SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter4



Everyone sit infront of the campfire and play truth and dare!
Maya: Lucky, just take any girl present here and do a roamtic dance with her.
Laksh is lost in deep thoughts. He is confused weather to take Ragini or not! Finally he gather courage and forward his hand to Ragini. Ragini is overwhelmed that Laksh choose her among many girls present there. They both have a close moment as they both dance on wajah tum ho. After their dance is over everyone claps for them.
Laksh: wow!! Ragini uh r such an awesome dancer!
Ragini: ty! You were also good!


Laksh: SWara! Truth or dare?
Swara: Truth..
Laksh:What is your opinion about love?
Swara:Acutally I don’t believe in love. I have a huge infact more than huge crush on Shahid kapoor. He is my hero!! my life!!
Laksh: Okay say your opinion on marriage.
Swara: Ummm… For me Marriage means the union of two souls. It is completely based on trust and faith. having trust and faith on each other blindly. not tolerating anything against each other. Standing with each other for each other!
Sanskar stares SWara. He is deeply moved by her words.
Laksh: What type of husband do you want?
Swara: Who will accept 3rd position in my life?
SAnskar: 3red position?
Swara: yes! 1st for my baba my superman. 2nd for my Shahid my dream man and 3rd for him!!
Everyone laughs listening Swara including Sanskar! Swara notices Sanskar and thinks that he is laughing for the first time she saw! she feels good!
Ragini: Now SWara let us go! its too late!
Laksh: I will drop you both.
Sanskar: I will too join.
Swara: okay. Let’s leave now.
They reach the parking are and see one tyre of Sanlak car brusted.
Laksh: ohh shit! Let’s take an auto.
Swaragini nods!

After going about 20mins the auto break down.
Ragini: what hapeened bhaiya?
Auto driver: Madam. Ithink petrol is finished!
Swara: No problem our house is of 10 mins walking distance fro here. we will manage.
Sanskar: No.. we will drop you till your house’s gate.
Eveyone walks towards Swaragini house. While walking Swara drags Sanskarand ask him to walk slowly to let Raglak go and give them some private moments. Sanskar agress. Meanwhile Swara feels cold and she shievers. Seeing her shievering Sanskar immediately takes off his jacket and wrap Swara. SWara looks into his eyes and they share an eyelock and be intehan song is played in the bg. Sanskar takes his eyes off and lit a cigarette. Swara snatches the cigarette and throws it and says what are you doing?
Sanskar: smoking.
Swara: No you are slowly killing yourself. Till we are patners niether I won’t do any wrong thing nor I will let uh do.
While they are walking some drunk people come and surroung SWara. One of them says: Madam shall we drop you? Another of them hold her hand and drag her. Sanskar fumes in anger and slaps him. Another comes and punch him. He fights with them and they run away. Swara seeing Sanskar injured scolds him and says what was the need to fight?
SAnskar:They were teasing you.
Swara: So what? Are you super hero?
Sanskar: No.. But we are patners na? I was protecting uh?
Be intehan song is again played!
They see Ragini and Laksh waiting outside of the house. SWaragini bid bye to sanlak and go.
Gadodia house!
Swara: Ragini what did Laksh say?
Ragini: nothing!!
SWara : What??? He said nothing???
Ragini: No.. Was he going to say anything?
SWara was about to say something when she remembers that she had promised Sanskar to not tell Ragini anything about Laksh’s feeling.
Swara: No nothing.. Lets sleep its too late.
Ragini agress.!

Maheswari Mansion
Laksh thinks about Ragini and their dance. He is confused weather he likes her or love her, He closes his eyes. He see a girl walking towards him. She is wearing a white and purple suit. He could bot see her clearly as she was a bit far off and the fog has lowered the visibility. He kept on staring at her to find who she was. As she came closer he could see that she kept her hair loose. Her afce was still not visible. But he felt as if it was a familiar face by the way she walked shyly. It was then that he saw her clearly. Her smiling face and her sparkling beautiful eyes made his heart skip a beat. She was Ragini. She came and stood close to hhim. He was lost in her eyes. He held her hand and sais those three magical words. I LOVE YOU RAGINI. Laksh opened his eyes wishing to see her in front of him but there was no one. He searched Ragini in all Directions , wishing to relive all their memorable moments again. Laksh admitted Yes! I love Ragini.

Meanwhile Sanskar is standing near the window and feeling the cold wind and thinking of the night and the moment spent with swara. He close his eyes and think of his first meeting with swara,his plan to ruin her,her appearance in the party,her beautiful face,her thoughts and words, her saying about their partnership, her not letting him smoke, their eyelock and lastly he slapping the man for touching swara. He was about to light another cigarette when someone pat his shoulder. It was Laksh.

Laksh: Bhai I am confirmed I love Ragini. She defines my life ever since I saw her. Her simplicity have ruled over me.

Sanskar with a fake smilesays congrats. After Laksh walks out of his room he again thinks of swara. He rub his palms and run over his face and says Why I slapped that man? Why can’t I tolerate anyone touching her. Why am I concerned for her? Why am I lost in her eyes and words? He says Miss Swara Gadodia you are making me mad. I have too soon do my work and go away from you. I will make you fall for me and then break your heart. He was about to lit the cigarette when he thinks of SWara’s word and throws it.
If You Love me..

Your love drove me
towards the live volcano
where i will be burnt and destroyed
On your fake promises
I made castles on air
Oh! ! ! I was throwing
some pearls in desert
where oasis has value
Pearls have no value
just remember
I am an ocean
you are only a boat
for a boat to explore ocean
love need to be daring, desperate
If You love me
Plant a seed of truth
make me part of your missing
Just If you Love me!!
Morning in college campus
Swaragini reach college and spots Sanlak.
Laksh: Ragini I need to say you something.
Ragini: Yes say.

Sanskar: Not now. I have some work with you you both talk afterwards.
They excuse themselves.
Laksh:Bhai. I had got a golden opportunity to propose her. Why didn’t uh let me talk to her?
Sanskar: Who proposes early in the moring and in public?
Laksh: Love needs no time and place.
Sanskar: But propose needs. First let me talk to SWara. She will convince Ragini about her feelings. You take her out in the evening alone and confess her.
Laksh hugs him and says bhai I love you. I will help you in your gf’s matter.

Precap: Laksh proposing Ragini.

Credit to: JYOTII

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