swasan 2 shots: Reality


hi guys.. it’s Jwala here.. a big sorry for not updating my ff’s.. here is an os for you. . hope you will like it..

A blissful morning. . a car came with a high speed and stopped in the parking area of xyz college by seeking all students attraction towards it..
a girl: hey look swara kapoor ..
girl 2: I don’t like her.. so much attitude. . she thinks that she is ruling this world..
girl 1: ya.. that is true.. but look at her how beautiful she is.. like a real angel.. all boys in our college are crazy for her.
girl 3: ha.. and her father is very rich. he can buy many college like this..
girl 2: but she is a spoilt brat..

girls continue gossiping. . swara kapoor step out from the car.. she was wearing a blue crop top which is just above her belly. and a mini skirt which hardly covers her thighs. . her gorgeous legs and belly are visible through the dress.. boys stared her lustly.. girls stared her with jelous.. but she didn’t give a damn to them.. she goes to her class..

lunch break..

swara and her high class friends were gossiping about others.. suddenly a poor boy ( nerd type ) comes their way..
karthik ( swara’s friend) : hey you come here..

the boy afraid of them and goes towards them..
karthik: clean my shoes. .
boy: sorry I can’t ..
kavita ( swara’s friend) : don’t argue.. just do what he said..
boy: please leave me.. I can’t do these things. .
this made swara and her gang angry..
swara: how dare you to object our words
she raised her hands to slap him..but suddenly a strong hands stopes her by holding her hands
(your guess is right he us our hero sanskar)
swara became more angry. .
swara: you blo*dy .. how dare you to stop me..
she jerked her hands.. sanskar give a death glare to her..
sanskar: what do you think of yourself? you are rich and that not means others are your slaves. in this college all students are equal.. if you show your money power to us you will see my other face..
swara: look guys.. these low class people are blo*dy attention seekers.. and you sanskar.. don’t forget that your father is an employee of my father’s company.. so be in your limits. . else you are your family will thrown to streets. .
sanskar: shut up swara.. you are blind.. money and luxurious life made you blind.. but one day you will open your eyes and will face the real world. . that day none of your friends came to help you..

sanskar leaves with that boy..
swara and her gang fumes in anger..
kavita: this low class people are really cheap.. don’t worry swara.. we will teach him a lesson. .
swara: I have a plan..
karthik : what plan?
swara smriks evily..

evening.. sanskar was going to library. . he heard a scream from dance room.. he rushed in to the room.. it was open he enter in the room.. it was dark.. suddenly someone locked the door from outside. . sanskar shocked and see swara in the room.. she had a delvish smile in her face..

swara: hai sanskar.. how r u?
sanskar: what is this swara? who locked the door..
swara: my friends locked the door. . sanskar: for what?
swara: now you will understood every thing.
swara torn her top’s sleeves and scream loudly. . sanskar was hell shocked by her behaviour. they heard a knock on door.. swara rushed and open the door.. she saw principal and other teachers along with some students standing outside. . she cried and placed her head on kavita’s shoulder. .

swara : help me.. this sanskar tried to misbehave with me..

sanskar stood numb.. he didn’t understood how to react..

principal: shame on you sanskar.. I did expect this from you. . you are suspended from the college. .

sanskar didn’t utter any word. he remains silent.. because if he said swara and her friends trapped him then it will affect swara’s future. . he didn’t wanted that.. so he remains silent. .

all students and teachers lesve the place by looking sanskar weirdly. . swara give a winning smile to him..
sanskar was on his way to house.. swara’s car stopped in front of his bike. swara stepped out with all her attitude. . sanskar looked her with pity. .

swara: now did you understand my power and intelligence? now you are out of college. . if you say sorry I will talk to principal and he will withdraw your suspension. . say sorry..

sanskar: let it be.. I don’t want your any help..

sanskar rides his bike away.. swara pissed off with him..

swara (monologue) this much attitude. . hmm.. never mind.. now onwards he will not be in college for irritating me..

in sanskar’s house..

sanskar said whole things to his parents. .
Ram (sanskar’s father): shekhar ji is a very good person. . I don’t know why his daughter became like this.. don’t worry bete.. your parents always trust you. . and she will get to know her mistake very soom..

sujata (sanskar’s mother): ha beta.. don’t be sad. . she will understand her faults and will apologise you..

sanskar hugged them.. a drop of tear fall from his eyes.

After a few days..

sahil (swara’s friend) and swara were going in her car.. it was night 9. pm.. suddenly swara’s car gets punctured.

swara: oh. god now what we do? this area is very lonely also.. how will we go to house? dad will scold me..
sahil: don’t worry swara I will call some mechanic..
but sahil’s phone was switched off because of low battery and swara’s mobile didn’t get network. . they became panicked. . that time some goons came there.. they saw swara and shail.. they stare swara lustly.
goon 1: hello madom can we help you?
goon 2: ha this madom is really hot..
sahil: hey behave yourselves. . and go from here..
2 goons caught swara..she tried to free from their grip. but she couldn’t. .
swara: please leave me.. sahil help me..
goon 1 (to sahil): hey if you want your life run from here.. let us enjoy this beauty..
goons stared swara top to bottom.. sahil looked her helplessly. .
goon 2: hey man.. if you want your life. run.. don’t waste our time..
sahil goes from there leaving swara shocked and scared..
swara: please leave me.. my dad give so much money. . Please leave me.
goon 1: we want you only.. come on dear..
goons began to touch her .. swara’s pleading go in vein. but that time a bike came towards them.. that man was wearing helmet.. he stopped the bike near them and take his helmet. .
it was sanskar..
swara bites goons hand and run towards sanskar..
swara: sanskar please help me. . they will .. Please sanskar..
sanskar looked at goons..
goon 1: hey you .. if you don’t want to die with our hands leave that girl and go from here. .
sanskar: sorry swara.. I can’t help you..
by saying this he ride his bike and goes from there..
goons smirked at swara. swara stood numb..

