swara/swasan os : A story which is incomplete yet complete


” hahaha.. oh god. . swara you are really stupid to think that the most dashing guy of this college sanskar kapoor will love you. . look at yourself. how can I love a nerd like you.. that too wears behenji type cloths .. guys look at this girl .. she is loving me.. joke of the year.. oh god” sanskar insulted swara in front of his friends when she confess her feelings towards him.. sanskar’s friends laughed at her.. tears roll down from her eyes..
” sanskar this girl don’t know the spelling of make up or style.. how dare she to propose you.. behenji first get a mirror and look at yourself. . then propose a hot and handsome guy like sanskar” sanskar’s friend teena insulted swara even more.. swara couldn’t take it anymore. she run away from there..

“look guys behenji is running.. dumb girl” sanskar and friend make fun of her ..

In swara’s room..
swara stood in front of mirror and scanned herself. . she is wearing a full sleeve anarkali.. wears glasses. . she didn’t used to beauty parlour or make up. her face looks dull. her hair was oily.. her lips were not cherry red like other girls.. she couldn’t find hereself as a beauty. but she was not ugly.. she has her own cuteness. she remember sanskar’s friend teena and nisha. they are very modern stylish and beauty queens..
‘sanskar was right’ swara thought with a bitter smile on her face. .
he is very handsome and girls will die for him.. what on the earth made me think that he accept my love proposal.. I’m a big fool.. they did a right thing by insulting me.. I deserves it.. ‘ swara breaks down by this thoughts. . her heart pained like someone stabbing her.. she sobbed silently. . she felt like she is the biggest fool on this world..

sanskar’s insult definitely hurts her.. but the thing which is more hurting is that her love for him.. she couldn’t stop herself from loving him even after this insult.. she is mad.. yes the most mad girl on this earth.

months passed. swara got a new friend ragini. with the help of her she changed a little. . she used to go beauty parlour. her beauty increased . but she still wears full sleeve suits and glasses. sanskar never noticed her.. he got a very hot and s*xy girlfriend. . whenever he sees swara he used to insult her and used to praise his girlfriend. . sanskar thinks that he is the luckiest person. he got everything in his life.. one day swara was passing near sanskar. sanskar and his gf nita was romancing.
“baby you are very s*xy.. I’m very lucky to have you in my life.. my life is heaven because you are there.. do you know what one day a behenji proposed me.. that idiot think that I will love her.. how can she think that.. stupid” sanskar’s words pierced swara’s heart more. but still she couldn’t hate him.

That day a big tragedy happens in sanskar’s life. he met with an accident. returning from college.. students and teachers rushed to hospital. including swara. swara pleaded to god for saving him.. she was crying . she feels like her body is burning in pain.. sanskar’s parents were in abroad. he was staying alone in his house only a maid is there. and he had no relatives in that city. sanskar’s saved from criticical situation. all students and teachers left the hospital. sanskar’s friends also gone.. but swara still wait there. ragini called her . but she didn’t go with ragini. swara had only her dad. her mother died on her childhood. swara called her dad and tells everything (she said everything about this to her dad as she never hide anything from him. swara’s dad is very caring and supportive as he know his daughter never do anything wrong. ). swara’s dad shekhar also came to hospital. sanskar was still in icu and unconscious. servant wanted to go her house. but she was afraid that sanskar’s parents scold her if she do so. swara consoles her by saying that she will take care of sanskar . servant goes to her home. now swara and shekhar was only with sanskar.

“swara beta sanskar insulted you so much. but still you are here to take care of him. why you are doing this beta” shekhar asked her
” I love him dad.. I can’t imagine a world without him.. I know he will never ever love me. I don’t want his love back. but I will always love him. and my love is not so weak that it fades due to some harsh words.. my love is the strongest feeling in me.. how can I go away when he is pain dad? I don’t want to be a part of his happiness. but I can be a part of his sorrow. . I can’t let him alone when he is pain . I love him so much dad..” swara cried shekhar console her..

next day.. when sanskar got his consciousness he saw swara and her dad. he felt disappointed that he didn’t find his girlfriend or best friends there. sanskar had a big scar between his cheek and left ear. doctor said that it may be a permanent scar. sanskar feels very sad because it effect his beauty. swara also feels pain. 3 days sanskar was in hospital. his friends came to visit him and goes after 5 minutes spending time with him. his gf came only one time. then she didn’t came to hospital. sanskar feels bad by their behaviour. only servant and swara was there. sanskar didn’t understand why swara is taking care of him. he asked her several times and also said her to go. but swara didn’t leave. sanskar got discharged from hospital. he was one week rest in his house. swara used to visit his house regularly. sanskar started to care for her. he used to talk nicely with her. they became friends. .

Sanskar again started to go to college.. but he feels strange by his friends behaviour. especially his gf. no one talk with him like before. . he feels bad. but swara’s friendship was huge relief to him. one day he saw his girlfriend nita hugging a boy and kissing him. sanskar’s heart broke in to pieces.
he goes towards her and slapped her..
” you b*t*h.. you cheated me” sanskar yelled at her.
” how dare you to slap me sanskar? look at your face.. can’t you see a big scar on your face? you are no more handsome now.. which girl will love you? I hate you.. and he is my new boyfriend. . get lost.. you ugly faced idiot” sanskar geta biggest shock on his life..

