swarsh and ragam (part 1)


The story beings with narrator introducing the maheshwari family. The elder brother durga prasad and younger brother ram. Then their wives r shown Annapurna , a bit dumb and sujata , cunning like a fox. Ram is a womaniser, has a daughter sujata. Sujata is in kitchen screams for sanskar, Sanskar comes running. Sujata: Sanskar, did u cook breakfast for everyone??
Sanskar: yes madam..
Sujata: good, and where is utara madam’s juice,??
Sanskar: I forgot, I will just get it..
Sujata: day by day u r getting lazy.. U know she needs juice as she gets up.
Sanskar goes to make juice.

Utara screams mom my juice… Sanskar comes and puts glass of juice near her bed. She holds his hand considering him as her mother and kisses it to find it smelly, she opens her eyes to see Sanskar in boxers and baniyan. She screams. And Sanskar falls down. And runs away from her room. He comes to kitchen and remembers how utara kissed his hand.

Utara gets ready for college. And gets in her car, she orders her driver to take car to her friends home, the driver is shown Laksh.

The car stops at swaragini’s house. Utara gets down and ask Laksh to wait. Laksh sees utara going and smiles, chura ke dil mera goriya chali plays, with Laksh romancing with utara in the streets.

Utara enters swaragini’s house. Both of them are doing breakfast, with dadi Dada , sumi and dida. Shekhar is doing the cooking as dadi and sumi have Mehndi in their hands.

The screen freezes at dadi- she never accepts her defeat and keeps plotting against sumi. She is unhappy as her son married to his Bengali girlfriend, when her marwadi bahu ran away with some other man. Dada- head of the family, only for name, no one listens to him. Shekhar- a dependent guy, 1st on his mother and then on his wife. Sumi- strong independent women, who is bold and quick witted and knows to answer, dida- the chirpy old lady, who keeps on coming to her daughter’s house to eat , she is a foody.

Swaragini and ragini r shown. Ragini is in boy cut hair and typical tom boy look. Swara is shown with braces and specs, she has long oiled hair, and is wearing suite.
The girls leave the house behind utara to go for college in utara’s car.

Credit to: swaragini bored fan

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  1. Jyotika patel

    Very bad….its unique but not good

  2. oh my my , its so funny..
    bt who are the pairs i dont understand..
    bt i guess SWARa and lakSH..
    n ragam i donno..
    bt plzz continue..
    sry if i hurt u..

  3. What is swarsh and ragam.

  4. n one thing i read only swasan ffs………………….

  5. Worst i ever read

  6. Unique but I’m confused about pair

  7. Another Swaragini bored fan

    Very nyc..keep it up… But din lyk lakshs romance wid uttara.. As for uttara is his sis as per current story line..

    U hv d freedom to write as per ua wish,,
    Do anythng but dont spoil brother sister relation.. This is a humble request from another swargini bored fan…

  8. What the hell is this..disgusting …worst than ever read..please stop writing such crap..

    1. Pls stop writing crap, fan fiction are to be worth reading not a means to remove frustration and hatred for the show pls understand that and it doesnt matter whether it hurts you feeling or sentiments coz what is crap is that

  9. different

  10. Sanskar as servant. Laksh as driver. Sanskar/Laksh loving uttara ??? Swarsh means swara and adharsh.. ohh god ??? … i acpt u r bored with swaragini. But my suggestion is don’t pair those who are as bro-sis in serial. It’s just my suggestion.

    1. tara swarsh can also mean SWAR for swara and SH for laksh

      SwarSh (swara and laksh).

  11. I liked it but dont rirn sanskar into servant plzzzzzz

  12. Nice start…..

  13. Hehe…funny ?? ?

  14. sorry to say but i don’t like ur track…infanct i don’t find it funny also..i seems disgusting..sanky servant..lucky driver..ohh god what a crap it was..
    one more thing..there are many ff in which track are totally different from original serial but u should not change certain relation like uttsanlak are bro sis..just keep this things in mind..
    dear its just a suggestion that change ur story n come back with another track..i m sure all will support ur ff..

  15. Lol!! ??

  16. Worst…

  17. very funny …
    hahaha ..

  18. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    Plz don’t make it swara and adarsh ragini and ram. When u r gng to update the next episode. Back I’m a bit confused. So z update the next episode. And change the story track. Bcoz uttara sanlak r bro sis. How can u ruin the relationship.

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