SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! S02 (Chapter 1)

Hey guys! So I am here with the first chapter of this fiction! 🙂 I will be waiting for your feedback! Please do give your feedback after reading the chapter! You know I am continuing writing after almost 5 months so I feel ki my writing have detoriated a lot. But please adjust with it.. I promise I will soon be back in form 😉

A beautiful girl in her late 20’s was playing with the kids outside a badi. All the kids were enjoying her company. She had a charm that attracted everyone towards her. She was real beauty-fair and flawless skin. Her most beautiful feature was her eyes which can make anyone fall for her. Her eyes were sparkling. Her smile can bring the world to a standstill and was enough to lighten up the whole Kolkata. She was extremely beautiful, so much that no one could ever get tired looking at her. She was an extreme feminist who believed that all men are equal. She always prepared to stay inside the house for reasons better known to her. Her father and her sister were her strength. Even she was always taunted by her step mother but she respected her a lot. She was a girl building a firm of foundation with the bricks thrown at her. Dreams meant world to her.
“Swara didi…. Maa is calling you…..” Ragini’s word remained incomplete as she took pause to breathe.

“Shit! Maar gayi!”, Swara hit her hand on her forehead.
They both ran to their house.
“Jii maa,aap bula rahe the mujhe?” Swara asked.
“Where were you? who will wash the dishes and cut the evegetables?” said Sharmistha angrily.
“I will do it”, Swara said in a low voice.
“After doing that sweep the house”,her mother instructed.

“Maa,I will sweep the house. Why will didi do so much work?” Ragini asked.
“Shut Up! You go and study. Let her do work. She is an orphan not you”,Sharmistha said.
“Maa baba is her real father.. Didi is not orphan”, Ragini said sternly.
As Ragini was again going to say anything Swara held her hand signaling her not to speak anymore.
Tough Swara and Ragini were step sisters but they shared a bond like real sisters.
Swara silently did all the works which her mother had asked to do.
After dinner, she picked up everyone’s plates and placed it in the sink to the wash.
“Didi, why do you always work so much?” Ragini asked sitting on the slap near the sink.
“Ragu, this is also my house. I don’t need any reason to work in my house”, Swara said happily.
“You are great didi. I will also work. Tell me how can I help you?” Ragini said tucking her hairs back her ears.
“No need. You go and sleep”, Swara replied.
“Don’t make me feel like I am adopted. I am also the daughter of this house like you….”, Ragini said sadly.
“Ragini what are you doing here?” her mother asked.

“Maa! I was just helping didi”, Ragini replied.
“How many times do I need to tell you that you should not work? Swara is there to work nah”, Sharmistha said.
“Maa why do you always treat dii like a mere servant? Wo bhi iss ghar ki beti hai like me. Why don’t you love her?” Ragini asked.
“She is not my daughter. She is not your real sister. She is just a burden on us. May God remove this burden soon”, Sharmistha said and went.
Tears rolled down Swara’s eyes. She silently completed her work crying. Shekhar who was watching all these standing near the door felt very bad for her daughter. He felt helpless/

“Kya ban gayi hai meri beti… That girl who used to be very strong is now so weak. Why Go? That incident have affected her very much. I hope to see my old Swara back “, Shekhar prayed to God.
“Ragini,can you please give me your laptop”, Swara asked.
“Haan didi, take it. It’s yours also. You don’t need my permission,” Ragini said.
“Thank you”, Swara said passing a smile.
“Wese what are you doing?” Ragini asked.
“I am searching for job”, Swara replied slowly.
“Job? But you don’t like to go out nah?”, Ragini asked.
“I have to. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone”, Swara replied sadly.
“Didi you are not a burden on us”, Ragini said consoling her.
“But for maa, I am a burden. I just want to help her”, Swara said.
“Maa is so unlucky to ignore a daughter like you”, Ragini said hugging Swara.
“Bass ho gaya.. Ragu! Help me nah”, Swara said.

“There are two companies which matches my criterias,which should I opt for?” Maheswari and Sons or SMT InfoTech?’ Swara asked.
“Ummmm… go for Maheswari and Sons. I have heard that their boss is so hot”, Ragini teased Swara.
“Shut up! Shameless! Then I will definitely apply for SMT”, Swara said.
“No didi suno jokes apart go for Maheswari and sons. they have better scope and facilities than SMT”, Ragini said.
“Are you sure? Swara asked to confirm.

“Yes”, Ragini nodded her head.
“Applied. I just wish to get a confirmation call soon”, Swara prayed.
“Don’t worry. You will get it. after all you M.Com gold medalist in your university”, Ragini hugged Swara.
“Okay now sleep. It’s very late. Good night”, Swara said.
“Ragini are you sure I will get the call nah?” Swara asked.
“Yes didi”, Ragini said.
“But I am feeling very strange”, Swara said.
“Chiillll dii”, Ragini assured her.
Swara passed a smile.
Just then Swara’s phone ringed.

“Yes! I am Swara Gadodia”


“Seriously? I made it?”

“Thanks I will be on time”
Swara kept her phone down and looked at Ragini. Ragini hugged her and congratulated her.
“When is your interview? Ragini asked.
“They have sent a mail regarding all the information”, Swara said.
“Let’s go and check”, Ragini said rushing for the laptop.
:Dii interview is at 4pm”, Ragini said.
“Okay let me cook the lunch”, Swara said.
“Didi you go and prepare for your interview, I will cook the lunch”, Ragini said.
“Nahi! maa ko pata chalega toh she will scold me”, Swara said.
“Dii chill yaaar! Kuch nahi hoga. Your Ragu will manage everything”, Ragini said assuring her.
“Dii get ready it’s already 2:30pm”, Ragini said dragging Swara to their room.
“arey itni jaldi kya hai”, Said Swara.
“ssshh! Let me select a dress for you”, Ragini said.
“ummm… Haann take this pink kurti and this black jean”, Ragini added.
Swara went to the bathroom to change her dress and came out wearing that dress.
“are you sure I should wear this?” Swara asked.
Ragini nodded her head.
Swara combed her hairs and left they open. She did minimal makeup. She wore the ear ring which Ragini had selected for her.
“Woo diii you are looking beautiful”, Ragini said.
“I guess I am going for an interview ladka dekhne nahi”, Swara said and hit Ragini’s forehead.
“uff didi you can never change. You will always be dumb as usual”, Ragini said shaking her head.

Swara touched Shekhar’s feet for blessings.
“I just hope this job brings back happiness in your life”, Shekhar said blessing her.
Swara smiled and took her files and went out.
She sat in the auto and bid bye to Ragini and her father.
The auto stopped in front of the building of Maheswari and sons. She stepped out of the auto and saw the building with many dreams in her eyes!

So done with the first chapter. How is it? Please do give me your feedback! I will be waiting for it! :
#Love_you_all_forever! 😉

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