SWARAGINI A NEW START……….(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-3

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Previous episode:laksh dicides to find ragini.

DP calls gadodia’s family to maheswari house.AP N SUJATA are in kitchen. in swasan room: swara wakes up n gets ready she is upset n she does not sanskar in the room n she leaves the room as she enters the hall laksh comes infront of her n say “i am sorry swara i was wrong , ragini is not there between us today and i am responsible for this i am so sorry”. swara interrupts n say its not ua fault laksh . Just then swara eyes sumi and goes to n hug’s her and she says ” maa ragini left all of us she left her sister all alone ” . Sumi is shocked also shekar n dadi n dadaji.
SUMI : what happen swara where is ragini?what happen to her ? is she fine?
LAKSH: maa ragini left the house without informing anyone. and he plays the cd .

everyone gets teary eyed sumi faints sanskar n laksh take her to a room n sprinkles water on her face . she get conscious n cries my daughter has left me . just then dp apologize to gadodia’s family n say that he informed police to search ragini but they couldn’t find her. am so sorry as ragini was our responsibility . shekar says no its not ua fault please dont apologize. laksh goes out in search of ragini he goes to friends n the places where thy used meet before he also goes to farm house bt is not able to find her thn he goes to temple he prays to god for ragini’s safety.

Everyone accept that ragini is gone forever from their lives but laksh is still waiting. Sumi convinces swara to go to maheswari house . swara agrees
Swara enters the maheshwari house everyone is delighted to see swara and welcomes her . On other hand sanskar who don’t know that swara came back is missing her like hell. swara enters the room she finds sanskar and remembers her confession and blushes . Just then sanskar turns around and eye swara who is blushing . Sanskar thinks that it is his hallucination ashe see swara eveywhere. So, by putting his hands on his face he laughs and says “Oh! god please save me from this hallucinations “.
Swarra who is suprised says “sanskar”. then sanskar laughs n say i think i need go to doc till yesterday i just used to see swara but now i am imaging that she is talking with me.
SWARA : sanskar its real i am here.
SANSKAR: no i don’t believe you.
SWARA : no sanskar i am here its me swara.
SANSKAR: if u r real then pinch me.

Swara pinches him hard . sanskar shouts . Ahhhh! swara u r here ,i can’t believe this ,i missed u like anything. Swara who is teary eyed say ” i am sorry sanskar i hurt u a lot n today i promise u that there will be only happiness in ua life”. she goes on her knees takes a flower in her hands. sanskar is surprised . swara continues ” in the hard times u were with me u trusted me more than anyone u do . today i Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari feeling blessed to have u in my life . I LOVE YOU SANSKAR . D o you love me? Sanskar who is teary eyed makes swara stand and say “yes , i love you too swara but promise me one thing that u will never leave” swara smiles and promise him n she hugs him .Sanskar too hugs her . then they come down everyone is happy to see them together . they all sit for breakfast DP asks for laksh . just then laksh greets him . laksh finds swara and say” hi swara good to see you back”. swara replies “hi laksh, how r u?” he smiles at her and informs dp that he is leaving for office as he has to attend meeting. DP wishes him good luck and he leaves.

IN KITCHEN: swara: maa is laksh fine?
AP: yes beta but he need sometime time to accept that ragini will not retrun
swara: maa i will prepare food today u go and take rest.
ap leaves.

It’s evening sanskar returns home he sighs swara to come up. swara follows him. she enters the room sanskar gifts with a beautiful dress n informs her that we are going for dinner tonight and offers a chocolate . swara jumps out of happiness and hugs him n say i love u n kisses him on cheek . sanskar is surprised swara realizes what she donen blushes and leaves by taking chocolate from sanskar hand.sanskar is still surprised. sanskar gets ready and comes down n inform to AP that he n swara are going out . swara also comes down she is beautifully dressed. swara n sanskar are about to leave just then they face laksh. laksh say ” bhai i was coming for u guys ” .sanskar ask him is everything fine .he replies yes and say that i have a gift for my bhai and bhabhi. he takes out tickets to paris and hands over them and say you guys are going on honeymoon day after tomorrow. sanskar says we can’t go lucky there are many important projects n meetings which i need to attend .

LAKSH: bhai i will take care of all the meetings n projects u don’t worry . u both just have fun.
DP: laksh its a good idea . sanskar i agree with laksh.
SANSKAR: but bade papa…
DP: no beta u and swara need to spend sometime together so go on this trip laksh and adarsh will take of bussiness projects.
LAKSH : no papa even adarsh bhai is also going for a trip with parineeta bhabhi i bought tickets for them also . as for last few days no one had spent a quality time together so i planned this trip. n papa i will take care of everything u don’t worry. he takes out a cute pink teddy bear and gives it to swara and say i am sorry for what i have done please forget it.
lets be friends?
swara: yes laksh and thank u this is so cue.
laksh : parineeta bhabhi there is gift for u as well here u go .(he presents her with a watch)
parineeta : thanks lakshthis is beautiful.
laksh: my pleasure! but my two dearest bhabhi’s you both have to give us small babies as soon as possible.
swara n parineeta blushes .
Sujata: dheko jiji laksh had bought gifts for his bhabhi’s but he forgot us (in a teasing way)
laksh: y do u need an other gift when i am with u guys i promise that i will take good care of u ( he hugs both of them)


precap : new twists in tale………….

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