SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter17


HII GUYS!! welcome to the seventeenth part of my ff!! i know i said that i will be taking a short break but i could not resist myself from not writing this!! so let’s get started with the story!! so here we go….!!!

Sanskar arrived at Delhi airport and is waiting for the cab. When the cab arrived, he instructed the driver to hire taxi and go as he would be driving . Just as he turned on the keys he felt something strange.He could not identify what feeling was that so he decided to ignore it.He was heading towards the office where he was destined to. The traffic signal turned red. He waited for the signal to turn green. As soon as the signal turned green he restarted the car and suddenly a lady came walking from the opposite side and he immediately applied brakes. The car just touched the lady’s leg. Sanskar felt like he saved his own’s life. The bag which the lady was holing fell from her hands. Hairs covered her face. Only thing he could see was that she was pregnant.He moved out of the car to help her.

Sanskar: I am so sorry. Are you fine?
Lady: I am fine and I am sorry I came from the wrong side. Thank you for saving my and my child’s life.

The lady adjusted her hairs and looked at the man. Both were shocked to see each other. She was none other than Sanskar’s Swara. Sanskar’s heart started to play hopscotch. A part of him wanted to run away. it shuddered at the fear of facing her. Another part wanted to just hug her tight and never leave her. Sanskar could neither believe his ears nor eyes. He just stood there stunned silence wondering whether it was a dream. Sanskar pinched himself to make sure that it was not a dream. Finally he found her. Sanskar was speechless and he felt like banging his head on the car. He was confused whether he should thank his fate that he got her back or curse his fate that he again harmed her. Sanskar couldnot stand it anymore and he clenched his hand into atight fist andbanged it on the car.

Swara(caressing his hand): Sanskar, what are you doing? Are you mad?
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara. I love you. Please come back into my life.
Swara with a smile said is this the revenge of my second slap?
Sanskar: No Swara trust me I am changed. Please give a second chance?
Swara: Why should i?? So that you break my heart and insult my love….. again? I am not a fool to trust you again. Neither you deserve my love nor this child.
Sanskar: Nights hit me the hardest since you left me. I toss and turn but yet I could not sleep with the guilt of loosing you.
Swara: oh please! Don’t use such lines. Do you think I will believe your lies again? Now please go or else I will shout and create a scene here.
Sanskar: Swara but please listen to me…
swara: Sanskar go..!!!
Hearing this Sanskar went away. But Swara is still on the road. She is crying her heart out. She is devasted and felt like a puppet in destiny’s hand. She felt like she has lost the sole reason to live.

The door bell rang and Sanskar got up to open. When he opened the door he saw Ragini and Laksh.
Ragini: Where you saw her? How is she? Do she miss me?
Laksh: Ragini calm..!!
Sanskar:I saw her on the road. I know she still loves me but….
Laksh: Bhai have patience. Time heals everything.
Sanskar: I can live with the fact that she no more loves me but the indifference in her eyes is something that I can’t bear.
Ragini: Sanskar.. I know you want to rectify!! I have seen repentance in your eyes.
Laksh: Do you have any clue where she live or something else…..
Sanskar: Her office id card fell on the road and from there I got her number.
Laksh: Whom are you waiting for?
Ragini: No Sanskar! Let me call.

Sanskar: Hmm
Ragini calls Swara. The call connects and Swara picks up the call.
Ragini: Hello!
Swara(sobbing): Ragini
Ragini: Why you left me? What had I done?
Swara: I am sorry. But I had no other options.
Ragini: Can’t you give him a second chance?
Swara: No Ragini. I have already scattered into pieces once and this time I will die.
Ragini: Where are you?
Swara: I am inDelhi. I met him today.
Ragini: Give me your address. I will come to you.
Swara gives her the address.
Ragini jumps off the bed and shout yeah! I got her address. Laksh hugs her. Ragini gives the address to Sanskar.

Sanskar: Is it fair to cheat her again?
Ragini: Whatever happened was fate’s doing. You were not responsible and I am sure you will convience her.
Sanskar: It seems as if sand is slipping through my hand and I am watching it helplessly. I don’t know how to convience her.
Laksh: Bhai you are not responsible for all the chaos that occurred in the last few months. You go and talk to her.
Sanskar: But before that I need to do something.
Sanskar reached her house.

He took a deep breath and pressed the bell. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and thaught of what lay ahead. He had waited for this day. His days were clouded with her thoughts and night rained with her dreams. When he opened his eyes, his Swara was staring him. Swara was speechless. It doesnot matter if the person who broke your heart or is the reason of your sleeplessness, but when you see the person after so many months your heart still misses a beat. ‘ Why don’t you leave me alone?’ Swara screamed even tough her heart wanted him to stay. it made her feel better seeinh him after so many months but she could not forget what he did with her.
Sanskar: Swara please just listen to me. Swara not a day passes when I don’t think of you. Not even for one night in the last six months I can sleep peacefully without you. My heart beats for you please don’t crush it. Say something.

Swara: All I want to say is if you crush a flower before it blooms, will it ever bloom as bright later. I lost my faith,trust,love on you.
Sanskar: I know your heart still loves me.

Swara: Yes! But the day I left your home I stooped listening to my heart. Now get out of my house.

Precap: Sanskar tells something that shocks Swara.


Credit to: JYOTII

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