Swasan – Aashiqui (chapter 2)

Chapter 2

After dinner,

Swara was sitting on her bed and still her expressions were blank. She didnt spoke a word after her argument with Ragini.

She closed her eyes and rested her head on the bed.

Today’s incidents started to process in her mind.

She and Ragini unfold the drama of Parish, Shomi accepting Shekar, SanLak fight, Laksh lost and how she blamed her Sanskar and said those words.. the most painful and bad words of her life.

Tears started to form in her eyes.

She closed her eyea tightly to control it but it was of no use, tears started to fall more and more.

She regreted, she regreted the words that escaped her mouth the very moment. She felt killing herself that time but she was angry, angry on him.

She said she didnt trust him or he killed his brother but did she really believe this??
Naahh.. she cant. Never Ever.

She trusts Her Sanskar more than anything but the time she came to know that he left his brother, husband of her sister all alone on the road after the fight. She felt angry. He should have been more responsible but in his anger, he left him.

The next words which skipped her mouth, she never wanted that to happen but it did. It just did. She spoke and she was not able to take them back. It hurted her the same how much it hurted him, the look of hurt that passed  his eyes, she was able to read it and she felt more bad.

But on the other side, it was her sister, who needs her, she was not able to see her condition, no matter what she did to her but for her she have always been a sister or much more. It was not easy to choose for her too between her sister and her husband, but she was forced to do this. It broke her completely, shw showed that it didnt affect her but it did. Alot.

The next words that escaped from his mouth made her rooted to her place. She only knows how much she wanted to run and jump in his arms and ask apology but she just left the place and cry and tell him that she trust him but something stopped her and she ran from there.

She didnt cry the whole time, the guilt was rising in her heart every passing second and her heart was cursing her to hurt his love but she was even not able to see her sister’s condition who was crying because she lost her love, then how can she stay happy with her love seeing her so broken.

When Ragini came and confronted her, the words and hatred which she showed her, only she knows how much she have to control her emotions. She never wanted her sister to blame herself for her(Swara’s) condition. Atleast not in this state.

The word he used for him, ‘murderer’. She called her love, her life, her Sanskar a murderer. Her tongue wanted to burn that very moment but she stayed still saying it didnt affect her.

She cried and cried and cried, regreting her own words and hurt with his.

Next morning

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga.. (x2)

The sun rays started to peep in the car falling on Sanskar who was sleeping after drinking. He slowly tried to open his eyes and closed them immediately feeling the pain in his head.

Pal bhar tumhe jo na sochun toh
Dhadkane tarasne lagti hai
Tumko jo dekh lun namm aankhen bhi
Haule se hansne lagti hai

He was lying closing his eyes and everything started to flash in front of his eyes, tears started to roll down his cheeks. He opened his eyes and looked at the wallpaper of his phone.
He smiled with teary eyes seeing HIS SWARA’s photo.
He caressed the picture and planted a kiss on the screen.

Dil se dil ka ye mel sanam
Jo kal yeh ho jaaye kam
Haalat bigad bhi jaaye agar
Hum dono bichad bhi jaaye agar
Yaadon ke chaand shikare par
Main tumse milne aaunga o..

He started the car and stopped at the signal still lost in her thoughts.

He saw a kid selling Red Roses.
He smiled and remembered something.


Swasan were sitting in the car, Sanskar was driving and Swara was sitting with a angry pout.

‘Sorry na princess. I know you want puchka but you are not fine.’ He said trying to make her understand.

‘Huhh.. I am fine. Do I look sick to you? You are so bad Sanskar cant even give me puchka. I wont talk to you.’ Saying this she turned her face towards the other side and started to look outside.

The car stopped at the same signal and boy came and Sanskar took all the roses and kept by his side.

Swara looked at him from the corner of her eyes but didnt said anything.

The signal got clear and he starts the car.

‘STOP’ she shouted and he stopped the car with a jerk.

‘Why are you not giving me flowers?’ She asked not taking it more.

‘Arey! I am bad na. I will give it someone who will call me good and vaise v you are angry.’ He said with a wink, Swara’s mouth turned to O-shape.

‘Mr. Maheshwari. Dare you think of another girl? I promise that will be the last day of that girl.’ She said holding his collar.

‘Aye bhagwan. I married a killer. Save me someone save me.’ He acted teasing him.

‘Arggghhh.. Sanskar. I hate you.’ She said and moved back again but he held her hand and pulled her forward such that their chest got crushed.

‘But I love you.’ Saying this he captured her lips.


He turned towards her seat and became sad.

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chaahat mein marr jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

He took the another turn moving towards Badi instead of MM.

He parked his car away from it, he saw Swara coming from Mandir as Pooja thalli was in her hand.

She was all pale, dull with blank expressions, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt notice a truck coming towards her.

Sanskar became shocked and horrified seeing it, he ran towards her but before that someone save her. He sighed in relief.

Kuch aur tha main kuch aur hi tha
Tumne hi mujhko nikhara hain
Ab jo bhi mujhmein pyara hain
Woh har rang tumhara hain

Jo kal tha, tera saath mile
Haathon se na yeh haath mile
Alvida mujhe tu keh jaaye
Yeh pyaar adhura reh jaaye

He was walking behind her but at a distance so she cant see him.

He was remembering their first meet, the way he acted as a mad and then how Swara make him realise his mistake and gave him a chance.

He smiled but very next moment, the scene of yesterday and her words flashed in his mind and he closed his eyes in extreme pain. He was for the whole day following her without her notice. He love her no matter what, he will always but he is hurt, very much. He will not be able to forgive her.

Kuch aadhe adhure lamhe liye
Dil ka yeh shehar sajaaunga o..

At night, he sat inside the car which was now parked outside Swara’s window and started to drink..

He gulped a bottle and then brake it by pressing his hand such that blood started to flow out of it and passed out.

At that time, Swara came near his car and opened the door and sat on passenger side.

She cried seeing his condition, his messy hair, tear stained face, frown on his forhead and hand with dripping blood.

She caressed his face and planted a kiss on his forhead, he smiled in sleep thinking it as his dream feeling the touch. She slowly bandaged his hand and placed numerous kisses on it.
She can easily see the pain she is giving him by staying away is killing him slowly. She cursed herself more and placed more kisses on his hand.

She picked up the all the alcohol bottles from the backside and throw them in dustbin and after kissing his forhead and pecking his lips left from there and was seeing him standing whole night from the window.

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein marr jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga (x2)

The next morning he woke up again with a pain in his head, he looked at his hand which was now bandaged and his nostrils smell of her scent. The  very next moment he know that she was here only.

He saw backside and find all the bottles missings and he smiled.

‘If you care for me this much why you left me Swara.’ He thought and became sad.

‘If you have said once that you trust me, I would have fought with whole world for you and would have brought Laksh from even in the hell but how I am supposed to fight with you. I know I cant but I have to. I wont leave you. I cant but I will make sure you will realise the pain which you gave me.’ He thought and closed his eyes.

He opened his eyes after a second which were now red.

He picked his phone and dialled a number.


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