Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 34


Hello friends sinin here back with the maha episode.. Thanks for comments on the last part. This ff is going to end soon and I have posted a new ff please read that n comment.. Swasan fear to love you..

Sanskar is awestruck to see the beautiful decoration… Everything is made according to his choice.. All his childhood picture and achievements are also there..
Swara : did u like it ?
Sanskar : what…I loved it…its amazing.. Thank u thank u soory much..
Swara : let’s eat our dinner..
Sanskar : yup…I can sense the smell..its..its..alupuri….
Swara : yes..
Sanskar : oh my god…you know I first ate it in Sonagora… And I’m a fan of it….
Swara makes him eat and vice versa

Sanskar : may I have the pleasure to dance with my love ?
Swara smiles and gives her hand..

They dance on tu safar mera…

Sanskar kisses her forehead and says ” thank you very much…it’s… The best birthday ever..and you’re the best birthday gift ever for me…”

Sanskar : swara..I wanted to say something…
Swara : yes..
Sanskar : you know I was arrogant n beauty lover person…who just liked the the outer beauty of people.. I never tried to see the inner beauty of yours.. And hurted u very badly..
Swara : shhshh..don’t say like that..you’re a blessing to me..the fruit of my devotion.. How csan you hurt me then…

He holds her by waist and whispers..” My birthday gift ? ”
Swara : are yes..u didn’t said anything
Sanskar : Swara.. I want to…be a father..
Swara looks at him..
Sanskar : yes..whenever I saw a kid holding finger of his father…I wished to have a little angle.. Who will hold my hand tight….
Swara : u didn’t said about it before..
Sanskar : will u give me…by gift..
Swara blushes n looks down..
Sanskar : you know I have decided everything…
Swara : what !
Sanskar : yes..I’ll feel his kick first !
I’ll go with u everytime for checkup !
She will first say dadda !
She will hold my hand first !
U can never scold her !
She will be in my team !
Swara was looking at sanskar… Happiness was visible on his eyes just by imagining..what will he do if this becomes real….
She prays so that the results come positive..

She pecked his lips saying I love u
Sanskar : ohh…so desperate !
Swara pouts n tries to go…
Sanskar : where r u going after ignating fire ?
Swara : ohhh…let me call fire service…
She runs from there…
Sanskar chases her from behind..they run the whole house…Swara was about to fall but again runs by looking behind and collids with someone..

She was sujata…
Sanskar comes from behind and shocks to see sujata..his lost fear rises up seeing his father along with helpless rag lak n smirking Kavita n Rajat..

Swara looks confused seeing sujata n ram..she saw from behind raglak n Kavita Rajat.
Sujata looks at her from tip to bottom and goes toward sanskar.
Sanskar : mom..I can explai…
Before he can complete sujata slaps him tight shocking swara
Sujata : what you will explain… Ha..how could u…are u the same son of mine..such a heinous act..
Swara : mom ?…
Ragini comes and holds swara..swara confused completely…
Sujata comes to swara
Sujata : I’m very sorry on behalf of my son..he did a crime..I think u are swara..
Swara : ji ma..but what did he do ?
Kavita : betrayed u…
Sanskar : Kavita… U just…
Ram : shut up sanskar.. Not a word more..they have told us truth..now swara should also know…
Kavita : so swara..your so called sanskar.. Married you only for your body..
Swara was just looking blankly.. Sanskar was very scared..all are messing up..it is beyond his control..,will he loose his love forever…

Kavita : he never loved u..just wanted ur body..and to save his image he introduced me as his wife..his evey party friends client conference meeting.. Everything everywhere I was his wife..he never wanted u to study cause then you’ll question him..he acted acted to love you care you just to control you…and you… Like a fool believed his every lame excuse n demands….
Swara looks at sanskar
Rajat : arrre all this is after marriage.. The marriage which is the reason of your existence… Is a deal..
Swara : deal..?
Rajat : yes..deal with your father..he bought you for 50 lakhs… He saved you from prostitution… To make a personal one…
Sanskar : enough…swara I can explain…
Swara : no need of explanation…
Sanskar : swara..
Swara : I trust you….
Sanskar : what….
Swara : yes sanskar… I trust you..
Kavita : you…
Swara : I’ll not heard a word against my husband… I trust him..blindly.. Ma..they r trying to frame your son..don’t believe them..

