Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#11)

#A #Despacito #One #Night #Stand (#11)

2 month leap…


Again in my office all alone, all gloomy, kabeer is telling something but I am not focusing, I see his lips moving but I don’t hear anything, everything is simply mute.

“….. even listening to me”


“what the f**k Sanskar, I speak for the past 15 mints and all you have for me is huh???”

He was fuming latterly and I see alano holding his laugh…

“sorry kabeer repeat again please”

“I said stop f**king spacing Sanskar, and accept the fact”

I frown to his words “what fact?”

“the fact that you may never see her again, or the fact that you never met her”

My body went rigid and my breath slowed “what did you just said?”

Alano: kapeer, don’t.

Kapeer: no, he must get his shit together… this girl whatever you talk about we can’t find ok, we never saw her, maybe you just illusion the whole thing up like a sick freak… or she was a one night whore who…………

I punched him one hard punch that oz blood of his teeth. I was so mad, I was beyond mad, I wanted to kill my best friend in the worst way ever, I felt I might just bite him with my teeth until I draw his flesh out…

Kapeer: you feel that Sanskar, it’s called anger, and you just acted angry omigo, something you should have done 2 months ago….

Alano came forward and helped kapeer standing up

Alano: ever since we were in Puerto Rico you shut down on yourself Sanskar, every day you are getting worse, we had to snap you out.

Kapeer: next time…. you f**king snap him, he punch as hell.

I fall to my couch landing my head to my palms, I don’t know what happened to me, it has been two months already and I still think of her, the things I did with her I couldn’t ever do again.

“I am sorry kapeer… it’s just… huuh”

Alano: we understand… go home and rest for now ok… we shall talk later”

I simply hummed and go out… my life isn’t going controlled at all. I picked my phone as it puzzed in my pocket

“yes kavita”

“Sanskar, where have you been? You no longer calls”

“busy in work kavita”

“I missed you Sanskar, lets meet today”

“I don’t know kavita. I am tired”

“what is this Sanskar??? You stopped call me kavi or darling… you didn’t see my face since two weeks, you hardly call… what’s going on?”

“huhh kavi nothing like this for real, I am just so busy. Let’s lunch together tomorrow ok”

“why not dinner tonight baby?”

“no I cant” I snapped “I mean … I have many works, let me finish it so I am free to you”

“ok… love you”

“bye kavi”

I couldn’t even say it back to her, it’s so hard to tell. Kavita notice the way I behave, I can no longer call her baby or darling… I rolled them to tigersita and it seems it no longer fit any other woman. I reach house in no time, my parents were out, even better… I head to room and in no seconds I took off all my cloth and stood stark naked in front of mirror…. I closed my eyes.. did I ever meet her? Was I imagining? I felt a hand run on my back…. Fingers pinching my nipples and scratches digged in my back pleasurably… a suck on my earlobe.. a moan ringing in my ears again and again…. A soft shatters beneath my palms as I touch… then I open my eyes… no way… no way I delusion all these feelings, she exists.. she lives… and I had her… I did…..

I felt my manhood impossibly Harding and begging for good time, just by her memory … I guess I will need a cold shower again…I showered and it hurt me a lot cause water was as cold as ice but it’s the only way to calm my throbbing member. As I finished I dried myself and put my boxers then head to locker… my sketches… I missed you all ladies… but I picked tigersita sketch…

I made a sketch only for her…. A draw for her dance, another for her bold pause, another for her curvy awesome boobs… another for her navel… each detail of her is drawn alone in such glory… my last drawn pic is her eyes… it’s the only and first picture I use color in, brown color, her hazel doe eyes that killed me on sight I draw them perfectly remember each detail she had…

and in opposite page is my hope and my prove that I am not insane….

My head flow back to 2 weeks ago when an artist was holding his gallery… I went as usual with alano, kabeer and kavita.. as usual thy would secretly fight but still hold… we were walking until my eyes fell on a portrait… a portrait that took my breath… her…

Flash back

Kabeer: what is it Sanskar… why you look at this pic like this…

I ran there gazing each inch of it… they thought I am crazy, but I wasn’t… it was her, and it wasn’t me who draw it…

Alano: are you ok Sanskar….

Kapeer: damn… that’s a one hot of a pic?

My blood boil that second: shut up kapeer.

Kavita: what is it Sanskar?

I called for the artist immediately

“anything sir?”

“who is this girl in the portrait please?”

He flinched for a second, before sighting deep: I am not sure, she was like a dream.

I felt myself boil more and more: what you mean?? Just tell me her name..

Artist: tigersita….

I went frozen for seconds and I heard alano and kapeer’s gasp


“yea.. I think I meet her in a club here week ago, she was so beautiful and amazing, but she was gone before the night end, before I even touch her… and I never saw her again like she was a dream or never existed. Sometimes I ask myself if I ever saw her or I was just drunk”

I looked to the portrait Longley, it was her face, I can never forget it… mia tigersita…

“who is she?? She look like a whore to me”

I heard kavita saying and I try to calm myself………….

“don’t you dare say another word kavita…..” I said venomly and slowly

“but sanska…”

“Not. A. Word”

I left them all and went outside…. I was rigged and rage and broken… but hoped…

Flash back ended

I woke up from my dreams and went to get ready for my night rotine… the picture was on me… I couldn’t leave it, I bought it immediately not caring how much it cost me.

I wore black suit and went to the club. That painter gave me hope… she was here, in Kolkata, and I will find her. Every night I went to clubs and spend my night there waiting, perhaps one day I would find her there…

As I enter I wore black mask over my face, can’t cause a scandal to my family. Club was on the swing, dancing bodies, sweat all over, and s*x smell fill the place… I found a table for me and sit… waiting… would I be lucky today? Would she come for me again?

Many girls came for me but I shoo them… I only look for her mia tigersita… mia cierva… by 4 am I sneak back to my home, empty handed. Another day went and I am still caged… perhaps it was my destiny to be lonely forever….

I was in my office next day when my PA was telling my schedule…

“Sir, your new trainer is here sir|

“who is he?”

“no sir, who is she? She is a politician daughter with interest of art. She just wished to work with us to help our charity works. Should I let her in sir?”


“ok sir”

By then he left… just great… a spoil girl coming to my office, I will make sure she flew from here before she even realize what happen to her, I don’t need a spoil girl to play in my plans for charity.

I kept looking to my beautiful view of Kolkata as I heard my door being opened behind me and shut and very soft whooshing behind me.

I turn around to receive the shock of my life. My eyes popped out and I stopped breathing….

“tigersita” her name came like a whisper… was I questioning myself… or stating fact?… her eyes were fixed to the floor until she heard me and by then she looked up and I looked to her eyes… her deep doe kajaled eyes… it was her.

Her small figure, warped in orange pinkish kurtha with matching leggings, red duptta covering her neck with pearl working on the edges. Her hairs was caged in soft side terres and made me urge to just touch it and remmber how soft her hairs was…. She looked so traditional, so soft and fragile.

Her face was clear as the sun, like a jasmine flower after a rainy day, so fresh, so beautiful more that my eyes can hold…


I run for her and hugged her to me as tight as possible…

“tigersita… where have you been…. i… I looked for you… tig,,,,”

My voice ended as I looked to her again and saw pure fear in her eyes, she was terrified, shaking of fear… fear of me…

Her iris widen and her body went tense all off sudden under my touch

“you….. you… touch… meee”

I almost didn’t got her whispers, it was very low, shaking and terrified to the horror barrier… suddenly I felt a sting on my right cheek… soft but hurt sting… she slapped me, then I watched her eyes roll to the back of her head and her body went lifeless as she faint in my arms…

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