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Goons was staring swara and she was trying hard to escape. . after a few seconds they saw sanskar coming again in his bike..
sanskar: sorry for disturbing you. . but can you please do me a favour?
goon1: go from here.. we can’t do any favour..
sanskar argue with them sometime. . soon a police jeep comes there and they arrested the goons . (when sanskar goes from there he informed pilice about this matter and place. then he come back and delay the goons with his talking so that police can arrest them..)

police leaves with goons.. swara thanked sanskar with teary eyes.. he offered her to drop her at home.. now swasan is goung to swara’s house in his bike.. sanskar tell the whole matter to her..
swara: sanskar I’m ashamed of myself that I did a big mistake to you. but you helped me.. Please forgive me sanskar.
sanskar: swara you accuse me of trying to rape you. . hei na? do you know how it feel when someone rape you? just think of that girls who victim of such a horrible incident. . do you know how many girls suicide because of this? do you know how much brutal and painful thing it is? you don’t know anything swara.. you don’t see what the real world is..
swara: what will I do sanskar? I don’t know anything. .
sanskar: tomorrow can you come with me?
swara: where?
sanskar: will you come?
swara: yes..
sanskar dropped her at home.. next day sanskar take her to a colony. . very poor people were living there.. they didn’t had good dress.. children wore torned cloths.. they didn’t had good shelters.. sanskar distribute some foods to children they thanked him teary eyes.. swara really shocked by the surroundings. . she amazed how people living in such a dirty area.. and they didn’t have proper houses.. she saw some people who were begging for food.. some ladies doing hardwork for buying food for their children. . Some people are coughing and breathing due to severe diseases. they don’t have any money for treatment. . girls of her age working under sun for helping their families. . no one have good cloths.. no jewellery. . they didn’t heard about luxury or happiness. . tears fall from swara’s eyes..
sanskar: swara how much your dress cost?
swara: 50000
sanskar: do you have any idea this entire colony can have delicious food with that money.. do you know swara some girls of your age goes to work for getting 50 rs in a day. so that they can buy food. do you know swara thousands of people dying in this world due to starvation. . do you know swara there are women who sell their bodies for 20 rs. so that they can give food to theie children. . do you know swara there are people who dies due to diseases. . they have no money for treatment. . there are kids who search waste bin for food items.. do you know anything swara? do you even know from the money you spend for shopping can buy cloths for thousands of people. . you will not understand this swara.. because you have everything. . but these poor people they were in such a condition. . it is not their fault.. they don’t want your sympathy. . but please don’t make fun of others because they are not rich.. all are humans. . but god didn’t gave money or luxury to them like you.. but if god give this all to you he can take it also from you. . you are so proud of your beauty na.. if any accident happens you will lose all your beauty.. and if any loss happened in your dad’s business all your wealth will destroy. . so for what you are proud being swara? for what?

swara couldn’t take it anymore. she brust in to tears. sanskar feels bad. he hugged her and console her.
swara: you show me the reality sanskar.. my eyes were blind. but now I understand everything. I will be a new swara.. thank you for everything sanskar..

months passed.. swara changed a lot. now she respect and loves everyone. she didn’t waste money.. she started helping poor people. . she began to feel for sanskar. sanskar also developed a soft corner for her. . (swara said everything to principle and teachers. . they forgive her by sanskar’s request).

now sanskar finished his engineering. and he got job.. swara is waiting for her results. swara decided to propose sanskar.. she proposed him.. sanskar was silent for few minutes
swara: don’t you love me sanskar? sanskar: I love you swara. but. will shekhar uncle accept me ?
swara: if dad didn’t agree we can elope..
sanskar: are you insane swara? what did you say? elope? don’t dare to think about it in your weird dreams..
swara: why sanskar?
sanskar: do you know what the most precious gift you got from god is your parents. . if a person didn’t respect their parents they will not get anything. There are many children who don’t have parents. or some parents leave their children. do you know how much pain it causes? you are blessed with everything swara. caring parents are the strength of a person. no one in the world love you more than your parents. . no one will care you as your parents care you.. if you have caring and loving parents you are the happiest person in the earth. parents love is selfless. they didn’t expect a single thing from you. they needs only your happiness. They give the most delicious food for you.. best dress for you.. if you were ill they will lost their sleep and hunger. all time they will be with you.. such a pure love your parents have.. nothing can compare with their love.. your husband may fail in loving you in such a manner.. but your parents they are your angels.. don’t speak anything which hurt them.. ok?
swara: so I want to forget my love?
sanskar: I don’t said that swara.. we have to convince them..and if they find I’m suitable to you they will give your hands to me.. I’m sure..they only needs your happiness. .
“I’m proud of you beta”
sanskar turned back and surprised to see shekhar and shomi..
sanskar: uncle.. here?
shekhar: beta call me dad.. from today onwards I’m your dad. . we heard everything. . when my daughter told me about you I was not happy.. so she said us this plan.. and your answer made me cry.. I’m really proud of you beta.. all parents should have a son like you.. and you are our son.. so when will you marry our daughter?
sanskar felt very much happy.. swara and shomi was smiling at them..
sanskar: I will tell to maa and baba.i want their permission also..
“we are happy with this beta”
it was ram and sujata.. both swasan shocked and surprised to see them.. swara take blessings from them..
ram: shekhar ji I don’t know what to say.. swara is our daughter now.. we are greatful to you. for giving such a lovely daughter to us.
shekhar: no ram.. I’m greatful to you for giving such a handsome son to us..

swasan looked each other with love.. their begins their beautiful journey together


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  1. Chaitali

    Nice ending di…it was superb!

