SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter19


Sanskar hasn’t been able to sleep the whole night and now he saw sleeping Swara beside him.He runs his finger over her face and stomach with love. He is sitting on the bed supporting his back with a cushion. His legs are stretched out infront of him. His eyes are glued to the screen of his mobile phone. A little smile makes way to his lips. Unable to sleep he is glaring at her images on his phone. The old memories flash by his mind. He is reliving the moment again. That intimate moment when he felt her body in his arms. It was not the first time he felt any girl’s body but Swara was special for him. After all not everyone is his love and wife. But she is…. That moment when he proposed her in his home. Their engagement night. The second time when they shared the warmth of each other’s bodies on that night. It was a magical moment. But when he looked at the calendar, his smile vanished. It is present. It is so different from the painful past which will never come. Never ever..!!! Something makes him laugh this time. It is the image of the campfire. He recalls the moment when she said that she wants a husband who will accept the 3rd position in her life. “will you give me the 3rd position in your life Swara?” He is talking to himself. He again recalls her strength when after knowing his truth she had not left him, instead stayed with him to change him. He shakes his head in disbelief and admires the guts of a girl he loves. He continues to shake his head. The smile widens and soon changes into a grin, he is laughing now. Suddenly he realizes that Swara is sleeping beside him. He then remembers how she slapped him and left her. Tears rush down his eyes. He sobs hard. He hits the bed out of frustration. His eyes become red because of crying. Then a thought strikes him. The noise may disturb Swara. He grabs a cushion and bites it hard. He is breathless. HE drops the cushion and takes a deep breath. He is calm now. His wet eyelashes blur his vision. He recalls the moment when he gave him a second chance. He smiles.
Sanskar: Never ever in my wildest dreams I had thought my love life would be like this. To be homest I had never thought of any love life. But now I am changed and no longer the person which I used to be few months back.
And he drifts off to sleep.
Sanskar wakes up and finds his hand hurt. He sees the dried blood. He then remembers how he had hit the bed last night.He smiles. This physical pain is nothing infront of the mental pain he is suffering from. Just then Swara enters holding his folded clothes. Seeing his hand hand she walks to him and holds his hand with care.
Swara: Sanskar are you okay? How this happened?
Sanskar: I had hit the bed last night.
Swara while bandaging his hand says, Why are you so aggressive? Learn to keep control on yourself.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: I am scolding you and you are smiling?
Sanskar: We scold them on whom we have right. You have full right on me. I am happy that you realized your rights.
Swara is stammering to say anything and looks into his eyes. Aankhon hi aankhon ne song is played.
Swara toss her hair beneath her ears and gets up. She is about to go when Sanskar holds her hand. She smiles.
Kaarun dua!! Yehi dua!!
Tere liye dhadke jiya!!
Sanskar: Have you taken medicines?
Swara: No! I was about to…..
Sanskar: sssshhhhh!!! I know you are careless. But I will always remind you. Afterall it is for our baby.
Swara(with tears): You can be a good father but never be a good husband.
She walks ways wiping her tears.
Sanskar mummers to himself: The pain of love and looks to his injured hand.
He follows her.
Sanskar: I promise Swara I would never lie you again.
Swara: You had promised many more things before!! Dis you keep all your promise?
Sanskar: You promised me that you will be with me throughout my life.
Swara: If you can brake your promises why can’t i?
The feeling of being in love is intense that it feels that it will last forver. Swara could not believe that the sacred relation of love and marriage has been destroyed. The feeling of betrayal had left her soul empty and deceived. Sanskar wanted the realtion to last forever. But destiny had some other plans.
Swara: You know what I cannot believe the mere fact that I believe you. Try to be honest to yourself atleast.
Sanskar turned to her with his pleading eyes but she did not ever heard his clarification. Sanskar syood their numbly.This end was not the way he wanted. All his dreams had been shattered in one go.
Sanskar: You gave me 30 days nah? Please listen to me once. How could you even think like that? Why you always make decisions in haste? Falling in love with you was not in my hands. But I realized my love when you left me. I loved you from the first day. I know you don’t trust me.
Swara: I initially thought you were different from Akash. But no you are also the same. Infact worse than him. He did not ruined my life for revenge but you did.. I can never love you again… Infact I can never trust you again.
Sanskar: Love is a ship that does not sink. You will realize it one day. You are the beat of my heart,soul of my body and reason for my existence.
Precap: Some goons tease Swara and sanskar while fighting with them is badly injured.

Credit to: JYOTII

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