SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 7


Sorry guys this ff is going to be quite short as I don’t have enough time also since I’m not as creative as the other writers.

As Tanya starts to go sanskar is about to approach her when this boy comes to swara and spins her in the air. It’s her best friend rocky.
Swara: rocky idiot when did u come to Kolkata u were in London right
Rocky: what could i do my hot girlfriend was waiting for me
Swara: ur still such a flirt
Rocky: listen ur not any less I heard what you’ve been doing
Swara: it’s not my fault my handsome boyfriend was not here

She runs and rocky chases her and then they both fall on the floor laughing.
Sanskar thinks in his head what a hypocrite she calls me a
flirt, like she’s a saint .
After his discussion about the judging of the singing competition with the head he leaves and is about to get into his jaguar car when he sees swara.

Swara: sanskar what r u doing here, I hope ur not stalking me
Sanskar: of course I am, idiot I have other things to do pther than listening to your nonsense
Swara: what!
Sanskar: fine then sorry I’m btw should I drop u anywhere
Swara: no it’s okay I have my, oh shit I left my car keys in the library I’ll just go and get it
Sanskar: I’ll come as well
Swara: no it’s alright I’ll manage
Sanskar holds her hand and takes her.

In a restaurant raglak are siting there and they aren’t speaking each other since they have nothing to say.
Laksh in his mind God who am I engaged to id rather get married to Swara at least she speaks. Ragini in her head ugh who does he think he is as it is he came late and now he’s showing so much attitude, but ill have to admit he is looking very cute. They both then pick up the menu at the same time and they have a eyelock. Zeheneseeb plays.
Laksh: here u take it
Ragini: thanks
Laksh: btw u r looking very nice

Pre cap: swasan are playing hide and seek in the library
Raglak have a sweet time

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Oho nice

  2. No problem if it is short,many a times short ones are too interesting n this was…upload next..actually I have missed your previous episodes of this series of yours.bt now I have noted the name of ur ff n m planning to read.

  3. who’s swara’s bf. is swasan also engaged?

    1. Swara doesn’t have a boyfriend they r joking and no swasan r not engaged

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