    Where is gang of angel vs devils??I m missing it a lot!

    1. Jwala

      thanks chaitali .. I will post it soon dear.. love you kiddo

  2. Awesome dear… Loved it????

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much dear

  3. thamiazh magan

    good lesson

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  4. As usual awesome jwala dear. I always believe this thing, by god’s grace we have blessed everything so we shouldn’t waste or disrespect them. U gave an important message to us throughout this story.
    Your stories are always superb.?
    Love u…

    1. Jwala

      so sweet of you dear.. ha we are really blessed that we didn’t saw much harsh reality of world.. but there are people who didn’t know what happiness is.. we have to respect our life. . I’m very glad that you like the message. . thank you so much dear.. love you. .

  5. Just suprb ???

    1. Jwala

      thanks fatima

  6. RUPA

    Awesome!! Wonderful message.

    1. Jwala

      thanks rupa

  7. Divyanshri

    wow… truly…. .reality of life…. thanks jwala di…
    for such a beautiful story???

    1. Jwala

      aww.. my dear divya.. I’m glad that you liked it.. thank you do much for such a lovely comment. . love you dear.. tc..

  8. vw such a beautifull ts…really it was awsm se upar..i dnt hav any words to describe..
    i knew it our hero sanky will come to save his princess..hehe..u wrote evrythng perfectly..abt poors der life etc…u r superb jwala..mind blowing superb awsm beautifull ts…write more nd more..u r really talented…nd dont forgot to post ur other ff……if u dnt post GODVGOA tmrrw i will defenitely gonna punch u..hehe…pls yaar post it asap…waitng badly for ur ffs….love u dear

    1. Jwala

      such a sweet comment my dear.. I will try to update it tomorrow dear.. but I don’t know what should I update? I’m not getting anything. . but I will surely try dear.. and what about your results? and did you think about taking account in insta? stay blessed dear.. love you

      1. rslt didnt come yet dear..mg unvrsty urhhh..really frustated for waitng rslts…pls post godgoa..plssss

      2. rslt didnt comw yet jwalu…urhhh dis mg unvrsty..really frustutatd for waitng rslts…
        pls post godvgoa…love u dear

  9. Very boring

    1. Jwala

      you thinl this as boring because you don’t know the real world. . for you only romance suspense all matters.. you don’t face any brutal reality of real world. . that is why you told this

  10. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

    1. Jwala

      Thanks anu

  11. wow….beautiful message…loved it to d core

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much tani

  12. Sriya

    jwala dear it was a fantabulous wonderful os thanks a lot for commenting on my and dolly ff it means a lot to us thanks dear hope your liking my writings and episodes too like esha ones dear keep writing more os like this are u south indian i am also south indian dear if u are south indian let me know dear
    love u loads!
    keep smiling always!

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear.. and you and esha writing ff is awesome. . I loved it. ha I’m a southie.. from kerala. . and you?

      1. Sriya

        I am from Andhra pradesh dear

  13. Hey it was really Amazing and what sanskar said about poor people and about Parents it was heart touching…….
    Everyone should give Respekt to money and to Parents and should help poor people and ja sometime Parents take wrong Step but we always should try to explain them
    I Rallye love this epi

    1. Jwala

      yes dear.. you are right.. we have to respect our parents.. they give us everything. . and ya we should help others.. thank you so much dear..

  14. Aashi

    it was awesome dear!!
    it’s the truth we people are still leading a lavish life then them!
    that parents thing was incredible! it is just painful to loose them!
    loved it!
    do come back with a another onne 🙂

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much dear.. you are right .. I will write another one soon dear..

  15. Awesome!!! I saw this today only and read 1st part also now only!!! It’s really fantastic!!!

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear

  16. Aahna

    Really ur ff and ts both are amazing

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much aahna

  17. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. What u said was 100% correct.. Same pinch for same thoughts

  18. Awsome….I loved it

  19. Pooja26

    wow !!!! nyc story…..

    post ur ff soon………

  20. Wow jwala.. Wt a amazing story dr.. I like it vry much.. Those msgs r rly vry precious dr.. I also dnt like 2 waste anything unnecessaryly. I like sanskar here vry much..awww.. Such a selfless boy.. Lv him as always. 😀 😉
    Write more drl… Im waiting… 😀 bye
    Be happy always..

  21. Arunika

    Awesomee Jwala…..just loved it!!!

  22. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala…. All the words of sanskar is true….. U nailed it…. Its very nice dr…. No words to describe it….. ??

  23. awsm……..

  24. Vyshu10


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