SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter10


Swara:Ragini get up. It’s already 6:00AM. we have to go to temple also.
Ragini: Let me sleep na Swara.
SWara pulls her bedsheet and says Ragini please wake up.
SWara: You won’t get up nah?
Ragini: No!!!

Swara calls Ragini from her phone and says Ragini see Laksh is calling you. Ragini gets up instantly and takes her phone from swara. Swara brust out laughing.
SWara: Now that finally you woke up, go take bath.
Ragini: This is cheating.
Swara: Everything is fair in love and war?
Ragini : Is this love or war?
Swara: Ofcourse love!! 
Ragini: Earlier I used to wake you up but now se….
Swara: Days have changed.
Ragini: you used to say nah nobody can change your habbit of waking up late but now its changed only because of sanskar.
Swara: He change my life!!!
Ragini: Now lets go to the temple.
Swara: Hmm….
They go to the temple. Swara prays to the god – Ohh God! I ahd already gone through rough and tough times. I have never complained you anything why my heart was broke. What was my mistake. But today I am praying to you please keep my Sanskar away from all these pain. Give all his difficulties to me. if I had ever commited any mistake in my life punish me but never bring any difficulties in my and Sanky’s relation. Fill it with love. Ragini too prays for Laksh and their healthy relation. They return home.

SWara: Maaa.. where is my bridal dress.
Sumi: Its in your room.
Ragini : and mine???
Sumi: Their..
Swara: I am going to get ready.
Sumi: Now its morning. Barat will come in the evening. There is enough time.
Swara: Maaa I wan t everything perfect.
Ragini: I am so excited.
Sumi: You both have only few hours left in this home. Then you will go to your inlaws.
Ragini: Maaa I will miss you. She hugs Sumi.
Sumi: Shona, wont you miss me??
Swara: Noooo.. Saying this she brust out crying.
Swaragini hug their mother and cry.
Sumi: Now both of you go and try your dresses.
Swara and Ragini go and try their dresses. They are on cloud nine. Why shouldn’t be they after all its their WEDDING!

The groom’s procession arrive the bride’s place. They are welcomed by the bride’s parents.
SAnskar is in a red and cream coloured Shrewani and Laksh is in a white and blue colured sherwani.
Pandit ji: Call the brides.
Sumi goes on to bring SWaragini. They come. Swara is in a red and white Lehenga with pink and gold veil. Ragini is in a green and orange Lehenga with red and gold veil. Suddenly the veil on Swara’s face blew up in the breeze and Sanskar had a glimpse of her face and he is unable to take his eyes off from her face.
Pandit ji: The bride and grrom would provide prosperity as a household and would stand against those who try to hinder it.
SWara(in her mind) Sanskar I promise I would against those who would try to hinder your happiness.
Sanskar(in his mind) Swara I promise I would stand as a barrier between you and your happiness.
Pandit ji: The couple would lead a healthy life by developing their physical, mental and spiritual condition.

Swara ) in her mind) I will always provide you physical, mental and spiritual happiness)
Sanskar(in his mind) I would ruin your physical,menatal and spiritual condition.
Pandit ji: The couple would earn a living and support each other. They both would share their happiness and sorrows with each other.
Swara( I her mind) I promise I would support you in each set of life. I will always trust you.
Sanskar: (in his mind) I promise I would give only pain to you.
Pandit ji: The couple would respect,love and understand each other.
Swara(in her mind) I promise I would love you unconditionally.
Sanskar(in his mind) I promise I would hate you unconditionally.
Pandit ji: The couple would pray to god for noble children.
SWara(in her mind) our children would be loving and caring like you.
Sanskar: (in his mind) There is no hope of children in our relation. Tough I want a daughter.
Pandit ji: The bride and groom would seek to God that they may go through all seasons togrther.
Swara(in her mind) I promise I would be with you throughtout my life.
Sanskar(in his mind) I promise you are a part of my life only for few days.
Pandit ji: The couple would be loyal to each other and pary to God to give each other’s pain to vice versa.

Swara(in her mind) I promise I will never hide anything from you. I will take always all your pain.
Sanskar(in his mind) I promise I will be a mystery for you. I will keep stones at each step in your life.
Similarly Ragini and Laksh too take Sever pheras.
Pandit ji: Now the groom will fill the bride’s maang and would tie her mangalsutra. Sanskar and Laksh do so.
Pandit ji: Now the marriage is over. Now the newly we couples would take elders blessings.
They do so and head towars mahesari mansion.

Raglak room:
Ragini is sitting in the room waiting for Laksh. Laksh comes and closes the door. He comes close to Ragini and switches off the light. They consummate their marriage.
SWasan room:
Swara is siiting on the bed waiting for Sanskar. She sees the clocks. She grows inpatient. She gets up and opens the cupboard and takes out an album. is of Sanskar’s childhood. She sits on the floor and places it on the bed and sees it. She again looks at the clock. its half past12. She says to herself- Where are you Sanskar???? A tear rolled down her face.


Credit to: JYOTII

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