SwaSan A Love Story (Chapter 1)


After ragini truth is revaled.dadi,shekhar is shocked more than everyone.everyone aplosies to swara.swara forgives everyone saying that they were not wrong but just had more trust on ragini.dadi goes to swara and says maybe sees by wrong plotting , ragini became like this,if i could have been good ragini also could be good.swara says it is nothing like that u just loved ragini a lot more as u were mother than grandmother .a mother trust her daughter blindly it is none ur fault .dadi says u can say u have three mothers now me ,ur mom and bengali dida.swara says i always had three mothers.one mother was very angry with me .Now she is with me.dadi hugs her. Shekhar says i will forgive myself i could not become a good father to u swara .swara says u r always my father.shekhar says sumi always tought u and ragini as equal but i blindly trusted ragini and did injustice to u.as a father i do not deserve nor ur forgiveness.swara says papa please do not say like that i did this to unite u and ma.shekhar says i am proud to call u my daughter and promise never to hurt u aur sumi again.sanskaar says now everything has become correct.swara says no sanskaar one thing is
not correct of our relation and tells everyone about their fake marriage and how ragini blackmailed her to marry sanskaar.everyone are shocked.swara says marriage is a pure relation and spoiled it and i did not have any bad intentions but to unite my parents please forgive 4 breaking everyone’s trust but sanskaar was not in fault.he just want to retify his mistakes and did this.everyone forgives swara.dadi,sumi,shekhar asks swara to come to badi.swara looks for ragini but could find her and requests all maheshwaris 2 forgive ragini and not to throw her out of the house.all are impressed by her goodness.sanskaar says to sujata mom this is the reason i love swara .she is too good and nice,”no one cannot hate her.her goodness can make anyone good and change even the evil to good as she made me”and smiles looking at swara.

Precap:swara aplosies to sanskaar for insulting his love at all times because of her tension at that time.sanskaar gives gift to swara.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. by d way its not aplosis but apology

  2. It is good waitin for the next episode

  3. Plz keep diff names for swasan fan fictions or else its a lot of confusion as all have same names

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