Swasan – Aashiqui (chapter 3)

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Chapter 3

Next day

Sanskar was still in the car, he again woke up with a heavy head ache.

He kept his hand on his head holding it that is when he noticed his hand being bandaged.

He looked towards being confused, he turned around and found no alcohol bottles.

Sanskar: Why you came here? What was the need to bandage the wounds when you already gave a lot in heart.
I dont know what you want, I dont know.

I don’t know, why you left me in the middle.. 

I don’t know, why you broke my heart which is bleeding so much for you.. 

I don’t know, why your heart not beat for me the same.. 

I don’t know, why you don’t love me now… 

I don’t know, what was my fault that you left me.. 

I don’t know, what was my mistake that you broke my heart.. 

I don’t know, what is the flaw in me that you heart had stopped beating for me.. 

I don’t know, what is left to prove you my love for you that you will love me.. 

I don’t know why,  I am still waiting for you, that you will come wipes my tears and take me into your loving arm’s, and promise me not to leave me.. 

I don’t know, I don’t know why I still love you… I don’t know.. 

By- Verda??

( he thought to himself asking what flaws were there in his love that she refused to trust him even for once, she didnt looked back once. Not even once.. and why this heart of his want her only her by his side, loving her and caring for her❤.. his love is selfless, he forgot himself in loving her but in return she just gave him the pain?)

He drove the car and went back to Maheshwari Mansion where he was welcomed with utter disgust, he didnt reacted or was affected by a single person because the one he thinks his own world left him, whom will he expect anything else.

He went inside the room ignoring everyone.

Sanskar called someone and asked them to find Laksh soon.

Sanskar: (standing in front of mirror): No one is with me. No one. When I was lost have anyone tried to search me once.. no, i was never important. Now none of them is important to me.
I will prove my innocene first which will be a hard slap to everyone than Maheshwari’s be ready for the revenge of SK… , till now you have seen your loving and caring son, now you will face the devil, i am not weak enough to destroy myself but I will destroy you all… for destroying my life, giving me wounds.

On the other side,

Swara: Dont give pain to yourself Sanskar. I cant see you like this.. (she said with tears?).

I never wanted to leave you in middle.

Never I wished to give you the wounds on heart.

Never I wanted to be the reason of your pain.

Never I wanted to blame you for things you can never do.

Never do I have doubted your love.. i just wanted to be with you to heal the wounds on your heart but I cant.?


When Parish and Dadi were taken to jail. Swara called Sanskar but it was unreachable.

At the same time, she got another call and someone asked her to come outside.

She went outside and was being pulled behind pillar by someone.

Swara looked at the person being shocked, the person was Pari’s Mother.(P.M.)

Swara: Aunty you called me? Why?

P.M: what you did with my daughter ans SIL? How can you? Why?

Swara: What are you saying, aunty? After what they did to everyone, you know right.

P.M: O. What they did to you? Nothing right. Everyone is alive but what your husband did. Killed his own brother??

Swara: (shocked): What the hell? Do you even know about whom you are saying?

P.M: Yes I know. The same Sanskar Maheshwari. Your husband who killed Laksh.

Swara:(angry): leave the place right now. I know the people of your type. For saving your daughter and SIL you are cooking stories.
Get the hell out of here, before I will do something you will regret.

P.M: (showed her the phone in which Sanskar was coming near Laksh with the stone): Now what you wanted to say?

Swara: (was numb for a moment): this doesnt prove anything. Did you get it? So stop all this. I trust my Sanskar. I know he will never do this. Just get lost??.

P.M: you cant deny this. I will show this to police.

Swara: Go ahead, who is stopping you?. If you will be able to prove anything. We will see to it. You dont know My Sanskar.

P.M started to get tensed but later smirked, Swara became confused seeing her smirking.

P.M. showed her something on phone.

P.M: Will you say the same now?

Seeing this Swara became numb and rooted to her place and tears made their way through her eyes.

P.M.: Now?? Do as I say?
(In mind): Now you will feel the same pain which you gave to my daughter Swara.

Swara just nodded.

Swara: Please dont do anything.

P.M: As long as you will follow my orders and without using your brains, i have heard a lot. If you will try once I will ruin your family completely and your Sanskar will be the one who will be most hurt.

Swara just nodded.

P.M: leave Sanskar.

Swara’s head snapped up listening her.

P.M: Leave him such that he will hate you… I want you to feel the same what my Pari felt and dare you try to do anything.

Swara: I.. I.. can..t .. y..u.. (she hardly managed to say)

P.M: I dont want any drama otherwise you will see my drama.
Hurt him and leave him, then after one week you have to leave everyone.. and come with me…?

Swara nodded with teary eyes..

***flashback ends***

She started to cry remembering all this…

After 5 days,

Sanskar got the phone call and he got to know that Laksh is found in a dark godown, tied to chairs brutally beaten up by man of Adarsh, he didnt felt bad for him but a relief washed over him that finally he fulfilled his promise of finding him and he was never behind his condition.

He didnt inform anyone and asked them to come next day in BADI.

But he himself, went to Badi for telling this to Swara and lashing out his anger on her.

Sanskar went inside the home, no was there as it is day time, Dadi is in jail?, Shekar in shop and Shomi and Ragini in temple. Swara was alone in the home talking to someone on phone.

Sanskar reached there without warning and directly entered inside her room.

She became startled on seeing him coming and immediately disconnected the call.

Swara: What.. what are you doing here…? (She asked stammering)

Sanskar: Came to meet my wife.. (he said going forward and she moved backward.)

Swara: Sanskar pleaseee.. go away.. i dont want to talk to you…

Sanskar looked in her eyes and felt the same pain and hurt.

Sanskar: Why are you doing this Swara? Have you never loved me?

Swara looked at him immediately.

Swara: I love you sanskar but you broke my trust.

Sanskar: do u seriously believe this?

Swara: Sanskarrr.. pleasee. Leave me.. (she said pleading him but he placed his lips on her’s and started to chew them hardly).

….to be continued

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