SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 5


Guys I decided to continue it from my previous one but the story will then
Continue from option 1 but it may slightly different so u guys don’t find it predictable.

In the car award is in sanskars lap. She’s regaining conscious.
Sanskars tells nikhil to pass the water. He sprinkles water on her.
Swara: what am I doing here and who’s that
Before sanskar can tell her the truth nikhil interrups
Nikhil: actually I’m sanskars friend he called me to help him as you banged your head and fell unconscious.
Sanskar looks at nikhil. Swara looks at sanskar and holds his hands. Sanskar feels something as Swara touches him,
Swara: thanks sanskar, you know to nod that bad
Sanskar feels guilty but smiles
Nikhil: no need to get to happy she said your not THAT BAD
Swara and nikhil laugh but sanskar remains silent.
Swara: what happened to you
Sanskar: nothing

After dropping nikhil home swasan come to the front seats.
Sanskar: btw I heard you sing well
Swara: yeah
Sanskar: i bet even roosters sound better than you
Swara: juSt shut up okay I was wondering where mean sanskar went

They laugh. Flashback is shown outside nikhil house
Nikhil: bruv don’t worry about it we’ve done worser stuff
Sanskar: yeah but I don’t know why but I just don’t want to give any pain to Swara
Nikhil checks his forehead, have you fallen in love with her
Sanskar: in a sarcastic tone yeah I love her idiot
Flashback ends.

They reach the baadi sans says bye shona and gives her a flying kiss
Swara rolls her eyes and says bye sanky.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Good going mumina! Keep it up, waiting for next episode

  2. Mumina,I should read the previous ones,this is good,please continue yr.

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