swasan-aashiqui (part 4)

guys sorry for the late update! and thank you so much for the comments! so here we start
recap–swasan meet,swara clicking selfie wit sanskar and runs away!
sanskar was still standing in the garden wondering what just happend! some one taps on his shoulder he turns and finds lucky
sanskar–what are you doing here? u had to attend the meetings ryt?
lucky–voh bhai dhruv told he will handle so i thought to accompany u!
sanaskar–u will always need a reason to run away from work!
lucky–bhai come we will go and enjoy! the dance show will be starting come
(he pulls sanskar with him and they go towards the dance floor)
the program starts with swara and her frnds performing kathak,sanskar is mesmerised to see swara’s dance,the dean seated next to sanskar praises swara!
sanskar(thinks)–oh this mad girl,shes really doing it so good as a true kathak dancer!
the whole tym swara was looking at sanskar only and dancing,lucky observed this and teased sanskar!
aftr her performence their wer other performences! at the end,the host announces that this is a special performence for our chief guest,hope u like it sir! as the curtains open the stage is filled with so many sanskar’s photos and swara is in disguise as a guy and she performs on jabra fan anthem from the movie fan while sanskar is shocked to see this and thinks who an be this,lucky records the dance in his fone to show everyone abt sanskar’s crazy fan! as the songs end she gives a flying kiss to him and runs from the stage! sanskar aftr looking at her act he feels it is the same girl whom he encountered in the morning but he isnt still sure! as it was already 2 oclock they have a break of half an hour and then sanskar would give out the awards! aftr swara’s dance on fan song her frnds are shocked to see that it was swara
sahana–swara,how could u? i mean i such a short span of tym so many pics of sanskar!
swara–wen abhi is der y worry! he got all the pics arranged!
suraj–but swara u rocked it man,i just loved it!
swara(smiles)-thanks surajj!

now the dean announces that sanskar would give out the awards! swara gets the best classical dancer award! while receving the award she tells
swara–i love u and winks at him….sanskar is shocked hearing this but smiles thinking her act(he had herd wen her grp was disscussing abt the fan anthem dance)
kavitha looks at these two smiling and gets angry and thinks to break it some how!
abhi texts the unknw person plan is successful!
on the other hand swara walks past the green room and some one pulls her inside by her arm
she is shocked to see as it was sanskar!
sanskar–shld i?u can wink at me,give me flying kisses,tell me dat u love me! so cant i do this also?
swara–ya but now wat wii u do?
sanskar–chill baby..u knw they give flying kisses wen the person is far away but now see im so close to u,u can give how much ever u want! and comes close to her lips
swara–no i dint mean that! see i really love u,but i dont want to kiss this fast!
sanskar–as fast as possible u shld finish the dare,u shld keep for long tym!
saying this he presses his lips on hers and she widens her eyes in shock!

precap–swara gets to knw that vishu bhai is nun other than sanskar…
sanskar starts showing hate towards swara

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  1. Its confusing how Sanskaar gets to know that swara has a dare

  2. Please update daily

  3. Omg… How did sanskar come to know about that swara is doing all this to win in dare??

  4. i th
    ink kavita told sanskar aboutthe dare to creat rift between them as she is jealois with them but nice one n update next paet soon

  5. i think kavita told sanskar aboutthe dare to creat rift between them as she is jealois with them but nice one n update next paet soon

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