swasan 100 days with mr. arrogant os part 2

yeah guys concept is of korean movie but i have made some changes so i think u will accept it as i want to show it on swasan

so the next day swara come to collage and talking with her frns kavya and ragini
swara: ragini if any damage occur to car audi how much it cost
ragini: why swara what happen
swara: just asking for curisity
kavya: its branded car swara almost upto 1 lakh
ragini: yeah
swara shocked hearing this
and then her classes are going and after collage got over all are coming out of collage swara with ragini and kavya and their she see crowd seeing something they go their and their are lot of poster in which their is written come out miss swara swara see this and get angry
swara: i will not leave the person who did this
and go and start taking out the poster suddnly her eyes fall on sanskar and sanskar smile seeing her but swara get scared and posters fall from her hand and sanskar come near her all girls get stunned seeing his pesnality he take swara on sholder and start going
swara: somebody help me ragini kavya help me
but they are busy in admiring sanskar and sanskar put swara in car and sit on driver seat
sanskar: you cant escape from me miss swara
swara angrly: how do you know my name
sanskar: if i want anything na i can get it anyhow miss
swara eyes him angrly

sanskar smiles: dont show anger you are looking funny and yeah what about damage comensation
swara: but i cant give it to u i dont have money
sanskar: ok then i have another idea
and sanskar take her to a hotel both enter swara get amused seeing the royalty of the hotel
swara: wow this much big and start jumping like a child
sanskar smiles seeing her
sanskar: hey miss idiot come with me
swara stop jumping: what do you call me idiot i am not you are a idiot huh
and both sit on a chair and sanskar passes a areement to her
swara: what is this
sanskar: you have eyes read it
swara: ok i know and start reading and after reading first page her eyes got wided
swara: what is this 100 days with you as slave
sanskar: yeah if not this then pay the amount
swara stand up: and why should i have to do this
sanskar: bcz you dont have any option baby if you will not give me damage comenstion so i will go in police and you know how will they get me my compensation
swara imagine her hand tieds and two lady inspector are tourring her
swara worridly: no never
sanskar: then sign it
swara hurridly sign it and doesnt see the next paper and sanskar smile seeing it
sanskar: so miss swara now you are a slave for me for 100 days get it and you have to come when i call u and take my phone in one call ok
swara noded like a obedient child and then sanskar oder food and start eating swara seeing him
saskar: do you want to eat
swara immediatly noded
saskar: ok but it is not right that boss and slave eat on same table write so take this credit card and eat
and swara take it and oder so much food and smilingy eat
after they bot go and next day swara comes in collage ragini and kavya asking her question
ragini: who is he swara
kavya: how you know him tell na
swara think if i tell them the real reason they will make fun of me but a idea popped in her mind
swara: he is my bf na i was angry so he take me for lunch to xyz hotel
ragini and kavya: sachi swara
kavya: u are lucky swara
ragini: but why didnt you tell us
swara think what to tell
swara: vo he said not to tell
ragini: secret lovers
swara thinks: secret lovers my foot he is just arrogent fellow huh
and then teacher comes and start giving them lecture as lecture completed swara see her phone and their is 12 miss call of sanskar and get afraid she goes to wassroom and call him
sanskar take the call: i told you na
before he complete swara intrupt him
swara: soory i was in class
sanskar: ok but this is last time come to my mansion
swara: but i have my clases now
sanskar: i dont care i told na come so come dont argue other wise you know
swara: yeah i know i have sign agreement you will tell police i am coimg fine
sanskar: good girl
and cuts the call

swara huh mr.arrogent but swara how will you go now and think something and put peeper spray in her eyes it start paning but she control and goes to her teacher
teacher: what happen to your eyes swara
swara: sir it get infected can in go home
teacher: ok swara go
and swara go after some time her eyes get normal and she reach sanskar villa and a name writtren swaraa read it
swara: maheswari mansion
ram prashad maheswari and after it sanskar maheswari written
swara: i think mr. arrogent has sanskar name but doent have any sanskar and tries to go but wacthman stop
wacthman: where are you going girl
swara: first of all my name is swara and you that arrogent boss only called me
watchman: oh swara and open the gate go in
and swara goes in and ring the bell of house but it want password swara call saskar saskar is seeing her from cctv
sanskar: yeah tell
swara: i come but want password
sanskar: its pirate
swara tell it but door doesnt open
swara: but it dont get open na
sanskar: baby you have to action like a pirate
swara: what
but sanskar cut the call
swara: idiot arrogent but swara you have to to otherwise
and swara take out the hanky and tied it hieding her one eye and do the action of pirate and sanskar is lauching seeing hetr and he open the gate
swara: i wil see you mr.arrogent
and comes in and sanskar come towrds her
saskar: so miss swara you have to clean the whole house ok
swara: what this much house and me
sanky: yes baby you are my slave now
swara: ok i know and yeah dont call me baby i am big enough i am not a small baby ok and put her hands on her waist
sanskar start smiling hearing her statment and swara get confuse why he is lauching sankar come and slightly hit her forehead and she rub it
sanskar: innocent girl
swara: angrly i am not innocent ok i am mature enough
now sanskar start smiling hardly
and then someone come and see sanskar lauching
person: hey sanky why are u lauching
sanky: nothing lucky
and lucky see swara but swara is standing angrly
lucky: gf
sanky: not maid come i will tell you and you miss idiot work shoud be done ok
swara: ok mr. arrogent
sanky smile and go out with lucky and swara make two poney and start the work

i will complete in three four parts as i cant complete it as one shot i will so long

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