Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 31

Hello friends sinin here…see I came early with next episode.. Guys are u all not liking the track… Please tell me..and you guys waited for so long… Wait for some more time please revelation is near..my dear readers I need your support… Please comment.

‘ Are you fine swara ? Who is there…Swara..why aren’t you saying anything ?.kamla kaki…” Sanskar said I’m tension and fear while coming near the stairs

As he came near the stairs…he saw the most horrified scene…. His whole hall room was a complete mess..things were shattered and broken..among them swara was crying and begging.. Yes she was wounded.. Due to masked person… Who had covered his face like a coward..

Sanskar : swara…

Swara looked at sanskar..,.. Her eyes reflect the physical and mental pain she is bearing…

Sanskar tried to stand up but..without support he couldn’t stand

The man laughs evilly

” poor u sanskar… The great sanskar Maheshwari… Business tycoon can’t even stand on his feet..tch..tch..now how will u save ur wife ?

Swara : don’t u dare to say anything to sanskar,.

” oh..so much love for husband… Don’t u want to know the truth of your marriage..

Sanskar shocks…he tried to stop him but in vain..

The man came near swara and holds her hair tightly while she hissed in pain..

Sanskar : no..don’t u touch her..I will kill u !

Oh really… Why are u waiting for..come..come and save her..oh….I forgot you are handicapped now !

Swara : don’t say anything to him…

Ohhhh….so much love love for him….will this remain after knowing how ur husband managed to get you…

Sanskar doesn’t understand how to stop him..,he recalls the incident..

3 month ago

Swara is seen in a bridal sari…she is continuously begging to her father…who selling her to a 66 years old man..her father is counting money and the man is looking at her with lustful eyes..
Her mother and little brother is seeing all this from distance.. They are helpless.. No one can go against her father..

Jagat : okk take her..she is urs forever.. Tell guruma my pranam…

The man holds swara and gets into a car..

A old man tries to stop but jagat..pushes him..

Swara : please leave me…baba..no I don’t want to go..ma..please stop him

Man : are beautiful.. Don’t worry we will protect your beauty… Ha ha ha…

He takes her to their place..

This news spreads in whole village and sanskar comes meet her father

Jagat : sorry malik..she is sold for..10 lakhs..

Sanskar : no I want her..I will give 50 lakhs…

Jagat shocks..

Then somehow they get swara back..and both swasan married

Flashback ends

Sanskar tries to move..but he falls down..

Swara shouts sanskar….

They both shared a painful eye lock…

Man : enough I of this love..now come to me baby..

Swara tries to stand and run..but he holds her and twists her hand..she jerks her and go back..he pushes her with so much force that her tummy was going to hit the table….but then she feels a hand on her tummy.. Yes it was our hero SANSKAR..

He comes and pushes the man..he looks shocked.. Before he could do anything.. Sanskar takes a vass and throws on his head..

They both went near him..and removes his mask…

Both shocks and says Rajat..

Yes he is Rajat…

He opens his eyes..

He recalls losing important deals due to sanskar.. Always he was compared with him…how he faked friendship…watching swara in Sonagora..trying to woo her but fails..he heard the conversation between sanskar and jagat.. Their marriage… Calling to ram and sujata and disclosed about the marriage… Then calling swara and saying about fake accident,..

Sanskar : Rajat.. How could you do this…

Rajat : don’t be soory innocent.. What about you..did u forgot..

The police comes with kamla kaki and Suraj kaka..

Rajat : let see how long you can put me behind bares..I will come soon to take my revenge.. Then I will see where this love goes..

Leap of some days

Rajat is seen in manali..talking with sujata and ram..he shows them the photo of swara and sanskar and also about Kavita..

Sujata : chi..a proustite girl my daughter in law never..

Ram : how could sanskar cheat us..

Just then ragini and laksh enters…

They both fumes in anger seeing Rajat.,

Rajat smriks

Before laksh could say anything.. Sujata slaps him hard..

Laksh : ma…

Sujata : don’t call me ma..how could you let sanskar do this mistake.. He ruined the life of two girls,.,its a sin !

Ragini : ma..we tried..

Ram : enough.. Tomorrow we are going to Kolkata..that’s final and don’t dare to inform him..he has to answer our question..


Swara hugs sanskar tightly..

Sanskar : are you OK swara…

Swara nods in yes

Swara : sanskar saw your walking… You have overcame your paralysis !

Sanskar now realized and his happiness knew no bound.. He is walking on his feet..

Sanskar : only because of you.. Thank you Swara thank you..

He pecks her forehead

Precap : party me tamasha..

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  1. xavia

    Oh God wts gonna hpn….m still in shock….it wz amazing sinin….y uh r nt posting royal love…plz post dat 1 olso…

  2. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    superb…i m scared now. What if ram and sujatha do something bad with swara? Hope sanskar confesses everything to swara before itself

  3. Meher


    |Registered Member

    Ahhh I want him to suffer more !! well still no issues.!!

    Okay so sujju oNLy knows the truth the way Rajat told her.. I hope she will believe laksh n ragini and they make her understand what swara really is..

    Waiting for next

  4. MOU


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….itz going to be a interesting track…i think swara is pregnant because u said about tummy…..Waiting for next

  5. Kakali


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    Sanskar u can walk,, u can walk ,, u can walk,, yeeaii yeeaii yeaai… thnk God u saved her at nick of time… otherwise *horrified*…
    thnk u..

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