sanskar touched his face. yes nita wad right. he is no more handsome now. that scar is really horrible and that’s why others keeping distance from you. .
that time swara comes there. he looked at her eyes. he couldn’t see any hatred or pity in that eyes.. only love in her eyes.. he felt really bad. he thought how much he insulted her.. but she always loved him. without expecting anything. .
“swara all hates me because of this scar.. why you are with me always? go away swara. I don’t want anyone” sanskar said in a painful voice.
“sanskar I will not go away from you. Because l want to share your pain.. Please sanskar.. . let me .” swara said.
” how can you love me like this swara? ” sanskar asked..
swara just smiled..
years passed.. swasan completed college.. they got job..
they are very good friends now.. sanskar do treatment for the scar and now it is not much effecting his face.. his face became more handsome now.. 80% of scar is removed. . sanskar is very happy now..

one day sanskar proposed swara.. swara didn’t say anything. .
“swara please say that you will marry me.. I want you swara” sanskar said..
” but I don’t want you sanskar.. I love you. . it not means I want you. . I will love you always.. and I don’t want it in return sanskar. . I can’t forget that day you insulted me . If I marry you these things will hurt me sanskar.. you will get a more good girl than me.. I will be with you sanskar. . always in your worst situations. . but I don’t want to be your wife sanskar. . forgive me” swara goes from there leaving sanskar shocked..
swara (monologue): I love you sanskar. . but I can’t marry you.. you always deserves better sanskar and I will be with you as a friend. . always. . incomplete love is the luckiest form of love.. it has its own beauty.. my love is true sanskar.. it didn’t expect anything in return.. and my love didn’t want anything in return even your love.

swara feels that she is the luckiest person in the world. . because she loved him truly. .

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  1. Superb Di…Awesome…You always portrayed the character of Swara very good…Loved her so much…Keep writing Di…
    Love u loads..

    1. Jwala

      aww.. thank you so much my cutie sis.. swara is my jaan.. so I make her character the best.. keep supporting dearie.. love you too

  2. Mica

    sanskar, if swara didn’t want you, come to me… i want youuuu !!!! :3 :3
    luv it jwalaa..

    1. Jwala

      hehehe.. mica.. take him.. lol. thank you so much dear

      1. Heltej

        Superb dear… I loved swara’s character in this ff

  3. Sanjanaagrawal

    Sperb. ..superb ….. superb….. jwala di u r an amazing writer ….. an autograph plz ……

    1. Jwala

      oh god sanju.. your comment brought a big smile on my face.. so sweet of you dear..

  4. Anniya

    Awsm di, really u always give justice to her character. For this os , love u so much….

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much choti. I love you always

  5. Wow superb story dear…lived it from core…

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much paru dear

  6. It’s awesome yar totally loved it…ur every word protrayed ur hard work n passion towards it….

    1. Jwala

      aww.. so sweet of you maryam.. your support means a lot.. don’t worry dear.. some ppl just needs attention. . else they will not come to a swara os to bash swara na.. they are just obsessed with swara. they could never ever ignore her.. let them.. but our swara is always the best. . love you so much dear

      1. Thanks for the reply….n for supporting me dear…I just don’t understand why people do this don’t they have any self respect…n many people write articles on these bashing…but the bashes always find their way to criticise others…..
        thank u once again dear…n ya dear u are a excellent writer keep writing we love u…

  7. Excuse me…if u are a ragsan fan it doesn’t mean u insult swara…n the writer…because of u people fights are raised among swaragini fans…if u don’t like swara n her character u should keep it till u no need to dishearten her fans n the writer of the ff…I am talking really politely with u but any other fan of swara read this she would have used very harsh words..

  8. Amazing os dear..outstanding concept with unexpected climax…swara’s reply was superb..i loved it

    1. Jwala

      thank you for such a lovely comment dear.. I’m glad that you liked it..

  9. hiii jwala its me amy..did you remember me????..actually tdy whn i m feelng boredvi came tu..and find ur os..this one was awsm dear..but sad that swasan wont unite..but no probz sanky deserve dis
    and dear why u stopped writng GOAVGOD????i searched it..but cant find any furthur epi..why???i m angry on u..i really angry on u..want to knw swasan past..pls dear post that..waitng..
    and one happy news i made insta account..yippie i made it..and first thing i did that search for helly’s account andvstarted to follow it..how can i contact u????
    waitng for GODVGOA…

    1. Jwala

      aww.. amy.. missed you a lot. where were you? I will try to upload it dear.. and what is your user name in insta? mine is hellyshah_angel_on_earth.. I’m very happy that you loved this os.. love you a lot

      1. mine is ami0799…
        any ways pls post angels vs devils..love u dear..
        tmrrw my clss gng to strt..

  10. Superb awesome

  11. Jwala

    really? oh god..but in my os swara is the best.. swara has the most perfect and sanskar doesn’t deserve her in this ff. and I’m really sorry you fail to understand its deapth. its ok.. and you are always welcome to comment . This type of comments are really funny to read. . lol

  12. Awesome jwala dear… just loved it.
    It’s good that later swara rejected sanskaar’s proposal. Proud of her.

  13. Alia


  14. Awesome dear…. Loved it ?????

  15. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala….. Loved it…. Very nice superb dr….. Love u…. ??

  16. Abirsha

    Ha ha but we hate ur character…… How can u criticize like this…. Seriously its disgusting…… If u dont have any job then pls simple eat and sleep instead of commenting like this…. If u have self respect then dont comment in any swasan ff or os…..

  17. U r an awesome writer dear
    Luv ur loads….

  18. beautiful

  19. Kristen

    Awesome its priya tripathi i change my name

    1. Heltej

      Superb dear, i loved swara’s character in this ff

  20. awesome dear and helly love her very much love u helly love u swara

  21. Sri

    Awesome di loved it ??☺☺☺

  22. RUPA


  23. Wow we heals loved it??

  24. perfectttt

  25. Superb..!! Loved it..!! Even though it was not swasan together at the end… it was good..!!

  26. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Loved it .. My love towards swara increased by reading it.. I too made a insta and twitter a/c only for helly and swasan

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