swasan-aashiqui (part 2)


guys im really sorry for d late update! dis chapter is quite long pls drop in ur views 🙂
recap–the attack is successful,but sanskar gets hit by a bullet and swara gets saved!

sanskar and his gang name is black shades,sanskar is knw as vishu bhai to d underworld…and ill introduce d gang members as d plot continues.
aftr 15 days now sanakar has completely recovered from his injury and perfectly fine hes getting ready to attend a college event as chief guest its der college annual fest
lucky comes to his room lucky-bhai ru sure dat u can go for this event,i think u need more rest! sanskar-lucky chill im perfectly alryt we can even start our mission 2,y ru over reacting? enter sadhana(dhruv’s wife,she is a doctor by proffession) sadhana-lucky he is ryt,sanskar jiju is fine i have operated him,so trust me…and jiju pls eat healthy food dnt use ur left hand much and pls take ur tablets at tym….den u can plan for mission 2! sanskar-okay sadhana as u say and bows down to her! lucky-as u say bhabi,im very hungry bhabi wats der for breakfast? sadhana-devarji come d food is waiting for u 3 of them walk into dinning hall,the rest r already present there(wil into all od them wen their role starts) dhruv-sanskar sahus partner of crimes is gadodias atharva-u mean sagar gadodia? sadhana-owner of sunrise hospitals? dhruv-ya him only lucky-but how did u get this info? alisha-lucky the money which we stole was the government tenders money they had to pay back sanskar-so it was half paied by sagar gadodi?ryt alisha-absolutely! vedh-we will discuss abt this matter later for now we r getting late for work,so eat! dhruv-sanskar how long is that stupid fest?y the hell did u agree for going to it? sanskar gives a deathly glare to lucky lucky-dhruv bhai i only gave them a nod on behalf of sanskar,so they he can find a girl and marry her and settle off in life,then my way is clear telling this he winks at ragini who is sitting opposite to him! rags turs towards sanskar and tells come lets leave im getting late for work(rags is a fashion designer) they all leave for their respective works to come back for dinner! @college fest swara and her frnds r talking,her gang-suraj,abhimanyu,swara,sahana,amuliya suraj-this time we shld win most of the competitions and show that kavita gang that we r superior to them! abhi-offcourse we are,y u getting this stupid thought? sahana-guys pls stop,we will prove our selfs again! enter kavithas gang-kavitha,sonika,ananya,saketh,nithin,nikhil,tarun kavitha-oh my god i wonder how ppl always priase dem selfs? suraj-i wonder,y ppl enter witout being invited! abhi-cos they knw only to poke der nose into stuffs sahana-and getting them cut! all d 4 laugh xcept swara looking at amuliya laugh saketh smiles,swara looks at this scene and thinks of talking abt this matter with him later! kavitha gets angry listening to this ananya-swara if ur really superior to us noe,then ill ive u a dare which u shld complete within the fests end! swara-dare accepted ananya! kavitha- then listen u shld kiss our chief guest tarun-don do kid stuff by kissing on his cheeks,it shld be on his lips! swara is stunned to listen to this before she could speak sonika spoke-swara uve already accepted the dare,u cannot back off! sahana-but what if he is an old man? nikhil-thats not our problem,its yous so solve it! and swara u can romance that old fellow in private,but dont worry we will still have an eye on u! abhi-dude ur gang always have an eye on good tings,we can understand ur stomach burning bye we will complete it soon bye! he pulls takes his gang members into the auditorium wer d inaguaration of the fest will start! amuliya,sahana r angry on abhi like how can he be so cool for d dare dey gave swara! d principal announces the students to keep quite our chief guest will be here any tym! kavitha and gang r waiting to see him cos dey want swara wit an old man but for der ill fate,there enters sanskar maheshwari with colege trustees kavitha’s gang is shocked to see him while abhi smiles looking at him he tells sahana and amuliya this is why he was quite!

so what do u think will happen next? will swara win? what will be sanskars reaction?

Credit to: advi

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  1. Can you pls give space b/w dialogues as it is difficult to read

    1. Otherwise ur plot is very good and interesting ???

  2. Very nyc pls update next Asap

  3. It is really dificult to read

  4. Nice but is is sanky married?? Coz jiju is used for sister’s husband

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