Swargini and sanlak friends to love episode 7


Yesterday episode:
We saw dp and shekar family having lunch .

Today episode:
After having lunch eveyone go to their room .in sumi and shekar room .sumi tells shekar that u have too soon take care of ur problems and we have to leave to our home.shekar asks sumi did any one tell u anything but sumi tells him that no but dont forget even though dp is ur friend we cant be disturbance for them at that dp and his wife are hearing everything from outside they came in and dp told sumi that dont u think of me as brother sumi tells no i meant that but dp tells bothing u r not thinking of me as a brother and sumi telly sorry bhaiya and dp smiles and tells now u can stay here because it is ur brother house right and sumi and everyone smile

Swaragini does not get sleep at night and they go to terrace to het fresh air and there sanlak are talking about swaragini laksh tells ragini is worrying so much and sankar tells about swara is also worrying so much sanlak thinks what to do to cheer them up at that swaragini comes to sanlak and ask what happened u both did notvsleep till now seeing them sanlak changes topic that we were talking about joining the papa bussiness swaragini says u guys are serious congrass .and sanlak asks swaragini u did not sleep and they tell that they did not get sleep.
Sanlak tells ok fine then we can talk about something after this long day .swaragini tells ya it was really a long day and sanskar so we can be talking about something.laksh ask swaragini how do you want ur life partener swargini ask why ur asking it right now laksh tells just it will be funand swaragini starts to describe their life partener.

Sanlak describes about their life partener

Credit to: Nandy

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