Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 25

Hello friends sinin here sorry for late…. To compensate it a long chappy for you all who encourage me by their lovely comments. All readers please comment after today’s episode and please read my supernatural ff swasan devils love in my destiny.

In morning
Swara wakes up hearing the loud noise of alarm. She has reading and revising the whole night. She got up and rushed to Washroom, take bath and came out in a simple sari..yet she looked elegant.
She took blessing from kamala and Suraj.. Hugged sniff tightly and started for her pathshala. In the middle she found a temple as she had time so she thought to visit.
Swara : God ! Every time I asked for sanskar… Now I want something for myself.. Please help me to achieve my dream..this exam is very important for my future.. And please save my married life..this is the last time I’m doing something without his consent….oh yes make sure he gets the deal.

At pathshala
All are prepared for the exam its the last day of pathshala.. This place have many sweet memories.. Specially with Swara.. All knew from the fast day that she is a bright student and capable of achieving her dreams… But now she will not even attend the exam.
All went inside the hall..except joy he somehow feels that shona will come..she can’t miss it..
Nandu : joy come inside…. She’s not going to come..
Joy turned with heavy heart.,when he heard a loud familiar call “lafanga! Wait”
All turned and saw swara coming running to him.,all came out from the hall..joy came running to her and hugged tightly., swara was going to be shocked.. But now she is more tensed about her exam
Swara while huffing : am I late ?
All together : no …its perfect timing
All entered into the exam hall. The exam started and went for two hours.

At manali
Sanskar : nooooooo !
Ragini and laksh looked at each other in shock and disbelief
From past an hour they are sitting on the lawn trying to explain sanskar to tell the truth to Swara and family member.. But he is being adamant… No no and no
Ragini : but why..how long will this go..you can’t fool her whole life 😠
Sanskar : till the end..I’m not going to do anything like this
Laksh : what are you up to bhai.. Kavran too have a personal life,they have to marry.. You can’t use her as a showpiece in front of world😠

Sanskar : why you both are up to break my marriage 😑 first laksh then you..why don’t you both understand that she’ll leave me if I reveal it.. I can’t stay without her…by the way lucky you didn’t say anything to me about her stupid education.. There she met with some joy and made friend..! Its too much !

Ragini : I can’t believe it..you don’t want her to study more cause you’re insecure and possessive.. If she become educated then she’ll find out your truth.. Other hand you don’t want to introduce her in the world.. So your so called image will be ruined ! 😠
Sanskar : it’s not like this..
Ragini : stoop lying.. I’m warning you confess by ownself.. She may forgive u..but if someone else say then she’ll start hating u..truth can’t be hidden for long…
Sanskar became angry and storm about and starts for Kolkata.

Swara reaches home runningly while cursing joy..
Swara : lafanga will always remain a remain lafanga… Due his silly talks I became late..just hope sanskar doesn’t reaches home before me.
She opened the door and saw sanskar car was already there. Kamla signs her that sanskar is looking for her.
Swara tries to go inside but sanskar stops her in middle.
Sanskar : where were you ?
Swara : won..woh I went to neighbor aunties home..
Sanskar : okk..so late..prepare coffee for me 😑
Swara 😐

At night
Sanskar comes and hugs swara from behind resting his chin on her shoulder. He entangled their fingers.
Sanskar : I’m sorry.. I was rude..but I was worried for u..
Swara : I know..
Sanskar : swara no one understand me..no one try to see my feelings..
Swara turns and cups his face
Swara : why are u saying this ?
Sanskar : no..nothing..
Swara : I wanted to say something..
Sanskar : yes..say ?
Swara : I love you a lot..
Sanskar looks into her eyes and find eternal happiness seeing immerse love for him..how can someone love someone like this….
He hugged her tightly.. For the first time with extreme love care and fear.. It was a Bone crashing tight hug…πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’ž

Sanskar has gone to office for some conference.. Swara is doing her daily works.
Sniff comes running to her with a paper in his mouth.
Swara : chorui go from here..I’m busy..
Sniff barks loudly stopping her way
She kneeled down
Swara : what is it ?

She took it……and and..and it had her big picture that to in the front page..she was the head line of national newspaper !
It fell from her hand..she felt it was a dream.. Somehow she took the phone..
Joy : how is it?.
Swara : you did it..?
Before he could answer shravan took the phone
Shravan : shona di u have become so famous.. All are coming here only to meet you..
Siya : shona..you’re a celebrity…
Nandu : congratulations…. It was the highest mark till now!
Swara had tears of happiness
Swara : thank you my lafanga !

Sanskar : thank you swara for this..surprise !
Swara froze there… She forgot that now sanskar can also read the newspaper… How will she face him….
Sanskar came and hold her tightly
Sanskar : lie…love lie care lie marriage lie..!
Swara : no sanskar.. Please listen to ms
Sanskar : shut up..you…
Swara : sanskar.. U said na not miss opportunity..
Sanskar : did I said to lie..?you cheater..
Swara :sanskar !

He holds her arm tightly
Sanskar : because of you I had to face humiliation… You’re blood boy friend wrote jenius swara sanskar Maheshwari… I didn’t got the deal because of it…
Sanskar.. I didn’t want to do it…
She holds his hand but he jerks it..
Sanskar : shut up..not a word
Swara :please listen to me,
Sanskar : chup !

