told?
swara doesnt reply!
sahana–answer us swara!
saketh–ya its true!i saw sanskar and swara in the green room
now kavitha is more angry! she thinks abt the flashback!
she stops lucky and sanskar who going towards the parking aftr the events of the day
kavitha–excuse me sir i wanted to tell u something!
lucky–go ahead miss
she smiles and turns towards sanskar and him
kavitha–do u remember u gave an award for a girl for best dancer in classical dance?
lucky–oh swara?
kavitha–ya ya her only! actually she has got a dare from her frnds that she shld kiss sanskar within this week and she will get 10k if she does so or she shld pay them 50k so only she is trying to woo you!
lucky–but how do u knw abt this?
kavitha–she is like that only,im her sister so i knw abt it! i dont want her to play with others emotions so only im coming and telling u! she can do everyting for money!
sanskar–but how can we belive u?
kavitha–last year fest also she had to hug our chief guest for money and she did it! if u dont trust me u can ask anyone!
nikhil and tarun was walking past them as their plan! she calls him
kavitha–do u knw wat happnd in the fest last year,of wat swara did?
nikhil–oh pls dont talk abt that girl she and her gang can do anyting for money! how could she hug our chief guest?
tarun–and i dont belive that she is ur sister! u both are exactly the opposite to each other!
kavitha turns towards sanlak and aks now do u belive me?
lucky–okay thanks for ur concern u can leave now!
sanskar was very much hurt listening to this and left to meet swara!
kavitha and her frnds have and evil smile on their faces!

swara runs out from and her frnds follow her
swara–what did i do god! was it a mistake to love him?
amuliya–swara chill tell us wat happnd?
swara tells them everyting! aftr hearing suraj and abhi get angry on sanskar!
sahana and amuliya calm her down!
at night in sanskar’s place,dinner tym!
lucky tells abt swara’s dance video on his fone to everyone and they all tease sanskar!
hearing swara’s name sanskar feels sad!
sanskar–lucky its enough! we need to plaan our next step!
alisha–ya sanskar our next aim is to destroy sahu’s hospitals!
they plan,which will start in 4 days! aftr that they retire to their respective rooms!
aroun 10:30 swara jumps through the walls and enters maheshwari mansion!
swara to herself–cos of this sanskar noe c i shld jump walls to come and talk to him,today at any cost i will make all clear between us,i will tell him abt the dare also and that i truly love him! she walks through the garden and enters from the back door and slowly searches for sanskar’s room while going she see’s lady coming so she runs to the nearest room and hides behind the curtain! then she hear’s someone looking it,she peeps and sees sanskar he comes and calls some,
sanskar–i want all the details,and this time 15 of r involved in this plan,last tym i was hit by the bullet so this tym we need 15 bullet proof jackets also! and then he cuts the call!
swara thinks–what plan? y bullet proof jackets? and y was he hit by the bullet? he is a businessman noe y is he talking as if he is going to rob a bank! her thoughts are disturbed by his voice!
sanskar on fone–ohh..hes getting discharged from hospital tomorrow,so attack him again lets show them the power of vishu bhai! im sanskar maheshwari for the whole world but for him im vishu bhai who has come to destry him!
swara thinks–what?? vishu bhai?? how can it happen!

guys hope ive cleared ur confusion! and drop in ur views! πŸ™‚

Credit to: advi

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