Swasan 3 shots love you by samaira Intro

Hey guys iam really sorry as I have kept so many things pending but belive me I posted yjhd shot 2 but due to my stupid error it wasn’t posted iam really sorry especially adishu cause u msgd abt it to post soonn…
Ok so coming to the story:-
This is purely a Bollywood film and I really love it!! There will be few changes it is not purely a lobe story I hope u get it!! Guys try to guess and comment down which movie is it!! It’s really very easy as it was a super hit movie….

Let’s start:-
Sanskar obereoi- a cool funny and a dashing
guy.. But is a womanizer and lives in Australia with his 2 other besties cum roommates … He has a big house and he works for a popular dance club!! And lost his family 5 yrs back in an accident…
Laksh mehra- a funny cute guy bestue of Sanskar and same he is a also a womanizer… He entertains children by becoming a teddy like in parties malls etc… But kind hearted..
Sidhanth kapoor- same personality of Sanskar …
And he is in home only he does bettings….
#these guys r really careless…. But guys they don’t force upon any one …
So what’s gonna change their lives let see…
One fine day:-
Sanskar laksh and sidhanth r still in their respective rooms … Their house in quite big.. With stairs in it… But as only BOYS live there so it’s hell messy!! Like the food spread over… Alcohol bottles etc etc…
They all gather for bf(breakfast )….

And there s suddenly a knock on the door.
Who knew that this day was going to change their lives FOREVER!!
All the 3 shows tantrums for opening … So finally sanskar goes and opens the door!! But is confused as no one was there..
Laksh- koun hai yaar sanky??
Sidhanth- haan koun hai..
Sanskar(scratches his head) koi nahi yaar..
I think kisi ne badmashi ki ( I think some one did naughtiness (…)
Sidhanth- oh OK leave it!!
But again there s a bell while they just sat to have bf…
Getting irritated all the 3 comes to open the door…
They gets shocked seeing a baby girl in a cradle kept there!!
Sanskar holds the cradle…
And everyone r confused …

Laksh- yaar koun hai yeh?
Sidhanth- nd y did they leave the baby here!!
Just then Sanskar finds a greeting card near the baby who was sleeping litreally looking like an angel!!
Sanskar- guys dekho wht is this!!
Sidhanth snatches it and reads up which makes them shocked to core!!…
Laksh-(gets irritated by not getting response from sidhanth) kya hai yaar issme??
He is also shocked after reading …
Sanskar takes it and reads …
It reads:-
” u have to take care of this baby as this baby is of someone in u 3″
Sanskar- but how is it possible!!
Laksh- haan yaar this never happened before.
Sidhanth- ab wht r we gonna do of this baby??
Screen freezes on their shocked and confused faces..
# guys ian really sorry if u didn’t like it swara s character will proceed as the story moved forward…
Nd if u guess the movie some of u might haven’t watch so pls don’t reveal all the post if interested and want to read u can read !!

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  1. It’s hey baby ukw I didn’t even read full page only on few lines I guessed it and I loved it?????

    1. Samaira_khan

      Yep ur right !! Nd thanks for commenting …

  2. And am I wrong or right?????

  3. Mars

    Well I didn’t know about movie. It’s nice but I hate Sanskar when he is womanizer. Will be waiting for swara.
    Good one dear
    Continue soon
    Take care.

    1. Samaira_khan

      Yeah samee here even I don’t like sanskar when he is a womanizer but its compulasary for the story !! Hope u like it I will post soon

  4. What about yjhd

    1. Samaira_khan

      It will be posted by today for sure.. And thanks for commenting

  5. hello.. may be didnt watch the film u r talking about.. but please do contnue with the storylne..
    it would be intresting to watch the three crazy boys handling a cute angel 😀

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thank u dear the movie is really amazing but I would surely make few changes in it!!

  6. I knw d movie but will nt disclose becoz smone had already wrote d movie name i like dis movie mostly d cute little baby cntinue it dr

  7. Independent

    Nice start

  8. hello i am a silent reader but comment tho first time kar rahi hoon its akshay film HEY BABY pls continue some may not watch this movie and update soooooon

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thanks a lot yaar for commenting yeah I will update do read my other writings!! Hope we r frnds by now..

  9. Soujanya

    Nice…continue it….I guessed the name of the movie bt it will fun to read it…

  10. Pnap

    it’s really nyc dr

  11. Awesome dear

  12. AnuAnn

    awesome dear

  13. Adishu

    this is so easy it is Heyy Baby…
    Akshay Kumar n Vidya Balan….
    really yaar u choosed a right story…u know I think we both have similar movie liking… :p

    1. Samaira_khan

      thanks for commenting first a fall.. i guess we r twin sisters..:(p

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Superbbbb….its HEY BABY movie, right!!!!

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