Swasan _ A Love Story , Full Of Pain (By Sarah Hassan) A short story , in 1 shot!!

Hi guys!! I am Sarah!! A die hard fan of our sweet love birds Swasan!! I am a friend of Zuha who writes a FF on Swaragini as well as of Qubool Hai , here is a link for her FF;

Tere mere khwabon ki kahan (story of our dreams) – Swaragini


Hope you enjoy it…it is wonderful!! Do read it!!

The whole credit of this story goes to Zuha , who motivated me!!

Friends it is for the first time that I am writing an article on this website , so do support me!! Do comment dear friends!!

HERE WE GO………………..
A dark , rainy night in Kolkata…..A girl is seen walking on the road , in utter shock , she was wearing Mangalsutra and and vermilion , which was representing that she was married. She was murmuring a single phrase , “I hate you!!” Suddenly , a car comes and hits her!!!

The girl gained consciousness , actually she was semi-conscious. Her weak eyes looked all around her , she was surrounded by a team of doctor , who were trying to save her. All around her were machines which were supporting her life , in short , LIFE SAVING SYSTEM!! Her eye lids suddenly dropped..

The same girl was resting on the bed!! She was not conscious yet!! She showed some movement , the doctors were now hopeful that she can be saved……..She did not ope her eyes , but her lips moved , they were just chanting a single name , “Sanskaar!! Sanskaar!!”

A handsome boy was seen sitting in darkness , holding the picture of the same girl who was injured. He says , “Where are you?? Please come back!!”

The girl who was injured was seen sitting around some students , playing guitar , actually she was teaching them!!
As the class was over , a small girl came running to her , and hugged her , and asked her , ” Swara di!! My chocolate!?!”

Yes!! You got it right , the girl was none other then Swara………

Swara replies, “So my Sweetie wants a chocolate , OK fine! But what I will get in return!?!?”

Girl replies , “That you will get afterwards!!”

Swara replies , “Naughty girl!!”

She gives her a chocolate. The girl kisses her.
Swara exclaims , ” What a beautiful gift , Jia!!”

The small princess , is Jia … I will reveal later who is she!!

Jia asks , “Swara di , it has been almost a year , that you are teaching me , but I never invited you at my place , Can you come to my home tomorrow??”
Swara says , “I am quite busy tomorrow , but I can accompany my doll today!!”

Jia shouts in excitement , “YIPEEEE!!!”

Swara asks , “Beta , you told me your parents have passed away , so who is in your family??”

Jia replies , “My chachu , you know he loves me alot , we 2 are deoendant for each other , we are each other’s family!!”

Both leave…As they reach the destination ,Swara is left shocked seeing the house , in-carved on it is “MAHESHWARI MANSION”
Jia says , “Look there!! He is my chachu!”

Tear fills Swara’s eyes , as she sees the same handsome hunk , watering plants in the garden.

Jia shouts , “Look Chachu!! Who is here , my music teacher , MY SWARA DI!!”

He turns , the handsome hunk is none other tha Sanskaar….He can’t believe his eyes , the water pipe falls from his hands , as he steps over it , water falls over our lovely Swasan
, both proceed towards each other. They touch one another in disbelief.

Swara says , “Sanskaar!”
Sanskaar says , “Swara!’

They were not able to resist , and hugged each other …. Saiyaa plays…..

Sanskaar breaks the hug , and says , “Swara! Where were you? You know how worried I was !! It has been so many months and there was no clue of you! Why did you leave mr like this!?”

Swara replies , “Sanskaar , I didn’t want to leave you , but I thought that you do not love me , instead you loved Kavita , you married me forcefully , that day when I saw her hugging you , I was in guilt that I came between you , so I decided to leave!!”

FB shows , Kavita hugging Sanskaar , Swara sees all this , and leaves from there , FB ends…..

Sanskaar shouts , “Are you insane!! Why would I love her when I have a beautiful wife like you!”

Swara says , “But…….”

Sanskaar yells , “No buts and because , That day I came to know that she loves me but I left her , I love you!! God damn it!!

Swara exclaims , “I love you too!!”

They hug , Jia claps!!

Jia says “WOW!! Swara di…I mean Swara chachi!!”

Sanskaar says , “Aey , you Drama queen , Tum kabhi baaz nahi aaogee , She is Jia , my niece , daughter of Pari bhabhi and Adarsh bhai , Maa , papa , and all of them died in a car accident and from that day on wards , Jia is my responsibilty , my daughter!! I hope you can accept her!!”

Swara replies , ” Of course Sanskaar , we are 1 family!!”

The trio hugs……….


Hope you all enjoyed it , pardon me for mistakes!

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