SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter21

Both Swara and Sanskar with their daughter enter the Maheswari Mansion followed by Ragini and Laksh. Sujata welcomes them. There is a layer of happiness in the air. Handing their daughter to Parineeta,Swasan went to their room. Swara was amazed when she entered their room.It was exactly in the same condition which she had left. Swara looked out of the window reminisce about all the good times she have had with Sanskar and thought about whatever was going to come. She have a mile on her face. Being loved and wanted is the most amazing feeling in the whole world…..it’s like a whole new experience. No matters how far we try to run away from it ,It only gets us closer. As it is said it’s better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all. Both Swara and Sanskar are in a critical phase of their life.

Sanskar don’t believe in putting a timeline on love. He thinks it will happen when it has to.It doesn’t need a specific date to start nor to end on one. It’s eternal. It had been five days since they came back to Kolkata. Every morning he wakes up at six before she got up and try his level best to lessen her day’s work. Gradually Swara have started to fall for him. Now no more she shout on her. Sanskar was amazed when he saw her this morning. Her hair was wet and she looked fresh like a drop of morning dew. He wished her good morning and she acknowledged it with a good smile. This was the best sight in the whole world for Sanskar.It was the naming day of their daughter. Swara left that work for Sanskar because she knew Sanskar took better care of their daughter than her. Sanskar deceided to name her DIYA because she ignited light in their dark lives..Everyone was happy. Everyone was happy. Everytime his eyes look at her,she was scared that he would see within her. He would know that she loves him. She wanted him to earn her love back. Afterall,she was his flawless divine.

Swara:Sanskar,I have challenged you to win back my love and you have only three days left.
Sanskar: I am head over heals in love with you but you don’t need to be reminded of that all the time. And one more thing, I love the way you rest your chin on your knuckle and hear my talks.
Hearing so,Swara changed her position.
Swara:Can you accompany me to Delhi after two day?
Sanskar:So,you are going back with Diya?

Swara:NO! Not with Diaya with you. I have some work there.
The room was dimly lit. Sanskar blew upon her eyes,which made her lashes go down further,gently closing her eyes. That whisp of air moment move on her forehead from left to right,back to her eyes,then to her cute nose,making an irregular figure on her cheeks,scrolling between her lips and riding her chin from where it slid down to her neck and was lost in the air between them.She opened her eyes again.She smiled with shyness.What a beautiful moment that was!She blinked her eyes.Sanskar kissed her forehead and turned off the light and drifted off to sleep.That was the best hour in his life.Forgeting about everything,he lived that one moent.

Sankar: see Swara what I got for you.
Sanskar:Your favorite desert Jalebis.
Swara:Really? But I can’t eat it today.I have a fast. Mom said to keep it for your long life
Sanskar: If you don’t want to keep it.don’t keep.Nobody will compel you
Swara:But I want to keep.
Sanskar gets happy and ask for me?
Swara:NO for my daughter’s father.
Sanskar:Okay then I will also fast for my wife.
Swara:But why?
Sanskar:What will I do with that long age when you are not with me.

Saying so she steps ahead and slips and both fall on the bed.Their eyes meet Ankhon hi ankhon sng is played in the bg.

Sanskar:Diya is crying.
Swara composes herself and get up.She goes to Diya and try to stop her from crying but she doesn’t. Sanskar comes and takes her.Diya stops crying .Swara looks at Sanskar astonishingly.
Sanskar:Diya loves me more.
Swara:No!She is my daughter.

Sanskar angrily grabs Swara by her shoulder. and says she is our daughter.

Swara:Sanskar its hurting.
Sanskar realizes his action and releases his grip.
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Without saying anything Swara walks out of the room.
Raglak room:
Ragini:Laksh! DO you think we are doing the right?
Ragini:Swara is starting to love Sanskar.
Laksh:This is a good news.
Ragini:But this cheating.We have to say swara that I gave her address to sanskar.
Laksh:NoRagini,this will ruin everything.
Ragini:Truth cannot be hidden.
Swara:Which truth?
Laksh stammered:Nothing

Ragini:NO Swara! I have to say you something.
Laksh:NO Ragini.
Ragini:NO Laksh.If not today then never.Swara actually that day I gave your address to Sanskar.
Swara:What?He again betrayed me?
Swara ran out of that room.
Laksh: Ragini I said you not to say her anything.
Ragini:But Laksh….
Laksh:Ragini don’t talk with me go away.
Ragini follows Swara.
Ragini:Swara where are you going?

Swara: I am going to our house.
Ragini: Wait I will also come.
Precap:Sharmistha advices her daughters the right path of their lives.


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