swasan 100 days with mr. arrogant os part 1

so guys this is one shot i am writing hope u all like it and please comment and gives your valuable views

so the story is about a arrogent bussiness man and a collage girl how they meet how he make her to live with her for 100 days and how love happen
so the charcters of story are
sanskar maheswari: arrogent bussiness man but beside bussiness he not take anything seriously
ram prashad maheswari: cool and loves sanskar so much
swara: orphan fun loving but innocent and stunding on scholership
all left charcters are introduced with chapter

it was a bissfull moring a girl is geeting ready as well dancing she is looking very happy camera focus on girl she is swara
swara goes towards dreesing table and see a card and take it and happily put in bag and see time
swara: oh god swara again late he must be wating run and saying this she goes with bag take taxi come to a restaurent and see a boy and come and sit with him
swara: hi sahil
sahil sees her
sahil: swara i want to tell u something yar
swara smiles: yeah tell na smiling brightly
sahil: swara i want breakup yar
this is for swara tears come in her eyes

swara: what are you telling sahil we love each other na
suddnly a girl come their and sahil stand up and put hand on her waist
sahil: meet swara my gf and fiance kavita swara i thought i love u but its just attraction so i cant do this anymore so bye and goes from their with kavita
swara sitting their crying and take out card and then stand up and put it in dustbin and then go out and card this shown written happy valantine day and a heart shape is also their which is in two parts as in two parts as swara tear it
as swara is going on road a can in their so she hit it and from other side a car is coming and the can hit the car person as car is open from upper side and the person got imbalanced and hit the car with wall but swara doesnt see i and going and the person from cer come out his head is bleading and he see can look and here and their and then see swara going

person: hey stop
swara dint listen
person: hey white top
swara listen and turn and person come near her
swara: what
person: did you throw this can
swara innocently: no

person: oh so you kick it
swara: yes
person angrly: you known i would we died now and my car get damage bcz of you
swara: soory i am in bad mood and i see can i hit it i didnt do it intesly soory
person: your soory will repair my car i want refund ok
swara: how much
person: 1 lakh

swara: what one lakh
person: yeah just give me and go
swara: look you are looking rich i am poor i dont have this much money
person look at her
person: yeah you are looking poor but i have to pay or i will call police
swara get tensed she see here and their and thinks something
swara: hey their is police and the person turn swara start running
and preson see no police and turn and see swara running and he takes her photo as she turn

person: i will see you
and person thinks
person: sanskar it will be fun innocent girl but i know what i have to do and send photo to someone and tells about the detail
so miss innocent girl ready to have fun and smiles and goes in his car
so if you like this then i will post rest of the stroy

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  1. Rosey

    Wow it’s so funny yet good please post next part sooner please

  2. Scooby

    Superb.. bt it resembles korean drama

    1. SRSL

      What is the name of the Korean drama…wanna watch it…I see Wharang

      1. SRSL

        Specially cause bts V is there…omg I love him

      2. Scooby

        Its not drama its movie….
        Srsl r u k drama lover??

    2. SRSL

      Ohh i don’t watch movies but dramas yes at times….ya they are kinda cute..but I don’t like them as much as I love swaragini?

  3. Its nice..new concept

  4. Vinni

    It’s awesome ☺ pls post next part soon

  5. Awesome

  6. Abirsha

    Nice it resembles tamil movie… Starring vinay,kajal etc….

  7. Amazing yarrr post next chappi asap…. plzzz……..

  8. Superb awesome

  9. Simi

    Superb ?

  10. AnuAnn

    Nice.. It is a Korean movie … I watched it and happy to read with swasan

  11. Shibil

    superb ….it look like tamil movie modhi vilaiyadu….

  12. Radhika..

    NYC story….seems interesting innocent swara and arrogant sanskar …waiting for the next part??

  13. Praju


  14. Wow…gd

  15. Wow loved it

  16. omg i love this korean movie….nice part..post next soon

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