Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 22


Hello friends sinin here…i was about to post tomorrow but i couldn’t stop writing seeing the lovely comments specially for lovely prakiti.

Sanskar : you’re doubting on me…how dare you ask me this question… I’m not bound to answer you ?
Swara : Sanskar I’m you’re wife…

By this Sanskar had understood that he can’t stop her by shouting… Cause she is not the same Swara… But the love is still same..he smirks and starts his acting

Sanskar : do you love me…
Swara : what kind of question is this im doing all this only for you,to be 2ith you,so that you can be with your parents,…

Sanskar : no swara you don’t love me…
Swara stands therr completely shattered.. She never thought in her life that she will have to prove her love…that to Sanskar….

Swara : what…how can you say this…
Sanskar : yes I’m right…you dont love me…all this care was fake..you ñever wanted to be with me…if you loved me then you could never question me..accuse me that i took kavita as my wife…i did so much for you…i bought you from a village… I leaved my family for you.. And you…

Swara was looking blankly at him.
Sanskar : maybe there was faults in my love…whats the need of this life when my wife doesn’t believe me…

Before swara could understand or react shd dragged outside the room by Sanskar and he closed the door on her face.
Now she was scared as reality striked on her mind that Sanskar might tske some wrong step.
(Guys please play your favourite emotional dong while 4eading Swara point of view and let me know which dong you played)

Swara point of view
What did i just do….how can i accuse him…after knowing how much he loves me and what he sacrificed for me…oh god i too became like all…today i insulted the pure relationship of marriage which is based on trust. Oh god please save him…please don’t do any think wrong… Sanskar… How much i hurt you today…yoy must be very sad.. Please forgive me..i will never repeat this mistake.. I will never do anything without your permission…please open the door..i will do any thing for you but please don’t punish me this way…i can bear any pain.. But not your anger… Please open the door once..i never loved anyone more than yoy…Sanskar…

Swara bangs the d oor while crying and sobbing. She sit in the floor with a thud facing her back on the door.

On the other hand Sanskar too sits on the floor like swara. He is crying too for hurting his love…which he didn’t realized till now.

Sanskar point of. View
Im sorry.. Swara.. Im so sorry i hurt you for no reas9n…but what could i do…your questions and curiosity will take you away from me…i can’t even imagine to stay without you… Yes i don’t know if it’s love or not but I’m possessive about you…i don’t like when you talk with any boy… I don’t like when some one hold your hand except me..i don’t like you go away from me or lying to me…i know you expect the same from me,.. But im helpless….

At xyz bar
Kavita , randhir , rajat sahil and kabir are drinking and listening today’s story which is narrated by kavita.
Rajat – i didnt knrw she is so courageos…
Kavita – my foot…
Kabir – now u will b free…an yaa sanskar is also talented…he managed her for two months…
Sahil – now se she is soo much bhenji…
Randhir – its not good.
Kavita – what…
Randhir – everything has a limit… Sanskar selfishness and swara s helplessness too…Sanskar has done hie much he can use her…but now it’s her time…
Rajat – meaning…
Randhir – you all know na..Truth can’t be hidden… Now if he is so much afraid to thinking of losing her then what will be his state when he will actually loose her…

All ignore his talks…… Except nature…

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