SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter18



Sanskar: No, I won’t go out of my house.
Swara: Your?? No this is mine.
Sanskar: Sorry, this is our house. The thing which is your that is mine and the thing which is mine that is yours which means this is our house.
Swara: Sanskar,please go. I don’t want any more trouble in my life.
Sanskar: I have legally brought this house from your owner. See this papers. Even I van order you to go out of my house but I won’t. You can stay here with me. It is not easy to get house in Delhi so quickly.
Swara: I don’t know why many things happen in my life. May be God has made all these difficult phases for me only. Meeting you, friendship,love,marriage,betrayal and again meeting you.
Sanskar: Swara, I completely love you and will always love you till my last day. If you will say me to love you without being able to reciprocate myself , I will.
Swara: The crushing pain you feel when the person you love the most hurts you is the worst pain anyone can ever endure. I had already suffered from it. I don’t want anything else now.
Sanskar: Swara just give me one last chance.
Saying so he entwined his fingers with hers. She didn’t protest. He turned his face towards her. She freed her hands and slid a few inches away.
Swara: Okay! I will give you one last chance and you have to prove in 30days that you deserve my love and this child. And if you can’t prove your worthy you will have to walk out of my life and never return.
Sanskar: I promise.
Swara went to her room and locked the door. Sanskar also went to a room and as he laid on the bed he whispered I LOVE YOU SWARA before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning was a silent one. Sanskar got up and saw Swara working in the kitchen. She was preparing breakfast. She saw him but ignored. Sanskar tried to talk but she did not respond.
Sanskar: I would not mind if someone gives me a cup of coffee.
Swara prepared a cup of coffee and keprt on the table without saying word.
Sanskar: Aww!! This coffe is very delicious. I missed this coffee badly.
(in a low voice) I missed the coffee maker too.
Swara(in a low voice): Thank you.
After some time Sanskar went to the kitchen to return the cup, he saw Swara trying to get a container kept at a height.She was about to fall when he saved her.They have an eyelock.
Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake…!!
Sanskar: Be careful. What are you doing. Call me if you need something. You know what would had happened if I would not had saved you?
Swara: Please mind your own business and stop interfearing in my life.
Sanskar: Please Swara you are unable to see things clearly now. It is my duty to protect you.
Swara: It is my life, my deceisons and I can take care of myself.
When Sanskar asked why she got so sloshed, she refused to answer in clear words.Swara was ruder to him than she had been ever been in all times he had known her. They had a fight when he tried to talk to her. Not really a fight not really afight because she was shouting and he was listening. Swara went to her office.

When Swara returned from her office their eyes met for a fraction of seconds and she looked away.She still does not want to see him. But he kept looking at her. She looked preetier than usual. A little later, he saw her rubbing her eyes and yawning. After dropping her bag at sofa, she made her way staggering a little, to the washroom. He was a little worried for her. And then when she passed through him, their eyes met for a brief moment. No matter how much she insults him just one smile made him perfect. She placed two plates of dinner and started to eat..
Sasnkar:Please talk to me.
Deep silence.
Sanskar:As long as you talk to me, even if its to reprimand me, I don’t have a problem. But if you don’t talk to me I feel restless.
She did not respond and continued to eat.
Swara:Sometimes you have to undergo a lot of pain to realize what’s right and wrong. As you endures the pain for every breath I hope you will realize . I had my share of pain and now its your turn.

She finished her dinner and went to her room. He too followed her.
Swara:What are you doing here? Please go and leave me alone.
He stood at the foot of her bed . She kept staring blankly at the wall. She did not look at him even once.
Sanskar:From today I will also stay here in this room.
Swara:I won’t allow you to stay in my room.
Sanskar:You gave me one last chance nah? Please co-operate with me. And after what you did in the morning I fear you may harm yourself.
Swara:You have lost all the rights on my child that day.
Sanskar: Truth does not need your approval. It won’t change if you disagree.
He was thinking something while she kept facing the other side. She really din not sleep, she kept staring the wall and was crying. Her tears were flowing from her eyes on to the pillow. Sanskar went to the kitchen to have water.
Swara: I want you to realize what this lonliness feels like, what it feels to live without the person whom you loved more than anything in the world. Your heart will feel the pain and you will have to pretend that nothing happened.


Credit to: JYOTII

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