Swargini and sanlak friends to love episode 5

Yesterday episode we saw shekar accepting to go to dp house.

Today’s episode:

Dp calls swaragini and tells them to get ready that they are going to his house. Swarigini get shocked and looks at shekar, but he doesnt tell anything so they quietly went inside to get their luggage packed. Sanskar helps swara to pack her luggage, on the other side laksh helps ragini. All of the shekar family came out with their packed luggage. when they about to leave they turned to see their house and rememebered their lovely times. Swara and ragini hugged each other and cried. Sanlak pacified them.dp takes sumi and dadi and shekar in his car and ask sanlak to take swaragini and all of them reach dps house. When they all entered the house. Dps family got confused by seeing them with their luggages. Dps wife came running and asked them what happened. At the time sumi started to cry. Dps wife understood something is wrong. Dp tells his wife that he will tell later what happened and asked her to get the rooms ready for them. Dps wife consoles sumi when they got into the room. Then sumi told her everything crying. Dps wife told everything will be ok and sekar will take care of it well. And dps wife hugs her and consoled her. Dp asked sanlak to swarigini to their room. When swaragini enter their room. They kept quiet while sanlak tried to cheer them up.and they unpack their luggages and shekar thanks dp for his help but dp tells him that if it would have happened them he would have done the same but shekar says thanks to him again.and sanlak tells swaragini to take rest and asks them to come down for dinner for afterwards.

Swaragini family and sanlak family are having dinner.

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