swargini and sanlak friends to love episode 3

before episode we saw swara getting a call and she gets shocked

swara hears the crying voice of her mom and her mom tells her something she gets shell shocked .the swara tells ragini and sanlak and they get shock to know the incident wat happened they all rush to swaragini house .and the four enter the house they dadi ,mom and shekar all of them sad.

swaragini runs to their mom and the three of them cry .sumi tells them that your papa factory has faced a big loss and it is not easily replacable amount .sanlak comes and consoles shekar and says you are also like our papa and u dont want to worry and laksh conyinues to say thant i wall ask my papa DP(CLOSE FRIEND OF SHEKAR)to help u.

but shekar says that i cant accept your father money.sankar imforms maheswari family about the loss in shekar company loss the DP only has taken the phone he also get shocked .and DP rushes to shekar house toand he comes inside and see shekar sad and sumi crying.he goes to shekar and he hugs DP and cries .sanlak consoles swaragini but they are also worried about the incident .

DP says to shekar why u are u worried when i am there .he says that he will take care of the money problem but shekar says he cant accept it .DP asks him why but he says that there should no problem arising between us due to anything not only money.but DP says u think our friendship is that much easy and tells shekar that noe our cildren are best friends .but u tell our friendship a weak but shekar tells that he didn’t mean that.

swaragini are seen crying in their room and sanlak see them and they get worried about them.

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