All looks at swara with amused eyes..how can someone believe someone to this extent….
Sujata : I wish it was true..but sanskar is wrong this time…
Rajat : and I have proof…

Sujata : see sanskar how you misused her love n trust….shame on u…
Sanskar stands there silently teary eyes..
Rajat plays a video clip….

The conversation of jagat n sanskar.. Sanskar sending Kavita pic to sujata n ram..taking kavita yo party and the saying about swara..trying to distract her from studies..commenting about her physical attractiveness…

Swara : its…..not truth..
Kavita throws the magazine n newspapers containing kavita n his picture
Swara looks at them…
She goes to sanskar..
Swara : sanskar u don’t worry…just tell once that its not true…just for once that its lie..tell na.you love me a lot..with my imperfections.. With my flaws…tell them..
Sanskar : it’s true..
Swara : what…
Sanskar : all are truth..every single word is true..I’ll not the way you think…yes I made a deal…with your father..of your…I never loved you..I couldn’t understand you’re pure love..your importance.. That’s punishment I’m bearing…the pain the fear of loosing you..undescribable fear.. But swara I love u a lot…yes I did mistakes..no crime..I misused your trust love n innocence.. I was a fool..couldn’t even recognize my blessing of life..always underestimate it..my good luck..my saviour my well wisher.. My love partner of seven birth..swara..please forgive me..I’ll never do it again..give me any punishment.. But forgive me..

He hugged swara tightly but she didn’t reciprocates.. She stays still..
Sanskar fears n tighten his grips..
Sujata takes him back…
Swara stumbles n was about to fall when ragini holds her..
Laksh comes forward..
Laksh : even we are sorry bhabi.. We didn’t stop bhai… We knew but couldn’t do anything.. I know ur hurt.. But please forgive us..
Ragini : sorry bhabi..
Swara sits on the couch with a thud..
She is looking completely blank emotionless..
Not even crying a bit..

Sanskar sits on his knee..
Sanskar : please forgive me…I know I’m your culprit.. Give me any punishment.. You hit me..slap me..abuse me but don’t stay silent..I can’t bear it…
Swara : why u did this sanskar ?
Sanskar looks down with tears…
Swara : I trusted u…
Sanskar : I’m sorry…
Swara : I loved you…more than anything else..
Sanskar : swara…I know..
Swara : I leaved everything for you..everyone said not to love u..but I was fool..
Sanskar nods in no and cries holding her plan..
Swara : I learnt..I learnt education.. English for u..to become perfect for you…
Sanskar : I’m sorry swara I’m sorry..
Swara : does love need perfection ? Sanskar..
Sanskar keeps mum..
Swara : couldn’t you love me the way I’m…
She stands and falls down unconscious….

Sanskar fears and takes her in arm…
He pats her face but she doesn’t wake up..

He takes her to room and calls a doctor..
Doctor checks swara while all panics.. Sanskar prays to god…
Doctor : she fainted due to immerse mental pressure,., she is also weak..you should take care of her…
Sanskar breaths in relief seeing swara…
Doctor : she will wake up in morning… I didn’t give high dose as it may harm baby…
Sanskar : baby ?
Doctor : yes…she is two month pregnant…

Sanskar looks at Swara… Losing is bed with pale face…sanskar is unsure about which emotions should he have now….

Screen ends on the faces of swasan…

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  3. Chappy wz fab dear. .. bt hope evrythng vl b fibe….i just hate kavi….

  4. Dear the chappy is beyond amazing i dont know what to say on one gand he is happy that he will be a father on the other hand he is guilty

  5. Awesome !! PLS don’t end ur ff ! I really love it ! By the way , when are u going post the next episode ???

  6. awesome. dont seperate swasan

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    Nice epi

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    Hii….Today only started to read this fan fiction and it was really awesome…
    Waiting for the next chappy…Update soon…

  10. Oh my God….loved it

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