Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 26


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It was the headlines of national channels of television…
Laksh is shown driving car and heading towards Kolkata,ragini is with him she is very tensed scared and worried for both swara and sanskar. They tried to get flight,but it was unavailable due to bad weather.

Kavita and Randhir were on intimate position but they soon apart seeing the news..Kavita was trying his phone which was switched off and randhir was getting ready and connecting with city hospital as he is a surgeon.

Rajat was sleeping but he wakes up hearing the ringtone, kabir called him, he first cursed sanskar for accident and then labor for ruining his sleep…then he got ready and came outside where sahil and kabir were waiting for him.

The same news is going on Maheshwari mansion, were there is pin drop silence… Sometimes ago swara was calling each and everyone she knows and enquired about sanskar.. But in vain. Now she is sitting on floor, kamla is trying to console her and make her ready to go hospital.. But she can’t hear anything.. Not the sound of TV.not the consoling of Suraj and kamla not even Sniff’s barking… Her husband who just went out before one hour is in hospital operation theater.. Is it possible.. Yes he was angry.. She broke his trust.. But such a big punishment !
Somehow Suraj and kamla make her stand and bough near the car. But sniff blocked her way..she kneeled down and hugged her.
Swara : don’t worry chorui… I’ll bring your buddy soon.. It’s a promise…

At City hospital
There is tension among the hospital stuff. Their main big surgeon has gone in vacation.. He is not an ordinary person.. The famous business tycoon sanskar Maheshwari… His condition is worsing every minute.. They have shifted him to operation theater.
Swara came outside the OT where sanskar is kept..she looked for him like mad. A duty doctor came out.
Swara : doctor.. How is sanskar ?..he will be fine na..
Doctor : who are you ?
Swara : I’m his…
Kavita : I’m his wife !
Swara looked back in shock..Kavita randhir kabir sahil Rajat were standing behind her..
Randhir and swara both are equally shocked at her statement.
Kavita : please tell me..doctor.. Will he be okk…I’ll give as much money you want..
Doctor : listen Mrs Maheshwari.. Its not about money..his condition is not good and our surgeon is missing..
Randhir : I’m a surgeon of newyork.. randhir shekhawat..
Doctor : thank god Mr shekhawat.. His condition is very critical… His internal bleeding is not stooping.. And his many sensitive part and nerves are severely damaged..

Randhir enters into the OT with other doctors.
Swara heard everything… All this is new for her but..she can understand that her sanskar is not good.. He is in pain…in this situation how can she remember about Kavita..or her silly stupid statement..
Kavita : all this is because of you blo*dy illiterate…
Swara : what..
Swara looked at Kavita who was continuously abusing her in front of all people… All were enjoying drama silently… But swara didn’t said anything.. Maybe she don’t have left with any strength… She has given all her good deeds.. All her swab…all strength to the man lying on the bed of operation theater fighting with death..
“Enough Kavita ”
Laksh glared and shouted at Kavita.. Ragini ran to swara..though they didn’t meet before but seeing swara in vulnerable state ragini couldn’t hold her back …laksh dealer with Kavita and made her understand that how to talk with Mrs sanskar Maheshwari.. Kavita stamped her foot and went from there..
Laksh : bhabi !
Swara : laksh.. Your bhai is angry with me na..that’s why he is doing this na..please ask him to stop this..na..I will listen to whatever he say..I’ll never lie to him..
Ragini : bhabi.. Bhai will be okk..he has to come back for your love..

After 3 hours
Laksh is standing near the door while ragini is with swara a little far. Sahil kabir Rajat is also there… Kavita too at safe distance..
Randhir comes out
Laksh : randy how is bhai ?
Randhir : laksh.. Frankly..internal bleeding is stopped but..nothing can be said for 12 hours..just a miracle can save…save sanskar
He went to swara..who was looking at him blankly
Randhir : I know you don’t know.. Its not even necessary.. I know your state..but you have to be strong for sanskar.. He needs you prayer.. He needs you…only god can save him..
She was about to fall but holds ragini hand at right time..
Ragini : bhabi !
Swara : I’m fine ragini.. Can u do me a favour.. Please take me to temple.

Precap – swara slapped joy.. Difficult 12 hours and sanskar……

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    I am repenting for not reading this ff earlier…

    Thank-you so much for this lovely ff…

    Luv you loads..

    Ps: u will get my comments on TU only as I don’t comment on fb..????

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    awsome episode…… hope sanskar will be okay….. he should suffer for his thinking but why r you torturing swara ?

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