SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter20



Precap: As earlier we saw that Sanskar was trying his best to beg forgiveness from his love Swara who was hell bound not to forgive him but she too loves him which she can no more deny!
Swara walked out of her office and saw sanskar standing at the exit gate.
Swara: What are you doing here?
Sanskar: I was going by this way and I thaught that we both can go together. I was waiting here for you.
Swara: Sanskar,please go this is my office don’t create any scene here.
Sanskar: If we both are going to the same place, then why to go differently?
Swara: Fine come.

They both hired one auto and were on the way when the auto stopped suddenly.
Driver: I think the engine have damaged.
Sanskar and Swara got off the auto and started walking.
Sanskar: Swara do you remember something?
Swara: Don’t irritate me.

Sanskar: Some months ago our story started like this walking….
They both recollected the past incidents. Suddenly some boys came and surrounded them. Sanskar held Swara’s hand.Swara felt good. Swasan were walking ignoring the boys.
One boy: Ohhh!! This girl is very hot. She is irristible. Oh! Man what a figure she have.
Sanskar was staring them in anger. This comment made him loose his control. They were commenting about his wife which he could not tolerate. He pounced on them like a wild dog. Sanskar was still pouncing the guys left,right,centere everywhere. Swara was shouting at sanskar to stop. One guy came and dragged Swara and tried to come close to him. Sanskar held his collar and he pushed her. She feel on the ground screaming in pain. Sanskar who was badly injured was still fighting with the guys. A car stopped by and Ragini and Laksh got out of it. Ragini rushed and helped Swara to get up. Laksh immediately went to Sanskar to rescue him from the boys. All the goons ran away. Laksh and Ragini took Swasan to the hospital.
Ragini: Doctor, how is Swara and Sanskar?

Doctor: Sanskar has got minor injuries but that are very deep. We also think that he has got some internal injuries in head.
Laksh: What about Swara?
Doctor: We have to operate her soon and take out her child. But it is very risky.
The doctors operate Swara and Sanskar. Ragini and laksh who were standing outside hugged each other hearing a child’s crying voice.
Doctor: Your sister has given birth to a girl.
Ragini takes the child and cries happily. Laksh wipes her tears and assured her that everything will be fine.They go inside and give Swara her child. Swara sees her child and hug it and says “Sanskar always wanted a girl.”She suddenly remembered about Sanskar. Her smiled vanished.
Swara: Sanskar!! Where is he? How is he?
Laksh: Bhai is alright. He has got some minor injuries.
Swara takes the baby and goes to his room. She sits beside him and stares him. Laksh takes Ragini outside and says her that this child will unite Swara and Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar! Get up. See your daughter is waiting for you.she came for you.
The nurse asks Ragini to take Swara back to her room.

Ragini: Swara,you forgave Sanskar?
Swara:NO! Not as a husband but as a father.
There were announcements on the PA system regarding a missing patient Sanskar Maheswari. Swara rushed to Sanskar’s room and found the bed empty. Swara ran arbitrarily and checked stairwells ,waiting rooms and the lifts. He was nowhere to be found. Tears rolled down her face. “Sanskar,where are you”. Many thoughts were floating in her mind. She went to the morgue,the pharmacy. But she did not found him. She went to the receptionist to ask her if anyone has seen her husband but the receptionist shook her head indicating a no.. A concern about him baffled her. With her head hung low,she left the lobby and went out for some fresh air. Mindlessly she walked towards the parking lot,wondering where Sanskar might be. The feeling that she would never see him filled his mind with a starange ,uneasy sensation. Normarlly she would have been happy to have him out of her life but she was not.She had been out for just a minute when she spotted him on a wooden bench. While still in his hospital robe,he was blowing smoke rings. Swara ran towards him.A few steps towards him,she slowed down. Her guard was up again,her eyes filled around for the easiest escape just in case Sanskar deceided to lunge at her.”What are you doing here?”,she asked,out of breath her hand on her knees. Seeing her like that,he was initially shocked. She sensed his mind and tried to felt away his fear.

Swara: Your daughter is waiting for you.
He suddenly saw that her stomach is now flattened and now more more bumped off. He happily hugged her. Just as she was about to reciprocate his hug, he separated him from her saying sorry. They went back to the hospital rrom and Sanskar hugged her daughter. He gave her to the nurse when the nurse asked for. After the nurse left the rrom,he walked to Swara.”Everything will be okay.”he assured her.Sh wasn’t listening his words. The words floated in her ears and she turned back to him with a blank head and rapidly beating heart. Sanskar hugged her and she lost herself in his arms. “You will be okay”,she muttered. She jerked his hand and came back to her sense. “ I will see you later”,she said and left the room abruptly. Sanskar was smiling as he stared the ceeling. He could still feel her hands around him. Slowly,he closed his eyes and wished she could stay there for ever. His daydreams knew no bound that day.

Precap:Sanskar and Swara share some close moments together.


Credit to: JYOTII

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