swasan-aashiqui (part 3)


the scene is at swara’s college
dean introduces sanskar maheshwari to the students as indias youngest business tycoon and informs them that he would be here for a week for their fest and would judge a few compitetions!
kavitha-oh my god! he is so hot,rich..i now feel bad for the dare i gave swara i wish i could have been in her place!
anaya-i knw ryt he is so hot! but dont worry y would he even be intrested in that behenji type girls!

nikhil-looks like some one has a crush on him!
kavitha-niks pls ya i do like him,he is so hot and rich! i can do so much shopping everyday wow!
saketh-kavitha u like him or his bank balence?
sonica-oh come on saketh we have so much to shop,u guys dont get that so bank balence is also important!
saketh-ya ryt its only u 3 girls ive seen who spends so much money!see swara,sahana,amuliya dont spend money like u..so i dont think they would see bank balence and fall in love!
nithin-keth chill y u pouncing over her! its their wish man leave it! now lets plan of to put kavitha and sankar together!

tarun-yeah nithin is ryt lets not talk abt them and waste our time!but still kavitha i wonder hoe is swara ur sister? i mean just look u guys are the opposite!
kavitha-oh pls tarun she isnt my sister,she is my step sister and i hate her u knw it very well! now come lets start our plan

after this conversation they move out of te audi,but abhi(swara’s frnd) has herd the whole conversation! meanwhile saketh thinks to himself all girls are not the same,girls love guys for who dey are and not money,i think u 3 are d only creatures to think like this and walks out behind them! on the other hand swara,as soon as she gets to knw the chief guests name takes out her phone and searches abt sanskar maheshwari! and tells swara come on you can do this,you cant lose to kavitha! but at the same time she is scared thinking how can i do this i only belive i having a lip lock with the person whom i will truely love! abhi enters the scene and taps on swars shoulder breaking her thoughts!

abhi-swara maybe destiny has someting for u in the store! talk to mr.maheshwari he sounds good!
swara-abhi but u knw me very well,how can i do this?
abhi-swara chill,ur so called sister knws abt u so well so shes given u this dare!
amuliya-ya swara abhi is ryt,anyways wat will u do now?i dont think u shld do this!
suraj & sahana-swara wat ever decesion u take we will accept it,we r always with u and gves her a smie!

abhi-swara,i fell u shld go ahead wit this,as i feel this is happning for a cause!
amuliya-shut up abhi let her decide…..
swara closes her eyes and opens it aftr a while and in a confident tone tells
swara-abhi u have any idea of how to start?
abhi smiles and tells gain his frndship swara!

suraj,sahana and amuliya asks swara if she is sure abt this?
swara nodes them in a yes and they four have a grp hug and wishes her all the best! meanwhile abhi comes to a side and texts someone-plan one success,she agreed for it! and smirks! unknown reply-good job bro,keep me updated! abhi comes back and joins into their group hug!
this fest is for 6days and first 3 days is competions within the college and last 3 days is inter college! their college is of engineering & medical……swara is doing engineering 4th sem and kavitha is medical student!
next scene outside audi

swara see’s sanskar going and runs behind him to talk to him,but she accidentaly gets hit by a rod and catches sanskars hand for support but both of them trip and fall down swara is on top of sanskar….its like a garden and no much people r there! but this scene is witnessed by kavitha and her gang she starts burning and leaves the place in anger! abhi receives a next from the same unknown person telling that plan2 done!she fell! abhi smiles and texts back-great!
on the other hand swara is looking into sanskars eyes without blikning her eyes,sanskar is catching her by waist and shes holing his blazer tight! someone takes photos of them and leaves!
sanskar-excuse me miss,do u think ur weightless or im ur bed?
swara tells im not so comfortable on my bed,im more comfy on u!

sanskar gives her a glare like what-the-he-is wrong-wit-u? and tells what a bit loudy
swara comes out of her dream world and gets up
swara-sorry sir,that actually i fell co of the rod their
sanskar-y dont u go for an eye check up?
swara-y?im fine only
sanskar-if so u wouldnt have landed up on me!
swara-i told u knw im sorry,now come lets go and eat im very hungry!
sanskar-what?do i even knw who ur?

swara-may be u dont knw who iam,but i knw u very well! iam u very big fan! pls i want a photo wit u pls
swara-the answer for all ur questions is YES! pls one photo!
she takes out her fone and stands nxt to sanskar and clicks a pic of them and runs from der telling bye sir,i will see u later! now m getting late for my work and gives a flying kiss!
sanskar is shocked cing her behaviour!
guys thank you so much for ur comments,pls do tell me ur opinion!
petra & dhara is hope now its easy for u to read i have given space aftr d dialouges! 🙂
divya,misha,anu thank you,for ur comments 🙂

jyoti sanky is not married,sadhana calls him jiju cos her husband(dhruv) calls sanky bhai so she calls him jiju thats all and also he is elder to her so! hope ive cleared ur doubt 🙂

Credit to: advi

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