SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter16


After 6 months!
Sanskar is standing near the window. As months passed by and he saw himself getting engulfed in loneliness. His mind wonders off to that day when he used to see her and that used to be his biggest pleasure.He was standing there hoping that she would come back in his life. The cold moon was peeking through the clouds floating. He was busy thinking about all their moments. Sometimes he smiled and sometimes tear rolled down his face. He felt miserable and wanted to earse all their bad memeories but he could not. When things are not under our control we feel so helpless before our so called destiny. But he had not surrendered infront of destiny. He still hopes that she will walk back into his life someday.He remembered the day when he lost the love of his life and all the accusations she made on him.And that broke his spirit and hope into several pieces. He saw nothing but a dead end. He took her photo frame placed on the table and said-I have realized that I am nothing without you. You give me meaning. Life is worthless without you and I want my life back. Everyday I find myself more in love with you. Everyday that passes draws me closer to you. I had realized that it was love which I had named revenge. When I said I love you I meant it but I had not realized it but now when I realized I lost you. I did wrong with you. Yes I deserve punishment but I want you back in my life. I am nothing without you. Please come back Shona. This 6months had been the wrost time in my life.. I want to restart my life with you and our child. I want to rectify my every mistake. I want to give you that every happiness which I had snatched from you.
Naa jaanu main kaisi ye bekarari hai
Shayad dil ke jaane ki ab taiyari hai
Tu dil ka thikana, hoon tera deewana
Deewana tera.. tujhe hi bulaaye
Ye marzi teri.. tu aaye na aaye…!!!!

The door opens and Sujata somes in.
Sanskar: Mom did you forgive me?
Sujata: Yes! I had seen pain in your eyes. I know you have changed. Now you love Swara a lot. You have realized your mistake.
Sanskar hugs his mother and she cry. Sujata wipes his tears and says I know you will find her soon and correct your every mistake.
Sanskar: I promise Mom I will bring everything back to its normal place.
Sujata: I wish that day had not came in our life and Swara had not left the home rather stayed here hiding all her pains.
Sanskar: Between seeing her cry and not seeing her, I would choose seeing her cry because of the simple reason that I cannot live without her.
Sujata patted her son’s head and started to leave. Sanskar alos wiped his tears and kept the photo in its place and walked out of the room.
DP: Sanskar, you have to go Delhi to meet one consignee.
Sanskar:Bade papa! I don’t want to go anywhere.
DP: You go and have a air change, you will feel better.
Sanskar: OkayI will go.
DP: You have to go by tomorrow’s flight. I had told Adarsh to book your tickets.
Now Swara is 8 months pregnant. She gets off from a bus. She hires one auto and after 20mins she gets off. She opens the door of a house and gets in. It is a comfortably furnished house much lived in room in a small suburban semi deatched villa. The silent night was stabbed by her sobbing and some night bird rustled the water and wavelets beat upon the shore. She wiped her tears and consoled herself by saying-Everyone has their own miseries. She picked Sanskar’s photo and talks to him- Now we are on different modes of life. Our path will never meet. Everyone has past,but not everyone keeps crying about it. I cannot become weak now I have to be strong for my child. Sanskar I loved you very much but not now. Don’t expect me to be there when you need me. And please donot think that I am doing this to teach you a lesson. I am doing it because I am just fed up and my heart can’t take it anymore. I have finally made peace with the fact that we can never be together again.You have no place for me in your heart. You have no respect for me and if you did you would not had played with my emotions. You would had stopped me that day. I don’t know why I still clung to your memories. I wonder why I had defended you that day? I was confused that day when I was leaving the house whether I had taken the right step or not but now I am no more in dilemma. There is always a right time to end everything and I ended our relationship that day. Now I understood everything happens for a reason.
Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahaan pyar zindagi main!

But somewhere in her heart she was missing him. There are momemts in our life when we miss someone so badly that we just want tme to appear infront of us so that we can give them a tight hug. An unexpected hug can say everything. She was in pain but she hid the pain somewhere deep in her heart.

Precap: A car hits a lady. When the man comes out of the car both are shocked to see each other.


Credit to: JYOTII

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