Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 30


hello friends !!! sinin here after a long break…hope u all have missed my ff I will try to be regular from now and you all too become regular to comment.

” you can do it Sanskar” swara said trying to encourage Sanskar

” no..please swara stop..I can’t do it”

” im not going to listen anything…just try once give me your hand…I will not let you fall..u can trust me”

Sanskar looks at swara she gives him assuring look..he takes a deep breath and holds swara tightly..he tries to stand on his feet after many days…he is feeling very…nervous…

Sanskar stands and was about to fall when swara holds him and places his hands on her shoulder..

Sanskar opens his eyes…
swara : now let’s try to walk
Sanskar : noo…it’s enough
swara : Sanskar…sush..I said na u can do it !

they start lifting his leg…he was damm scared..slowly slowly he walked a little…he become comfortable with it..and happy to..a new hope takes place in his heart.

swara : its enough for today…we’ll do later……
Sanskar : I’m very hungry..
swara : I’ll bring your khichdi..
Sanskar : nooo…I’ll not eat that boring food anymore..I want momos…with chutney…
swara : momo with chutney..!? what a combination
Sanskar : yess…I love to have it…and also bring lemonade
swara : Sanskar ! noo…
Sanskar : chocolate too
swara : pagal…
Sanskar : hurry up
swara goes from there smilingly…..
Sanskar thinks : sometimes being funny is not bad..at least I can see your beautiful smile

at kavita’s home

she is talking with the wife of mr Roy
kavita : hello Mrs Roy…
roy : hello kavita..is Sanskar fine now..I heard he had a accident..
kavita : he is fine now..im taking care of him…
roy : it must be very difficult na..
kavita : yes..its very tough TO handle both husband and office…
roy : but I heard someone is taking care of office in his absence..what was the name…yes Swara
kavita : mrs roy..I’ll talk to u later..its time for his.medicine…
she hangs the phone…and throws it on the floor

kavita : what does she think of herself…she can handle the business…better than me..how can Sanskar give her this responsibility…why everything is going out of my hands…no I have to do something…I can’t let this surname…”Maheshwari” go away from me…never

leap of somedays

kavita is seen entering her home…she was looking devastate..anger and hatred was clearly seen on her eyes…she takes a vase from table and throws on the mirror which brokes into pieces…she holds her ear tightly…the words are roaming on her mind…the bitter words of randhir…
she shouts loudly…like a.mad and throws thinks here and there

kavita : you didn’t did it well Sanskar…noo…you cheated me..yes..I did everything for you…from college life I helped you..I saved your image and you…you made me insulted in public! that to for that pr*stitute girl…illiterate…because of you randhir left me…I have nothing left with me now..and you’re going to live happily with your love…no Sanskar it will not happen…this happiness will.not stay for.long..just wait how I ruin you happy married life..

she starts to find something…she messed her whole cupboard and finds a CD…
she rubs her tears and smiles.like a physco….
she kisses the CD
now your ruined Sanskar…
she smirks evily…


Sanskar is waiting for swara…the delicious smell of food is coming from the kitchen..
he shouts ” how long swara
swara : 5 minutes more…
Sanskar : I can’t wait more..im coming down.
swara : no..im coming..

Sanskar is sitting on his wheelchair waiting for swara and her food..
suddenly he hears a loud noise of breaking plates…
swara : ahh…who are you ?
Sanskar became tensed..
he shouts swara are u fine…
no answer
” leave me…ahhh…no…ahhhh Sanskar…no don’t do this…Sanskar…leave me what have I ruined to u…”
Sanskar heards everything…he starts moving his wheelchair to go to downstairs…
“swara…are you fine…

guys so here is the epi…my readers should comment me…??

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  1. Rabia

    Awesomeee ???

  2. Praju

    it was short but nice and I think now Kavita will tell the truth to Swara….

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  5. Meher

    It’s not fair!!! You have posted this small chappy. Well leave small chappy but how could you end this in such nail biting note????

    Well it’s good that sanskar is changing, now I am waiting for swara’s reaction when she will come to know the reality!

    Ahh that wich Kavita! She just want that brand name,that tag of being Mrs maheshwari.

  6. Scooby

    Aww supetb chapie.. may b swara did this so he sanskar cn walk normally.. superb chapie and kavi betrayer..

  7. Woooooooooow
    What happened to swara ???
    Uss chipkali ko credit mat do swara ka plzzz

  8. I think swara is acting to make sanskar normal
    And that cavity is trying to tell swara about drama of Kavita maheshwari

  9. Mica

    huaaaaa…. another storm in their peaceful life!!
    luv it Sinin… ty

  10. Tamanna

    Awesome… I really missed your ff…finally you updated…..
    Soo kavita turns negative….

  11. I am happy that u are back hope your eid and brother’s wedding went well

  12. after long time.
    i miss dis ff.
    they start 2 live hply dst nw & kavitha bcm phsyco. oh god.
    dnt make her plane gt succesed.
    wt hpn 2 swara. is she ok?

    keep writing dr
    be happy always

  13. Hey u r back.I missed you aloooot. Awesome episode but it’s so short. Plz post next part asap

  14. Kakali

    Superb chappy dear… Sanskar see! d POWER of LOVE….
    thnk u…

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    Cavity ko bhagao yaar……..har ff mein irritate karti hai

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    awesome simin

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    plz update soon.awesome

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    Please continue soon…???

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    Mind blowing dear hope next part soon

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    Awesome…… So kavitha is evil here…. Idiot…. I think its plan of swara to make sanskar walk

  30. Amazing part. Loved swasan moments.?
    Kavita.. ?? disgusting.. She just want that surname tag. Good.. that randhir diched her.
    I also think that swara is faking to make sanskaar walk. Missed your ff a lot dear.. Update the next part soon. And want a long chappy..

  31. Vyshu10


  32. Awesome…but short chappy

  33. Finally u r back missed ua ff Lot dear…. its osm bt dear it’s nt fair firstly uh posted aftr such a long tym secondly u posted too short epi n dat too at such a pt. .. …

  34. Arshi

    Wowo nice….. i think tats swaras drama to make sanky to stand in his legs…. anyways… superb chappys…

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