SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 1


Hi guys I did a swalak ff so I thought of doing one for swasan. This ff is not related to the show as I gave made up the story however the characters are the same. Hope you like it??

A young girl wearing a white sleeveless top with a black jacket also with black denim jeans is shown talking on the phone with ragini. It’s none other than swara.
Swara: so ragini are you excited for your engagement with lash tomorrow
Raglake are having an arranged marriage.
Ragini: swara I’m too scared to get married
Swara: then don’t get married, pursue your career just like me
Ragini: not everyone is brave as you
Swara is about to reply when her phone fell on the phone and broke as a guys car hit her lightly.

It’s none other than sanskar.
Swara: can’t you see
Sanskar: me your the one who needs glasses
Swara: your the one who hit me with your car
Sanskar: maybe of you weren’t so busy on the phone…. leave it you middle class girl always these do these type of tricks trying to trap men
Swara: how dare you do you even know who I am, anyways leave it I’m going home.

She goes to the bus station when two drunkard men come to swara and tease her. Sanskar comes and pretends swara is his wife so the goons go after the goons
Swara: thanks but I could’ve handled it by myself
Sanskar: yeah I was seeing
Swara: whatever
They go in opposite direction.

Precap: swara sees sanskar in the engagement and mistakes him for the houses driver but then lash comes and tells swara sanskar is his brother. Swara is shocked whereas sanskar smirks.

Credit to: Mumina

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