Swara : sanskar !…
Sanskar : enough…
He raises his hand but stops in middle seeing her shocked and crying face
He tries o go but Swara stops him
Swara : don’t go now..its going to storm..
Sanskar :leave me..I’m going to die…
Swara : don’t say like this..
Sanskar jerks her and she falls …
He went on the car and starts driving.. Swara chases it..but falls due to injury..
Swara : sanskar…. Don’t go..kaka please stop him.,I’m not finding it good..no sanskar wait..

Its raining heavily
Sanskar is driving car rushly… He is just thinking about swara and her lies..joy holding her hand tightly.. Swara thanking him..her business partner asking him about Swara…
Swara I’ll not forgive u…
On other hand a truck is approaching towards sanskar which has become break fell.. Driver tries hard to control it but in vain….sanskar didn’t notice the car coming due to heavy rain and absentminded…
Sanskar looks it and tries to turn the car but it was too…late…the truck hitted the car and it went up in air and falls with a big noise…
A hand mixed with blood is seen through the window….

Guys my hand is paining like hell..all reader please comment today as a new aspect is going to start here..

Next part in monday …..πŸ’œπŸ’œ


  1. Sethooty


    |Registered Member

    Omg sanskar got accident…. Hr is very selfish person..poor swara…
    Joy is too nice..
    Love thier bonding…..
    You r amazing writer… What you doning sinin..may I know you r studying.. Or..doing job?

  2. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Wow awesom long chapie…. swara made it.. im core happy for her.. and sanskar again being shelfish only for his love and not seeing her love or dream.. finally this accident may bring sumthng big in their lyf???? Waiting for nxt part…. its suprb amazing…

  3. anu

    awesome.. but if anything happend with him she blames herself i dont want swara to blame herself… please dont show this for god sake dont want swara to be guity yaar… and yaar why her friend did this.. update next part soon… dont seperate them….

  4. Pia

    Awesome update Bt phirse swara will blame her self she should know the truth yaar uske baad sanskar should suffer…

  5. Anu_M


    |Registered Member

    Sinin.. I really stay busy and so never read any fanfictions here.. Just posted mine and tata buhbye to tu.. Today was casually looking at works. Found title interesting and just read yours. Mind blowing dear. Read all chapters in a single go. Mind blowing? Why did I say that? You know why? Because my bestie whenever she likes any work she says that it was just like someone took of my mind out of my head and blowed it off with pleasure. Same is my situation. Written so lovely. Seriously, so good.. Keep up your good work.. Informing you from before I am like eid ka chaand.. You will find me in this chapter but due to my busy schedule I may not able to read or comment on your next chapter. You are a fabulous writer and may you be encouraged. A lot more to write.. 😊😊

  6. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome but if swara faced accident it would have been nice…. Again sanskar will gain some sympathy from swara…. Uff….

  7. Shez

    Again swara vl get into sanskar s wrds and ask forgiveness from him!
    Let swara take care of sanskar nd sanskar fall in love wid her!
    Den swara cane to knw abt the truth nd sanskars realisation!πŸ˜‰

  8. Reethi

    Awesome. But don’t tell me ki sanskar will forget swara after this accident. Like memory lose n all.😱😱😱😱😱.I’ll die if anything like that happens. Will be waiting for next part.post asap.

  9. Kakali

    Soo nice chappy..😊😊. This Sanskar what is wrong with him??? he is becoming selfish.. bt somehow love become selfish..now he needs to b happy for Swara gaining a good result bt no he is angry for writing her name with him…ohhh god .. Iska kya hooga???πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•. anyway make Sanskar realise his mistake. dear. –

  10. Anu

    Yar when ll Swara get to know abt Sanksaar… He can’t be forgiven so easily… Waiting to see strong Swara… Sanksaar shouldn’t be forgiven easily..

  11. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Happy for swara dat she topd… sanky is so slfsh… hez callin her cheater n lier dan wbt u sanky 😠😠… loved d chapie… bt worried abt precap… if anythng hapn 2 him dan swara wil blame herslf… wantd him to suffer.. n reveal truth to swara soon.. continue soon

  12. Shagun

    No no no never u have update nxt part today
    Otherwise i will show u the consequencesπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Plz updatenxt part today

  13. Simin

    I just read all the episodes and i m surprised.I cant believe that there are people like this ff ‘s sanskar in this world who marry a girl for her body and not because they love them.Thanks for writing this story and making us aware about an unknown aspect of our society.And your writing is as usual amazing.

  14. Drishya


    |Registered Member

    Yar plz let swara know the truth… Plz don’t make swara be guilty for sanakar breakup… He is very selfish… Only thinking about himself

  15. Mica


    |Registered Member

    what this sanskar upto ? it’s too complicate.. ragini’s word was rite..
    this Sanskar complicated his own life…. i think Sanskar’s motto is
    “if you can make your life so complex, why you make it being simple”

  16. nik

    M cmnting first tm just to request u plzzz..if possible post it 2day only.kya kru kal tk at hi nhi ho rha h.

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