Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 28

Hello friends sinin here…soo sorry for late. Thank you all so much for the comments at the previous part. Love you all a lot.

At hospital
Sanskar is sleeping due to effect of injection. He is holding the hand of swara tightly. Swara is sitting just beside her. She didn’t sleep a bit last night. Ragini and laksh is also with them..others have gone to their home. Laksh is tensed as sujata is repeatedly calling him..and asking about sanskar.. He didn’t said paralysis to them..

Sanskar : swara..
Swara hurriedly asks him..
“Yes..I’m here only do u need anything.. Should I call doctor ?”
Sanskar : no..I want to talk with laksh.. Alone !
Laksh looks at ragini and she takes swara with her outside the cabin.
Laksh : yes bhai..I’m here only
Sanskar : did you said anything to mom ?
Laksh : no..she is calling …she wanted to come with me..
Sanskar : I want to talk..

Sanskar : mom !
Sujata : my son..sanskar are you OK..I was soo worried for you..
Sanskar tries to hide his emotions which were going to brust hearing the voice of his mother
Sanskar : mom…cool ! These TV channels na..nothing serious happened.. I have just hurted my head..
Sujata : true..?
Sanskar : yes mom..just pray for me..so that…. I can become well soon..
No need to come here..
Sujata : okk..tell Kavita that I had called her..bye
Sanskar : OK bye

Laksh : bhai…
Sanskar : Lucky handle the media…this news should not go out..
Laksh : OK..but bhai at least now tell the truth.. She is suffering bhai…..
Sanskar : just stop it laksh… So that she can leave me…why the hell can’t you both understand that I can’t stay without her..I will just die..
Laksh : bhai…you love her a lot..
Sanskar gives a painful smile
“It doesn’t matter now..no one will love a paralyzed man ”
Laksh : bhai..

Nurse : it’s time for dressing !
Laksh : I’ll go..
Sanskar : lucky call swara..
Swara comes insides.. And stands near sanskar.. He holds her hand tightly.. She carefully observes the process of dressing..
Another male nurse comes and changes his hospital dress..
Swara saw her phone is ringing.. And she goes outside to take it leaving sanskar.. Sanskar looks on..

Swara takes the call and returns back..
Swara : sanskar.. Do u need something ?
Sanskar doesn’t talk with her..
Swara sit beside him..
Sanskar : you don’t come..go !
Swara : is anything wrong ? Are you angry with me..
Sanskar : swara..please don’t leave me …
Swara : but why will I leave you…
Sanskar : I don’t want to stay in hospital.. Talk to doctor.. I want to go home..
Swara : but you’re weak..
Sanskar : just do what I say..!

The doctor comes with injection..
Sanskar : don’t go till I sleep..
Swara nods in yes..
Doctor pushes injection both swara and sanskar winches in pain..
The doctor smiles and leaves..

Swara careress his hairs.. She is looking at the pale face of sanskar.. He got five injection in one day ! Swara understand that he is feeling inferior.. He was always a independent person… But suddenly this change is not easy for him..he don’t want to be dependent on other..but he is helpless..
But swara can’t what is her fault in all this..

Swara : I can’t understand sanskar.. What’s lack in my love and sincerity… Why you feel that I will leave you…how can you think like that.. Where will I go leaving you..this paralysis is not powerful than our love..I know and I believe we can overcome this problem also…wedding is a relationship of seven birth,.whole life till death.. I’m your better half , this is not only your pain…its also mine..we both will share it like we share our happiness.. I’ll never let you feel this again,,ever..I love you sanskar.. Till my death..

Swara kissed his forehead and went to talk with doctor..
A tear falls from eye of sanskar.. He heard everything..
Sanskar : I’m blessed to have your pure love…but will it continue when I will tell you the truth of our wedding ?

Next morning

Sanskar is getting discharged.. After the insisting of swara..
Sanskar wakes up in the morning.. He feels sun rays on his face..
He smiles..it is swara who wakes him like this..
Sanskar : Swara go..let me sleep
Swara comes near him…
Swara : patidev..we have to go home..your sniff is driving the head of all by barking and kamla kaski kave decorated house..I have to go to temple..

Sanskar opens his eyes..Swara is standing in light pink sari..looking like a fairy came from heaven..
He extends his hand to hold her and pull so that she lands on his chest.. But it didn’t move reminding him of his paralysis.

Swara looked at sanskar …..she bends and kisses on his cheeks.. She whispers good morning my love !
Sanskar : heyy that’s my line ! It’s not fair..
Swara copies sanskar and says ” everything is fair in love and war..
Sanskar : impressive !

Nurse : mam..dress change..
Swara looked at sanskar and said to nurse ” I’ll do it ”
Norse : are you sure mam ?
Swara : yes..
Swara comes near sanskar who was looking at swara with surprised eyes
Swara : do you trust me ?
Sanskar smiles
“More than my self”

Swara covers the bed with curtains…..

Guys soo sorry..I’ll try to post soon…all readers should comment.

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