SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 6


At night ragini tells Swara she’s really scared
Swara: what happend
Ragini: Laksh asked me on a date
Swara: what! Aww how romantic he’s like the opposite of his brother
Ragini: ROMANTIC r u stupid, I mean this is my first date
Swara: don’t worry Ragu I’ll tell u everything about how to handle boys
Ragini: obviously u would know since childhood all boys were crazy about you
Swara: that’s true though
They laugh

Ragini goes to sleep. Swaras in bed but is not asleep yet.
Swara thinks to herself are you ready Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, now you see how Swara Gadodia takes her revenge on you
Don’t worry guys she’s not evil or she won’t fake love him and then dump him.
Flashback is shown Swara gets out of the car for fresh air and then overhears sanskaar and nikhil speaking.

In the morning she goes to college, she’s the most popular girl in the school. She’s walking around the campus with her friend shraddha when Tanya comes to her with her friends
Tanya: hi Swara you know I got chosen to be the head cheerleader this years
Swara: wow congrats
Tanya: u know this place only gets given to the most popular girl in school
Swara: really don’t worry because holding Pom Pom in hands and cheering is not my style they do it for me
Shraddha laughs as Tanya leaves. Guess which movie this is inspired from.

Sanskaar who was there for some reason saw the whole scene and is amused.

Sorry guys there is no swasan or raglak scene I’ll try and make up for it in the next ff.

Credit to: Mumina

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    Nyc FF, upload soon please!

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    Waiting 4 next ff

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  4. Good effort yar!! But again too short, make it little bit long please

  5. nice.. swasan.. loved it

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