SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter3



Its morning. Ragini is trying to wake up swara who is in deep sleep.
Ragini: Swara please wake up or else we will be late for college.
Swara: Ragini I m in no mood to go college today. You go alone or else you also don’t go. Now let me sleep.
Ragini:Swara get up.. She pulls her bedsheet.. I am going to take bath. You have 15mins get up!
Ragini goes to the washroom. When she comes out she notices that swara is still sleeping. Ragini shouts SWARA!! Swara wakes up out of fear! Swara: Haan! what happened? why are you shouting?(she says in sleepy tone)
Ragini:You have not woke up yet. I told you na to wake up in 15mins. Swara agin sleeps covering her face. Ragini sits infront of the dressing table and is wipes her hair and says Swara you remember na tonight we have a party but I am afraid I have not asked for pewrmission. What if dadi ignores. I had promised Laksh! what will he think I can’t keep a promise!!
Swara: Don’t worry my sweet sister I will trick dadi! Meanwhile Sumi comes on calling Shona and Ragu! Hearing her mother calling Swara jumps out of the bed and rush to the washroom.
Sumi: Wow Ragu you are looking so beautiful.
Ragini: thank you maa.
Sumi: Where is Shona?
Ragini pints towards the washroom.
Sumi: off!! This girl! what will I do with her! Why can’t she become like you! Don’t know when will she wake up early! Swara coming out of the washroom says never maa!
Sumi: this means you will do this in your inlaws house?
Swara: haan! any doubt?
Ragini: Your in laws will throw you out of the house.
Swara: I will come to you!
Sumi: No!! You husband will protect you. He will love you very much and will fight with the whole world for you!
Swara: Maa.. You started again..You know na I don’t believe in all these love!Anyways maa we need to say you something!
Sumi: Yes shone say!
Ragini: Maa tonight we have a party at our friend’s house.
Swara: And also we are not going to college today and instead we are going to watch my Shahid’s new movie and do some shopping!!
Sumi: Which friend?
Swara: La..
Swara coughs teasing Ragini!
Sumi: Shona and Ragu! Better you go and talk to your dadi take her permission.
Maheswari Mansion:
Laksh: Bhai I want to talk to you!actually I like a girl of our college. its more than like. infact she is coming to today’s party also!!
Sanskar: WOww!! that’s great. But only in few meetings she agreed to come to party?
Laksh : Haan bhai she promised.
Sanskar:This have two meaning. Either she is a flirt or…..
Laksh: or????
Sanskar: or she too feels for you!
Laksh: No bhai she is very decent girl.
Sanskar: she feels for you too?
Laksh: Bhai I don’t know!
Sanskar: I had dealt with many girls. I can judge her seeing her face.
Gadodia House:
Swara: My sweet dadi see what we have made foer you!
Dadi: we??
SWara: I mean Ragini.
Dadi: Shoru and Lado don’t waste my and your time and say what you both want.
Ragini: Dadi we both want your permission.
Dadi: For wht?
Swara: Actually we have jagrata at our friend’s home. If you will allow us we will go!!
Dadi: okay go! but don’t be late!
Swaragini hug their dadi and say we love you.
Swara: problem solved.
Ragini: ty Swara.!
Swara: now let’s go and watch my shahid’s movie!!!!!
They both watch movie and do shopping!

In evening:
SWaragini get ready for the party. Swara is wearing a red trench coat with a black knee length one piece. She had left her hair open. She was wearing a black wheeling wrap heel. Ragini is wearing a pink and orange suit. She has also left her hair open. She was wearing a pink stiletto heel. They both reach the party. Laksh is mesmerized seeing Ragini. Laksh was wearing a white shirt with a sky jacket and blue jeans. He was lost. He had reached in another world with ragini.

Love just happens
When you are not looking for it,
Not paying attention,
You could miss it the first few times,
But then, unexpectedly,
Somehow this invisible magnetic energy
Pulls you and another person together.
And you feel this beautiful magic
Like a gravitational force –
As if the moon were kissing the sun.
And their name,
Becomes the most hypnotic name
And you die to see their eyes
When you open yours
Every time.
Ragini shakes Laksh.. Ragini introduces Swara to Laksh.
Thing to give them some privacy Swara excuses herself. While searching for drink counter she bumps into Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar without spotting each other say sorry in union.

Swara: you?
Sanskar: what are you doing here?
Swara: I came here with my sister.
Sanskar: This is my bro’s party.
Swara: Laksh is your brother?
Sanskar: hann! who is your sis?
Swara: Ragini
Sanskar: That girl whom laksh likes.
SWara: What did you say?
Sanskar: Nothing!!
Swara: Duffer! Don’t hide! Ragini too likes Laksh.
Sanskar: WE should unite them.
Swara: Yes you are right. so patner??
Sanskar: what?
Swara: Patner for uniting Ragini and Laksh!
Sanskar: Yes!
Swara and Sanskar shakes hand hand. Laksh and Ragini too comes.
Laksh: You both know each other.
Sanskar: Yeas we are friends.
Ragini: who is he?
Swara: he is Sanskar. Laksh’s bro and my frnd.
Ragini!Yes I remember you told me!
Sanskar: Lets all of us dance.
Swara: Ragini and Laksh you both dance. Laksh in his mind Thanks Swara.
Sanskar: you both dance and we both will dance.

Swara looks at Sanskar with astonishment.
Everyone dances on khuda song. Sanskar puts his hand on swara’s hip and drag her closer. Swara breath heavily.They both are lost in each others eyes! Suddenly music stops and everyone claps. Swara separates herself and goes.
Sanskar says to himself: What is happening to me. Why am I feeling lost in her eyes. I have to control my self. My plan is to ruin her. I have got a golden opportunity to come close to her I can’t miss it!

Precap: SWasan trying to unite Raglak!

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