Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 19

Hello friends sinin here 😊 last day my exams finished. Guys majority wanted to speed up so i will write from a leap of one month . but i have a complain that in decision making there were 50 comments ! Why you all dont comment regularly 😒

Swara point of view
One month later

“Swara I’m going to office.. I’ll be late ” he kissed my forehead and went to office. Today he is late…me too..just then yhe phone rang
Me – hello
Laksh : bhabi ! How are you ?
It was Laksh my only devar.
Me : im fine Laksh… What about you and Ragini ?
Laksh :πŸ˜‘ bhabi don’t ask she has done all arrangements to make me bankrupt..
Me : Laksh… She is my devrani !
Laksh : opps..where is bhai ?
Me : he just now rushed to office.
Laksh : so you to rush to your pathshala
Me : ohh yes..
Laksh : (in English) it’s a very big day for you…
Me (in English) indeed…take care of Ragini and others… Bye
Laksh :okk…bye bhabi
He is so sweet and cooperative after all he is Sanskar brother. He came here last month and stayed for a week. First day there were some conflict among the brothers but they solved it. Laksh is a little bit different from Sanskar he always used to praise my food And said if he became successful like Sanskar he will make my hands gold…we trio used to play badminton and he used to tell me their childhood stories. One day he came to know and my pathshala …he just inquire about all and support me…he said he will always support me in every situations….

I quickly went my room and changed into a pink sari which he gift me.it looks pretty on me and then the lafanga aka Joy called me.
Joy : arre yaar shona ! Where are you… Nothing is complete… Everyone are just shouting and …..wait are you prepared for it?
Me : I’m nervous.. Will i able to do it ?
Joy : ohh…dont worry me and nandu will be just beside you… And it’s perfect for you..
Me : okk
Joy : what okk…come quickly im having a lot of difficulties here…when i have sent uncle to see if the food is ready and he is not back,then this shravan is just calling shona di and this girls you know good for nothing…
Me : ahem..ahem
Joy : sorry…sorry… Now come ne..
Array first cut the call…
I went out side and took blessing from kaka and kaki. Chorui too wished me..i think soo.
I then started for my pathshala..Yes…i have learned how to travel on tge busy roads of Kolkata.. And all this because of my friends…siya piya nandini teach me how to barging with sellers..they took me to big shopping malls , shravan teached me how to use Internet and send email, book tickets, learn many things seeing videos… But only good things..
Nandu and joy helped me a lot in studies… First lafanga used to irritate me a lot..but then we compromised and then become friend… Maybe best friend.. All my changes are due to him…how i sent shravan to rehab center, slapped the insolent son of uncle… And meet with siya piya khadus father… Everyday they used to do experiment with me… And Joy.. What to say..he even delivered notes to me at night when Sanskar was sleeping.. All of them give me so love that i become one of them.. And all of them call me shona…but still i couldn’t reveal that I’m Mrs Sanskar maheshwari..
Today is the last day of pathshala and chief guest is coming to see our NGO… I’ll have to receive him..after one week our exam will start and then…then certificate..
I’m going to show it to Sanskar.. How happy he will be..i just want to see his amused face…
I reached pathshala…all were waiting for me..and all shouted shona..di
I couldn’t understand when my dream to become a perfect wife of Sanskar also became to be a wedding planner….
I just hope all goes well…

Guys please all comment…special those who wanted speed up track


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    really, i hate instant process…
    then after reading this chapyy, what i can say just………
    i luv it ! i luv it ! i luv it ! *jumping and yelling
    awesome part sinin…all the best for your exam

  2. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    Sooooo cutee…

    And i guess.. the vip may be sanskar.. and the convo between laksh amd swara was mind blowing…. but it was soooo small…. but sooo cute….

    Even though u choose speed up track.. dont emd this ff so quickly


  3. little princess

    Awesome dude…felt it as u rushed it…u did it as per ur commenters suggestion.. Anyway its ok…whatever u r writing is just amazing… Very different concept from others..really appreciable one..i’m glad to see swara’s new avatar…want to see her successful independent woman…i have a request that make swara a famous person whom everyone like n she should be a role model n motivation for many….loved swalak n swajoy conversation… It was small.. Bt still could find a good bond…u could have given some good bonding b/w swalak n swajoy n her classmates..its my suggestion that try to give some good memorable moments of them all as a flashback… Then it will be worthy to read for the readers…while u punish sanskar, punish that cavity kavitha too..being a woman,she shouldnot have supported sanskar.. She should have made him understand that what he does is wrong… But she neither stopped him nor corrected him….she is not a good woman as well as a good frnd…atleast she should have done something in the name of humanity..people like them r really a curse to our society.. So my dear teach them all a good lesson….

    I really love ur ff…i really respect u for bring such a good concept her n making it a awesome storyline that everyone would love to read… So far u did a excellent job… Keep on doing it…will support u till the end as a good frnd…hope u accept my frndshp…. Loved today’s chappy…its indeed a good one….update next chappy asap..u told in this chappy that a chief guest is Coming to see their NGO…is that sanskar??

    God bless u…take care

  4. Sweety


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar!!!!! Don’t tell me that the Chief guest is going to be sanskar…..well waiting for next chappy….hmmm hope ur exams went good…by the way all the best for result… πŸ™‚

  5. Serena


    |Registered Member

    Wow now swara is confident n well educated lady…wow plz update next soon…plz plz plz..n I want sanskaar crave for swara’s love

  6. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Superb… loved it… w8ng for truth revltn to sanskar infrnt of swara n his punishment… want him to suffer… make sahil n kavita suffer 2 plzzz… n i want swara 2 emerge as a strong lady… continue soon

  7. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    superb….swara’s change is awesome. Happy as she is becoming independent. I guess chief guest is sanskar. Hope he changes completely soon.

  8. Ria

    Oh …its another awesome part…i just love it..😍😍😍 πŸ’• πŸ’ 😍

  9. Sethooty


    |Registered Member

    Superb Dr……personally I love ur Ff…missed some epi…but I will read ….
    U r an amazing writer keep going..

  10. jjjjjj

    Nice I want swara independent but don’t separate swasan because sanskara that level not bad boy because he thought swara uneducation so all are have joke of wife and him bussine status so that is y he use kavitha introduced him wife that only him problem but he did not wrong way see any girl except because his wife.he didn’t release love in swara,that is his fault. Ah he married swara if he didn’t love her he didn’t married her if want s*x with swara he did s*x with swara without marriage so it is clear he love swara plz will u realise him love with swara?will u change him mindset about swara? So plz don’t separate swasan plz plz plz plz plz

  11. Madhu

    Teach good lesson to sanky dr….he deserve that…..i dont like the way he treat swara……
    Awesome part dr….cool…

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