Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 24


Hello friends sinin back here in morning to disturb you all. Thank you all very much for loving my ff. I got 46 comments till now..hurrah hurrah…so a big chappy for you all. And a good news sanskar sufferings are near.?

Swara is feeling very bad and scared to face all. They might be waiting for her. But she went and gave the worst news of her life to all her friends.
All : what !
Swara stood there in silent lowering her head. Tears were forming in her eyes .

Joy came closer to her and holds her by shoulder.
Joy : shona… Just say..say once that he is forcing you !
Nandu : yes Swara.. He also bought another girl as wife..he is forcing you na..?
Sanskar came forward and removes his hand from her shoulder. He holds her by waist tightly.
Sanskar : Swara.. Say that it’s your decision to not to attended in exam..and also about kavita..
Swara slowly says ” yes its my decision to not to attend the exam…no one is forcing me..and kavita was his friend and it was just a misunderstanding…
Joy : stop lying.. I know he is…
Nandu stops joy who was going to beat him.
Sanskar : I think I should go now…no WE should go now Swara

Sanskar takes her in car and drives away.
Swara looks at them through the mirror and cries .
Joy looks at the car with red teary eyes…
Nandu : we can’t stop Mrs Maheshwari…
Joy : but she is my shona…who is destroying her future with own hands that to for a jerk who doesn’t even love her..

At house
Sanskar : swara I have two tickets of movie.. Get ready
Swara : I’m not feeling well..you go with friends..
Sanskar looks on…he is trying for two hours to distract her or make her normal.. But she is making it difficult more.
Suddenly he gets an idea and lays on the bed and keeps his head on her lap.
Sanskar : okk..as you say wifey..no outing today..let’s talk about …
Swara : you want to talk with me..?

Sanskar : yes
Swara : let’s do one thing you say your childhood stories… I’ll listen..
Sanskar says his childhood stories to swara…how he got first prize in debate…how he and laksh used to fight on silly things.. Raglak marriage and swara listens quietly with interest while careressing his hairs.
Swara discovers that he has slept..seriously he looks like an innocent child during sleep that to holding her hand tightly…
Swara kissed his forehead lightly.
Swara : I always wanted this…that my husband love me and spends time with me…its enough that he knows that I am educated… No need of all to know..

Days passes in this way…swara tries to keep herself busy in regular work… Sanskar too starts doing his works at night. Everyday someone from pathshala calls her to come except Joy…. Maybe he is very angry with her…but swara can’t do anything… She is helpless..

One when she was giving food to sniff…she discovered some papers in his doghouse… She shocks seeing them it was her admit card and note which she threw that night…Sniff collected them and keep together !
Swara hugs sniff ” thank you very much chorui…but I can’t hurt your buddy anymore and he will never agree..

Joy : I knew it..
Swara turned and saw joy standing and he heard her conversation. He tried a lot to make her understand but she didn’t agree..
Joy : don’t do this… It’s a golden opportunity for your dream..
Swara : I don’t have any dream except him…please joy go..don’t make me weak…
Joy : shona…
Swara : thank u lafanga… For everything… And good bye
Joy went away but his words keep wandering in her ears…its a golden opportunity indeed…but not more than sanskar…

At night
Swara is standing in the balcony looking at the stars. Sanskar comes and back hugs her tightly by keeping his hands on her stomach and intakes her smell like everyday.
Sanskar: counting the stars ?
Swara nodsbin yes and sanskar smiles
Sanskar : listen Darling… I’m going to manali on a business contract..
Swara : with Mr Robert ?
Sanskar : yes…how do you know ?
Swara : he called you in !morning… Sorry I received without you’re permission.
Sanskar : no problem honey…I just forgot that you’re a educated Lady !
Swara : when will you return ?
Sanskar: it will take 3 days…actually many reputated companies are also trying hard to get thus contract but he called me specially…laksh can’t handle alone..its a golden opportunity for me !
Swara : will u miss it ?
Sanskar : no chance…who misses this opportunity.. Life doesn’t give special chances to all..so…

Swara : we have to use it !
Sanskar ‘ what…
Swara : nothing.. I’ll pack you’re bags

Swara packs his bags,,and sanskar starts his night romance for last time ?

In morning
Sanskar is taking his breakfast and swara is arranging all. He kissed her forehead before going.. swara : the way I believe you.. Trust you.. Will u do the same…?
Sanskar : of course Swara
He went away

Tomorrow 10 am is her exam..the golden opportunity of life,… But she can’t take it…she is very confused., about what to do..everywhere there is some loss for her.

” please don’t kill me…save me is someone there ? A man cried loudly
No one is going to come…you dedicated your life for them..but they.. Get ready to die…a unknown evil voice said

No..no..shona !,,,.”
Swara wakes up from sleep ,she is sweating profusely,, she again saw the dream of killing her monir kaka…those screams still is in her ears but she couldn’t do anything… So many people did for her…her education… And she… Is so selfish… Only thinking about sanskar.. Joy nandu monir kaka.,,all have always encouraged her.,,
Swara : I was soo wrong..if sanskar was on my place then he too would done the same…no she will surely give her exam..,at any cost !

She ties her hairs in a messy bun and starts revising all likeba student… The night is still there.. But morning will have to come…for sure !

Precap – swara in exam hall…Head line of newspapers… Sanskar fuming in anger

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