SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter8


It’s a new morning for swasan. The early sunrise brought with it a new hope in their lives! A new chapter of love!!

Swara:Relationships are strange and undefinable. No matter what name you give them it all come down to only one thing: TRUST! Am I right Ragu??
Ragini:Haan Swara! Many times we know in our hearts what’s true and what’s not. But for some people when the truth is finally spoken it brings happiness into their lives and for some it is hard to digest the truth!
Swara: Haan when I came to know Sanskar too loves me I was happy! But when I Came to know Akash was cheating on me I was shattered!
Ragini: Forget the past!
Sumi: If you sisters are done with your gossiping, go get ready. I had already taken your clothes out. It is with your dadi. Go fetch it.
Swara: Ready??? For what ma??
Sumi: Go ask your dadi.
Swara goes to their dadi
Dadi: Finally you both woke up? Go get your dress its on the bed.
Ragini: But why dadi ma?
Dadi: Shona and Ragu two boys are coming to see you. It’s a very good alliance.
Ragini: Marriage?
Swara: Nooo!! We wont marry!
Dadaji : Arrey who is saying to marry. First see the boys then deceide.
Ragini: But dadaji…..
Swara stops her says okay!

Ragini: Swara why did you stopped me? You know nah I love Laksh and you love Sanskar. How can we marry anyone else.
Swara: My dumb sister had you not listened what dadaji told. We are not marrying them today we are just seeing them today.
Ragini: But what if they will like us?
Swara: We won’t let them like us.
She winks at ragini and she understands her plan.
They get ready. Swara is wearing a blue anarkali and Ragini is wearing a green anarkali. They go out and see everyone busy in the preparation. Shekar comes and says the boy’s famile had came. Dadji , dadi and dida fold their hands and greets them. Sumi serves everyone cold drinks.
Shekhar: where are the boys?
Boy’s father: They are struck in traffic.
Boy’s mother: Shekhar ji please call the girls.
Sekhar signals Sumi and she goes inside to bring Swaragini.
Boy’s mother: Would you girls like to work even after marriage?
Swaragini thinks that theya re from traditional family and wont like their daughter-in-law working. So they find it a good way to break the alliance.
Swara and Ragini in union say Yes!
Boy’s Father: Its good to see your curiosity. Girls should work even after marriage.
Swara and Ragini look each other shocked.
Boy’s sister: Both bhai came.

Dadi stands infront of Swaragini to greet the boys so Swaragini are unable to see their faces. While taking blessings from sumi cold drinks falls on both the boys shirt. Sumi takes them inside to wash it. Swara and Ragini are annoyed that they could not see their face.
Boy’s father: We like your daughters very much.
Dadaji: We like your sons.
Boy’s father: Now let the children talk among themselves. Then we will talk further.
Dida takes Swaragini inside. She sends swara to one room and Ragini to one room.
SWara sees the boy sitting on the bed facing the opposite side. She thinks I have to break this alliance at any cost. She calls Sanskar to explain him everything. She hears phone’s ringing sound. The boys turns and says why are calling me Shona?
Swara: Sanskar??? You???
Sanskar: Yes!! Me!!! I am the boy who came to see you. Swara hugs Sanskar in excitement and says I love you.
Sanskar: I love you too.
Sanskar bends on his knees and says Miss Swara Gadodia would you like to change your name to Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari?
Swara happiness knew no bounds. She nods and says I would love to.
Meri subah ho tumhi song is played in the bg.
Ragini’s room:

Ragini enters the room and see a boy standing near the window.
Ragini: Excuse me?
The boy turns and he is none other than laksh.
Ragini: Laksh?????? What are you doing here?
Laksh: I came to see you.
Ragini: what if anyone will see you?
Laksh: No one will see. Chill ragini.
Ragini: Do you know Laksh one boy had came to see me.
Laksh: ohh great you are marrying. Please do call me on your wedding.
Ragini: Laksh its not funny. Seriously I am getting married. You have to do something.
Laksh: Okay we will elope on your wedding day.
Ragini: Laksh please stop joking. I doubt do you really love me?
Laksh pins her against the wall and says I love you more than anyone in this world. Ragini shyly smiles.
Suddenly she hears her mother’s voice and pushes Laksh and says maa is coming you go.
Laksh: My would be mother-in-law? Let me take her blessings.
Suddenly the door opens and seeing both them sumi says is your talks over? Everyone is waiting outside.

Laksh: Aunty we are coming. 2min more.
Ragini looks at Laksh surprised. Sumi goes. Laksh comes close to Ragini and while laughing says I am the boy who came to see you. You are getting married to me. No one else. You are mine.
Ragini hugs Laksh and Yun hi re Song is played in the bg.
It’s magic each time we hold each other, each time we cuddle, and each time we kiss. I feel goosebumps all over again. I never want to let you go for fear of losing you, so I just hold on a little bit tighter each day, refusing to let go. You will never know the warmth I feel inside me when I’m with you. You’re all I ever wanted.

Swara’s room:
Swara places her head on sanskar’s shoulder and he kept his hand on her shoulder.
Swara: Sanskar do you really love me?
Sanskar is lost in thoughts. Swara shakes him and he says Yes! I love you from the bottom of my heart.
SWara: Won’t you ever break my trust?
Sanskar: No never. My changed the moment when you eneterd my life. He recalls the moment when she slapped him.
SWara: You are reason for my smile and glow on my face.
Sanskar comes close to swara and she closes her eyes. He kisses her eyes and gives a devilish smile.

They were from two different worlds. Two entirely different people. But upon their coming together, they created- they found- their own path and together they had their own world and in their own world, they were the same. Everyone else outside of it- everyone else was over there. Away. And they together- they together were here. They were right here. They were the same!

Precap: Engagement ceremony


Credit to: JYOTII

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