Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 27


Hello friends sinin here. Hope you all are well..I tried to write a emotional episode..here in my city it’s raining.. The environment is soo beautiful.. I personally love rain…what is your fav season ?

Krishna temple
Its still raining cats and dogs. Ragini have dropped swara outside the temple and is waiting in the car as swara wanted to go inside alone.
Swara climbs the stairs with a plate. There were not much crowd on mandir for rain. Swara stands in front of idol and vent all her emotions.

Swara : why kanha ! Why you did this with me..so much complications in my life ! So much difficulties.. So much test ? Why god..why me..I had to llie,betray the person whom I love most..I didn’t listen to him..and that’s why he is angry with,not talking with me and playing games to punish me..I had asked him not to go..he didn’t listen to me the way I did..and see what happened.. You were giving me signs that’s why I was feeling so restless.. He is In soo pain..god please cure him..please save him..if miracle can only save him..then do it..but save him..prove your existence.. If I ever prayed to you with devotion then return me my husband !

She lit a siya and kept it on her plam .
Until someone comes and jerks her hand.
Swara looked and yes..he was our lafanga aka J aka Joy mitral

Joy he looks at her shockedly.. He holds her arm tightly
Joy : shona ! What are you doing.. What the hell ! Are you out of your mind..that too for that jerk..I just came from your house..and they told you are in hospital.. I was soo scared.. You’re fine na..?

He looked at her with concerned eyes..
Swara : joy I’m fine..but you know my sanskar…
Joy looked at her red and angry eyes
Joy : don’t talk about that blo*dy jerk..
Swara couldn’t believe her ears..her best friend is talking bad about her sick husband..
Swara : Joy !
Joy : yes..swara I have got full information.. That blo*dy husband of yours is playing double game !
Swara : be in your limit !
Joy : just listen…do u know media knows..that Kavita yes.. That girl whom your husband claims to be only FRIEND is actually his wife ! Whole business world knows it..there is no sign is Swara..
Swara : what are you saying.. I believe him..moreover do you know his condition..
Joy : must be fooling someone else..I have the pictures… Blood jerk !
Swara : Mr mitral..one more word against my husband will compell me to for get our friendship !
Joy : shona..that cheater.. Betrayer..

Swara slapped joy tightly.. Her eyes are red due to anger…
Joy : shona….
Swara : enough ! Don’t show your face again.. Thank you for your mercy.. You’re indeed a good friend.. But today you ruined it !
Swara came out drenched in rain water leaving a shocked and sad joy behind…

City Hospital
Kabir is talking with laksh at the end of the corridor. Sahil is playing games on mobile and Rajat is sleeping resting his head on sahil. Kavita is far drinking coffee.
Swaragini comes and at the same time randhir comes out.
Swara : how is sanskar ?
Randhir : he is fine.. Now stable..
All breath in relief
Swara : can I meet him..just once please ?
Randhir : yeah..sure but..
Before he could complete.. Swaragini and laksh enters.. Kavita was going to enter but randhir stops her.
Swara enters inside the ICU..her husband..love of seven birth.. Was lying.. Unconscious.. There were bandages on his head..it looks soon pale..there were many canholer and machines attached with his body..
Swara feels so sad and helpless in front of the destiny.
Ragini supported her
Laksh : bhabi..you have to be strong.. For bhai !
Swara sat near sanskar.. She slowly and very carefully touched his forehead..
Sanskar reacts..he slowly opens his eyes..

Sanskar point of view
oh god.. Its paining like hell..how did this happened.. I was not supposed to be here..I was going to sahil, but..oh god what happened next….yes I was angry on swara..I was hurt..she tried to stop me but..I didn’t.. It was raining.. I couldn’t saw the truck coming.. And then I went blank… Ohh..just now I felt as if swara touched me..I don’t know but I can feel it..with so much love and care..I won’t be angry with her anymore… I just can’t.. Just want to hug her and feel her…I tried to move my hand to touch her..it will pain a little.. But who cares…but…but I couldn’t move it..maybe because of anesthesia.. But not even a bit..what’s happening.. I can’t feel my hand…not even a bit..not my legs also..oh god what’s happening ?
POV ends

Sanskar started to behave aggressive.. He used his whole force to move his hand..but in vain.. In return he got unbearable pain.
Swara and laksh couldn’t understand anything.. They were clueless.. Kabir and others also entered and became surprised.
Swara tried to pacify him..
Swara : sanskar.. Don’t do it..are you feeling pain.. I’ll call the doctor.. Sanskar is it paining a lot…

Randhir enters he knew something like this is happening here.

Randhir : sanskar calm down..don’t pressure it will worse your health more

Sanskar : randy..what’s happening.. Why the hell I can’t move my leg..just answer..dammit
Randhir : sanskar control yourself..you’re suffering from partial paralysis!!

All in the room was totally shocked surprise and numb..they didn’t know what to react.
Sanskar couldn’t react…he can’t believe that..paralysis !!!!!

Sanskar : you fool..you’re mad out of your mind..sanskar Maheshwari is paralyzed… Just see it will move now !
But in vain…..he screamed in pain…ahhhhhhh !

Laksh took swara with him in the doctors room with randhir.
Swara didn’t knew how to react or console sanskar

Randhir : I know its very hard for you..but some very sensitive nerves are damaged..his right side..hand and leg is completely out of his brain.. Left side is somewhat okay..but not soo good..
Laksh : what…
Randhir : but it can also be cured through physhio therapy.. And proper care..just don’t lose hope..you have to be his strength as a wife..

Sanskar was behaving impatient.. Trying to remove all machine.. He is not ready to believe the fact.
Kavita was not talking with him..not sure how to make him aware of it.
Swara enters..
Laksh : we should give some privacy to them..so Kavita..
They came out..
Swara came near sanskar
Sanskar : Swara.. Don’t you dare to believe them..I’m okay..Ahh..
Breathing heavily..: I can’t be paralyzed.. No…nooo
Swara : sanskar.. Please try to understand !
Sanskar : nooo..it not true
Swara : sanskar….
Sanskar was using more force and screaming…
Swara smashed her lips into his to stop him…to pacify him..she bites his lower lip and suck it..
Sanskar became clam.. He didn’t had any energy left but still..gave a peck..
Swara parted away.. And careress his face lovingly..
Sanskar : I’m paralysed… I can’t move..
Swara : noo..sanskar
She kissed his forehead
Tear were flowing from his eyes…Swara was crying too..but she stayed strong in front of him..
Sanskar : I’m alone..you’ll also leave me now..how will I live without u ?

Guys a big one…please all comment..not like previous one..bye bye

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    Dun reveal his truth nw let him b fine dan reveal his truth so dat swara can leave him offcrse for sumtym n dan unite dem…
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