SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 4


Hi guys
I decided to change the plot a bit as I have a feeling your not enjoying my ff. Don’t worry though I’m not pressuring you to comment. It’s just so your enjoying.

Swara closes her eyes as sans holds her. He then helps her get up. They both feel akward.
Sans: omg swara gadodia got scared
Swara: listen I don’t get scared of anything
Sans: oh really then come to the warehouse near the mandir, it’s been closed for many years legends has its haunted at 10 ill meet you there
Swara thinks.
Sans:what happened r u scared
Swara: of course not ill come
Sans thinks see what happenedsince when you mess with sanskar maheshwari.

Sans finally maneges to open the door. They both get out. Sans notices swara shivering.
Sans:wait let me go get a spare dress for you else everyone will scold me
He goes and gets a dress for her while giving it their hands touch each other. They both feel something. Swara jerks her hand away away and says thanks.
Swara:how rude
Sans:I’m like that. He then goes to let swara change. Swara fumes.

Downstairs raglak are talking about raginis hobbies.
Laksh: so ragini what do u do
Ragini: I play the sitar
Laksh:really then one day you’ll have to play it for me
She smiles.

Later when everyones gone home swara begs ragini to cover for her
Ragini: ok ill cover for you at least tell me where u r going
Swara: ill tell you later, bye love you ragu.
Ragini shakes her head and thinks when swara will change.

Outside the warehouse.
Sans: so you came
Swara: i told you I don’t get scared of anything now let’s go home.
Sans: you got so scared so quickly this is nothing come let’s go inside.
Swara thinks hey bhagwan where have I got in myself to.

Swara: come let’s go left
Sans: no right
Swara: left
San: fine you go left by yourself unless your
Swara: no I’m not scared she then goes.

She goes and finds blood and a dead body she gets scared but thinks to stay strong. Sans goes right when some scares him. It’s his friend nikhil.
Sans: idiot your not supposed to scare me it’s swara
Nikhil: sorry I thought your swara.

Precap: swara injures herself and is unconcious sans thinks because of my little prank look what happened to you

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. kya tum writer ho?

  2. nice ff
    waiting for the next ff

  3. Great Yaar 🙂

  4. nice..I was liking your ff before..
    but I HV already read this and from precap..I can understand that its same as the ff I hv already read before…so i kn what’s going to be happened next..plz change the track..sry if u felt bad..

    1. Really where have u read it before I would like to know so I can read it.

  5. Mumina,ff is very nice. What r u doing ?u r a good writer. Please update next part soon. ……….

  6. its gud mumina but plz write a little extra

  7. hi,, it is vry nice but plse make it long and add recap also…moreover thnx for beautiful story of swasan forever

  8. I like your story but it would be good if its detailed so the readers can feel what is really happening in the story.

  9. its so nice… plz little longer… everyone who reads ll not comments. so plz dnt think abt comments.. plz continue

  10. Haha funny sanskaar…he got into his own pits….

  11. Thanks everyone???

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