SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 3


Recap: swasan meet in the engagement.

Sara is walking in the house stressed Wether sans will tell everyone about her. Ragini Comes and finds her..
Swara: what happened? We have to go me and laksh have to exchange rings
Swara: oh its nothing come let’s go

When they arrive sanskar smirks at Swara and she’s angry. While exchanging rings raglan have and eyelock.
Dg: on now that this is over you may enjoy.

Everyone is chatting but Swara is thinking to herself of what to do. Not paying attention she bumps into the waiter and the drinks spill on her.
Waiter: I’m so sorry mam
Swara: no its okay it’s my fault ill clean it
Waiter: no mam ill do it you go change your clothes. He shows her where the washroom is. At the same time sanskar needs to go as well. He doesn’t see her at first as she’s on the other side. She then comes out.
Swasan: you
Sankar: what r u doing here
Swara:my dress got ruined so I came here to clean it
Sanskar: well this my washroom so can you go
At the same time the door gets locked. Flashback: sujata tells utters to lock her brothers washroom as he doesnt like anyone going in.

Swara accidently ons the shower and she gets wets. Sankar comes to help but he gets wet. Swara is about to slip when Sankar hold her.(ishk wala love plays)

Precap: San gives Swara a dress to wear and then he comes to her college. Raglan go out together.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Mumina, it was good.. But please make it a little longer 🙂

  2. Do you have part 1 and 2 for this? I can’t find it. Would really like to read it. It’s a cool story!

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