how was it? if you like this I will update next part tomorrow. . it is 2 shots. . give your valuable comments

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  1. Oh no… Sanskaar left her… ? that can’t be happen.
    Anyway jwala superb part. Continue soon. ?

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear. . I will post asap

  2. It’s was Awsome dear… N update soon plz…..

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much vidhi

  3. Esha

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! Jwala , I am dead plz come to my graveyard and put flowers in it
    Such a powerful shot ….omg !!!! I ma numb now
    How can sanskar leave her …I know Swara is bad but still …..lol…..
    Don’t worry now I will come and haunt u as a ghost ,…..wait for me ..be careful from me , I am warning u lol…….
    Sahil ran away like a stupid kid ….phew !!! He is always getting on my nerves ….anwyas good shot
    Update next asap , or else ..I will come at 12 and will ring ur bell ….waiting !

    1. Jwala

      hehe. esha dear you died because of this.. haha.. I will kill you if you not update your stories properly . Please uodate all stories yaar.. and I couldn’t msg you through tu.. it gives me many troubles. . sorry dear.. thank you so much dear. . tomorrow I will update next part.. love you. .

      1. Esha

        Ha ha ha jwala , I will try to upload the ff’s properly but in Sundays only , anuways I am eagerly waiting for the next shot …I guess u shot write many OS too …because u r a multi talented person

  4. Divyanshri

    WOW …..again back with a small awesome story…. I dnt know what u eat jwala di that u get so awsome stories….. ????

    1. Jwala

      hehe thank you so much divya.. effect of south indian food. lol.. love you dear..

  5. Sweeta

    Superb part……v exited to read nxt shot…..

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sweeta

  6. Sanskar will come back m sure about that??:p :p

    1. Jwala

      nice guess dear

  7. Anu

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely jwala di……..i have seen mostly all your ffs but i jever completed u know why?? Because i didnt read them?…i mlwas felling very lazy in reading…nd i didnt read this only but dont worry i will read it soon…rgt now feeling again lazy….??? btw whats your age??

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much anu.. I’m also lazy. but love to write and read.. I’m 23 dear and you?

    2. Anu

      I m 15 yrs ka cute innocent pyaara bacha?

  8. Pooja26

    omg !!!!! m damn xcited yr……

    post asap……

    1. Jwala

      thanks pooja

  9. Plz plz plz plz plz..jldi next part plz plz plz…..

    1. Jwala

      will post it asap dear

  10. RUPA

    Superb Jwala……… Money isn’t everything.

    Waiting for 2 part.

    1. Jwala

      right rupa. thanks dear

  11. nice.. he left her.. update soon

    1. Jwala

      Thanks anu

  12. She deserve this how can she blamed my Sanskaar any jwala darling its fabulous

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome jwala upload next part asap

    1. Jwala

      thanks priya

  14. Wow superb Dr….

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  15. Tamanna

    Nice…update next one soon

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      thanks dear

  16. Vyshu10

    superb….upload ASAP plz

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      thanks dear

  17. jwalu dear it ws awsm superb amazng…hw cld u got dese ideas…i knw sanky will come back to save his princess…….bold nd spoilt swara???i dnt like dis swara…i thnk soon swara wll change..waitng for dat………..
    nd yaar i think to take a leave frm tu…bcz i m little busy nd spend my most of my time in it..bt dnt wrry i surely read ur ffs…nd yaar i dnt knw how to take account in insta..
    i m not invlvd in usng social networkng sites..i only use telly nd wtsapp…i try to make an account in insta….anywayz waitn for GODVGOA to knw abt swasan past..nd try to post othr ffs asap……nd post nxt part of dis wndrfull os tdy itslf..( i knw i m cruel to say u to post all ffs soon..bt u have to..bcz im evil..hehehehe)love u dear..take time…

    1. Jwala

      hey amy.. I’m glad that your eyes fall on this one also.. don’t like this swara na.. she will change dear.. and taking account in insta is very easy.. first download the app.. then it is very easy to join in it.. try dear. . and don’t leave tu fully.. Please. . I love your comments. . and will post all dear.. don’t worry. . love you dear

  18. Gangadhar

    beautiful tit for tat

  19. Awsome, fantastic…no words…it was amazing dear loved it so much

  20. loved it to d core

  21. Abirsha

    Wow jwala…. Its very nice…. But cant c our swara like this…. No pblm….. I loved it…. Surely Sanskar will come and save swara and make her understand that money doesn’t matter…. Very nice jwala….

  22. AnuAnn

    Wow jwala good story

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