SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter25


In the deserted lone strret only two souls were present there. One dying soul and ine shocked soul. Swara’s brain freezed. She was unable to understand what just happened. As soon as she realizes the entire scene, she rush to Sanskar who was calling her name since long back.

Swara was standing outside the OT. Her feet started moving towards the OT door which was opened. She felt everything around her freezing,as if time was slowing down every second.The voices around her grew din in her ears.She could see the nurse behind her still prohibiting her from going in, but she kept walking without blinking. She saw a doctor coming after the operation.
Swara: Doctor, how is my Sanskar?

Doctor: We cannot say anything, he is suffering from blood loss.
She then again started walking. At the door, the nurse tried to stop her. There was something because of which she took her hands off Swara,the very next moment. May be it was her tears falling on the nurse’s hand. And finally, she was standing beside him. Seeing him, her heart melted inside her. Never in her worst nightmare could she have seen him this way. Most of his body was covered with a white bedsheet. There were blood clots on his stomach. His head was covered with a bandage. A thick ventilator tube ran through her nose. She saw his hand,coming out from under the bedsheet at her side. She touched his finger gently. In response she felt his fingers crawling on her palm with that she suddenly held her hand and started crying,seeing her husband bearing the pain all alone.

Swara: Sanskar, I forgave you. Please get up and talk to me. I promise I will never scold you. I will always be with you throughout my whole life. Please get up for me and Diya. Diya need her father very badly. Please get up. Please……..
She felt a hand on her shoulder. Regaining her senses,she looked back and saw Ragini. Laksh approached Sanskar from other side and was observing him with love and care. And therevshe was still holding her hand. The nurse and the doctor came in. Sanskar had started showing some moments in his hands, which was gradually increasing, maybe beacsue of the pain. Seeing him, she started panicking and asked the nurse to do something.

Nurse:He is in sub conscious state where this is normal.
Swara was not able to stand seeing her Sanskar in that state.
Doctor: Apart from you,everyone can leave the room.
Swra: Why?
Doctor: I need you to hold his hands because he reacts to your touch.
Gradually she felt the strength with which he was trying to shake her hands.
Ragini asked Swara to go back home as Laksh was staying there the whole night. Initially Swara denied, but Ragini forced her.

After reaching home , Swara through the window was staring the moon and the stars shinning in the sky. She felt tired enough to sleep. She could feel her eyes getting heavier. She leaned her head against the wall near the bed and rested for a while. And then,after several minutes,something strange happened. Shuffling in her sleep,she turned left and saw Sanskar sitting right beside her. Her shocked eyes kept staring at him. She tried to speak but could not. Hundreds of question ran through her mind in that one instant.He smiled. She was still struggling to understand how this could be possible.Very lovingly,Sanskar put his hands to her forehead ,sliding it down to her cheek and resting it there. Then he asked her-“Now did you forgive me?”. She tried to speak but her mouth was dry. Finally she managed to say-“Yes!”
Swara: But you were far away from me in the hospital?
Sanskar: Shona! I can never be away from you. I was always here and will always be here, right beside you forever.

She could see his love for her in those eyes. Something in her started believing that whatever was happening was true. She felt comfortable and delighted.
Swara: Why you took my place and gave yourself so much pain?
“sshhhhh!”, he held his fingers to his lips not allowing her to speak further. I know how you have been missing me. That’s why,despite all the obstacles I came to you- the one whom I love. He kissed her forehead an d looked dee into her eyes. She felt something different in his kiss, his eyes.

Swara: Listen, I want you to rest my head on your shoulder for a while.
And she she rested on his shoulder.They were still holding hands.A few moments of silence passed. He held her tight. He took her hand into his arms and said’”Shona! Thank you for giving me the ,ove of my life”.

Some more time passed. Don’t know how much time. And then,all of a sudden she felt something vibrating. It was her phone. When she opened her eyes, she saw she was resting her head on the pillow hugging it tight. Her phone was ringing. A gust of wind brought her completely out of the sleep.Outside the sky was calm.The moon was losing its shum. The stars were dissaperiing.It was early dawn. She immediately turned looking for him. But he wasn’t there.She got scared. She stood up and looked here and there in order to find him. But she could not see him. He was gone, she don’t know where.
Laksh calling…. The phone displayed.
It is an odd time to call. She thinks as she picks up the call.
Swara: Sanskar is all right nah?
Swara could feel Laksh sobbing from the other side.
Swara: Laksh!! What happene?
Laksh: Bhai has gone to coma.

Something heavy stuck her heart, a terrible blow. Her eyes widened. She froze. Some kind of coldness crawled within her. Her muscles could not move. Her heart seemed to alternately stop beating and pump furuiously. The brain bwent numb. She lost control over herself and the echo of that message beat against her eardrum. She don’t remember or recall any thing. She rushed to the hospital. She directly went to the room where he was admitted. She held his hands and cried loud begging him to come back. Suddenly she felt his hands moving trying to touch hers. HE breathes heavily. Swa….. he tries to say but his words remain incomplete. The small monitor near him make a sound. The lines go up and then falls suddenly. This happens again and again. She immediately calls the doctor. The doctor comes and after checking him with a smile on his face says that he is out of coma. Swara hugs Sanskar and cries.

It is the first wedding anniversary of Swasan. Swara comes out of the washroom with her wet hair. She collects the things which are spread here and there and keep it in their place. She looks at the clock then at Sanskar who is still sleeping. She then angrily shouts SANSKAR! Sanskar het up at once and sees her and again sleeps. SWara sees this and goes naear to him and whisper sanskar in his ears. He then with his close eyes with a gain on his face pulls her close to him.
Swara: Sanskar, leave me. Somebody will see us.
Sanskar: Nooo.. no matters who see afterall I am romancing with my wife. please ne here for the whole day. Swara tries to free herself and moves away from the bed . she gives him coffe.
Sanskar: Why is this coffe so sweet?
Swara: For a special reason.
Sanskar: What?

Swara: I won’t say,you have to find it yourself. By the way I am going with Ragini to our house. I will be back by the evening. You have the whole morning to think about it.

As Swara enters, she sees the room is decorated with flowers and candles. The room is full with Swasan and Diya’s photos. A nite was there in the dressing table. She opens it and read it. It was written-“ I love you Shona and Happy anniversary”. She shyly smiles. Suddenly someone hus her from back. She says-“ I love you too Sanskar and happy anniversary to you too”. Sanskar starts kissing her bare back. Sanskar pins her against the wall. Sanskar kiss her neck.He was about to kiss her lips when she closed her eyes. He sees this and smiles. He kiss her forehead instead. Swara opens her eyes and hugs Sanskar. She then holds his collars and kiss him intensely. Swara tries to go but Sanskar holds her saree. He then comes close to her and wrap the saree around her.HE takes out a necklace and wrap it around her neck.HE held it with one hand clear offher hairs from her neck.. She closed her eyes. His hands kept brushing the nape of her neck and Swara gain closed her eyes.. He unties the dori of her blouse.HE lifts her to the bed. She pulls him closer and says I love you sanskar. Sanskar says I know that you love me and I love you too.. They turn off the light and drapes the blanket over them.

They completed a journey from revenge to love.

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