Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 21


Hello friends sinin here.thank you all for the lovely comments. Guys today is the most awaited half revelation episode. Silent readers today all have to comment and guys please support me and believe that it is not dragging rather it’s necessary.

Joy have started her silly jokes to irritate swara and nandu who are waiting for the chief guest.
Swara : joy stop it…I’m nervous
She feels strange she doesn’t know why but she is feeling sanskar is somewhere around. It’s not impossible… But if it happens her surprise is ruined.
Swara : but who is he ?
Joy : famous business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari and

Nandu : her wife kavita Maheshwari
Garlands fell from her hand. Her fear came true. But kavita…here..wife… What is this…he said important meeting.. But I have to go from here.
Swara gives the garland to nandu and runs toward the others. Joy And nandu tries to stop her, both were shocked but covered their expression as the guest is here. Nandu receives him warmly. Joy goes to find swara.

Swara is seen hiding behind a pillar and huffing. She holds her s&s pendent tightly. “Why did you lie to me…kavita as your wife… What is happening but how can I ask you when I’m wrong too…
Joy : shona…what happened ?
Swara : joy please I can’t go there..
Joy : don’t be scared…all are there na…
Swara : no joy.., I can’t go in front of him.
Joy : but why ?
Swara : cause he is my HUSBAND !
Joy stands there completely shocked and numb. Swara folds him her story which was not going on his mind, he just noded and went from there.

Nandu : Mr and Mrs Maheshwari this way….it is out classroom
They showed him their education system and all…they were quite impressed and decided to donate here.
Joy to came and join them…but he was quite and dull.
Nandu : shravan go and bring shona…
Sanskar : shona…?
Nandu : a brilliant student of our NGO… Has a great passion on reading.
Kavita was continuously looking at clock while sanskar wanted to see shona.

Shravan : shona di… Hurry up nandu mam is calling you..
Without listening anything shravan takes swara toward them. Swara prays to God.

Sanskar was looking at mobile and suddenly wind blows over his face and he looks and sees swara !….yes swara looking like an angle in the sari coming towards him…he first thought he is hallucinating. He looked at kavita who was just opened mouth seeing swara.

Swara saw sanskar and kavita is looking toward her completely shocked. Swara got her shocked when she saw sanskar holding kavita by her waist.
Her broke into pieces.
Sanskar was shocked but he noticed her gaze on his hand and immediately takes his hand back.
Nandu : meet her she is swara Bose…our favourite student and shona meet Mr and Mrs Maheshwari.
Swara looked at sanskar with teary eyes…
Kavita : you ??! Illiterate…

All were shocked by her statement while joy came and hold her hand tightly. Sanskar saw this and fumes in anger.
He says excuses himself and hold the hand of swara and drags her towards the car. Joy looked helplessly when she leave his hand.
All tried to stop sanskar but joy stopped them.
Joy : we can’t stop her…as he has the biggest right on her… As her husband…
All looked at him in horror.

Sanskar is driving in rush. Both are angry at each other and wants explanations but they are scared too as they are also wrong…what a situation….
Sanskar reached home and almost draggingly took her to the room…after giving a death glare to helpless Suraj and kamla.

He locked the door. Swara forgot about kavita and was thinking about how to pacify her husband.
Sanskar (in anger) : what was all this swara ?
Sanskar : answer me damn…
Swara gulps in fear
Swara : won..actually sanskar.. I study there..
Sanskar : from when…
Swara : sanskar.. I’m sorry., I actually..
Sanskar : shouting : just give me the answer !
Swara : one month..
Sanskar : who took you there…kamla kaki..?
Swara slowly nods
Sanskar : who else knows about this..?
Swara : kaka kaki… And laksh..

Sanskar : laksh !
He comes and holds her hand tightly and pinned to the wall.
Sanskar : but I forbade you…then also you went !
Swara fumbles in fear and says : I wanted to surprise you…
Sanskar : what a surprise !
He jerks her and faces his back to her.
Sanskar : my wife is lying to me since last month,,and studying secretly …mockingly : wants to surprise me !

Swara : I did all this to be with you…but why did you lied ?
Sanskar shocks and looks back
Sanskar : what ! Lie ?
Swara : is kavita your wife ?
Sanskar turns not to face her..his fear came true..now what should he answer to fool this new avatar of swara which is beyond his imagination.
Swara : why… You said you have meeting.. Why was kavita with you as your wife..
Sanskar fumbles : noo,..as..as a friend..
Swara : but you didn’t even said once she is your friend.., your were soon close and….
Sanskar was damm scared of her interrogation,,.

Precap : dhamaka….

Next episode not sure when .,,,maybe after two days,,.bye

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